Although Yan Hui did not find a cure for his incomplete heart and mouth in Qijuetang, he accidentally learned that a good friend Wang Pengyuan had become the richest man in Yongzhou, but he seemed to have other ideas about him. Yan Hui asked himself if he had no feelings for him. It's limited to the friend level, so it's better to avoid it. Yan came back to look for Tian Yao, who was taken aside, and found that he was locked up with other servants, and was tied up with a rope by the handyman of Qijuetang. She was so angry that she immediately asked the handyman to untie Tian Yao's rope, and Yan returned Feeling a little sorry for Tianyao, he apologized to Tianyao while walking, but Tianyao didn't take it seriously.

Yan recalled going to his good sister Xiange to borrow money to buy answers from Qijuetang. She hid hurriedly after seeing Wang Pengyuan. Tian Yao felt a little strange. Hui Hui explained that she made friends when she went down the mountain to catch demons. Tian Yao felt that such friends were just casual acquaintances. Stopped by the servant at the door, Yanhui asked the servant to take a good look at who she was, but the servant didn't know her at all, Tian Yao kept talking sarcasticly beside her, although there were only three words of good sister, listen to her Yanhui's ears were very piercing.

Yuli came back from the outside and recognized Yanhui. He was Xiange's entourage. Yuli told the servant that Yanhui was the master's distinguished guest and he should not neglect him in the future. Then he brought Yanhui and Tianyao to Wangyu Building, and Yanhui Finally he let out a long sigh of relief. To Tianyao's surprise, everyone in the Wangyu Building in Yanhui was very familiar with them, and Xiange also welcomed Yanhui very warmly. Only then did Tianyao believe that the good sisters that Yanhui said were true. Xiange was a little surprised when he heard that Yanhui was expelled from Chenxing Mountain, but Yanhui told her what happened to her, and finally offered to borrow some money for emergency, but Yanhui asked to borrow 100,000 gold from the lion. The singer didn't have that much money either, so she pooled 20,000 gold and gave it to Yan Hui, but it was still 80,000 gold short of Qijuetang's price tag. In desperation, Yan Hui decided to take the risk and go to the casino to try his luck. I lost all my money.

Tian Yao focused on the dragon horn. He asked Yuli about the dragon horn, and he knew that the dragon horn had only been hung on the tower in the last few days. The dragon horn itself is very valuable, so there are countless people who covet it. So every morning, many stumps are dragged out of the watchtower. It was night, Tian Yao went to check in front of the tower in person, and found that it was a gold-swallowing beast guarding the tower. With Tian Yao's current mana, there was nothing he could do about this gold-swallowing beast, but if he had enough gold, he could attract it. Open, so that Tianyao can break through the formation and take out the dragon horn.

After Tianyao came back, he borrowed three thousand gold from Yanhui, but Yanhui didn't have any money left, so Tianyao had to ask Yuli how to make money quickly, but Yuli didn't know, because the girls in Wangyulou were responsible for making money. They are just responsible for serving them well. When Yanhui was scratching his head for money, Wang Pengyuan rushed over after hearing the news. This time Yanhui did not refuse. She seemed to have seen the treasure on Wang Pengwan's body, and Wang Pengyuan deserved to be the richest man in Yongzhou. Dazed, he took the opportunity to confess his love to Yanhui. Yanhui promised to be the hostess of these wealth. Hui was taken away, although Yan Hui was reluctant, but slowly sobered up under Tian Yao's persuasion, the money was something outside her body, not what she wanted in the end.

Suying asked Fengming, the owner of Tianxiangfang, to refine incense pills to recall Lu Musheng's memory, but Fengming only refined Humeixiang from Nine-Tailed Fox. Suying taught Fengming a lesson, and Fengming agreed to start again. Refining, but he needs the help of the dragon horn, Su Ying agreed. Wang Pengyuan confessed that Bai Yanhui was fruitless. He thought that his charm had not yet conquered Yanhui, so he came to Tianxiangfang to ask for help. After a little consideration, the steward took out the fox-beautiful incense made by Fengming, and told Wang Pengyuan how to use it. , can be placed among the ingredients, as long as the woman he likes eats the food, he will be the first to have skin-to-skin contact with her, even if he holds hands, the woman will never forget him. Wang Pengyuan acted according to his words. Although he coaxed Yanhui to eat the food, he was not the first to touch Yanhui's hand. Instead, he let Tianyao take the lead. Wang Pengyuan was very disappointed, but his well-designed good game was done by others wedding dress.


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