After thinking about it again and again, Yanhui changed his mind and did not plan to accompany Tianyao to find his other body. Tianyao had no choice but to renege on her promise. After all, what she said last night was drinking, and even if she made a promise yesterday, There is nothing he can do if he repents today, but if he wants to get back his body, he must have the help of Yanhui. At least her blood is the best weapon for him to break the formation. Tian Yao had to follow Yanhui, Slowly looking for a way, hoping to move the geese to come back to help him.

Yanhui was a little annoyed at such Tianyao, because he was entangled with him like a shadow, no matter where she appeared, Tianyao would appear soon, at night, Yanhui grilled a fish to satisfy his hunger, before she cooked it, Tian Yao followed him like a shadow, and she was so angry that she threw the fish away in a fit of anger. Tian Yao just sat not far or near, ignoring all Yan Hui's actions. Today happened to be the night of the full moon, and when Tianyao was in unbearable pain, Yan Hui seized the best opportunity to leave Tianyao, determined to get rid of this trouble, but out of conscience, she comforted herself while walking, although Tian Yao has lost his mana, but he is a thousand-year-old spirit dragon after all, and his background is still there, so he will not die because of this pain.

Tian Yao could have sensed the breath of Hu Xinlin, which is why he tracked down Yan Hui, but due to the onset of illness, he couldn't detect the position of Hu Xinlin, so he could only walk forward aimlessly. Unexpectedly, he was targeted by the wood demon Wujin. Tianyao turned into a human form, but because of the keel, he became a monster's delicacy. Wujin gave instructions to his pet Shebishi to kill Tianyao immediately. Treat yourself to a meal. Tian Yao endured the severe pain and fought She Bi Shi, but he still couldn't resist She Bi Shi's crazy attack. Seeing that She Bi Shi was about to end Tian Yao's life, a small hand appeared in time to grab the handle of the knife , it turned out that Yanhui rushed back to save the scene, and Tianyao was able to escape. Although she repelled She Bishi, Tianyao was already injured. She was afraid that she would not be able to handle it, so she had to take Tianyao to escape quickly.

The two hurried to a small river to take refuge. Tian Yao asked Yan Hui why he came back to save him. Yan Hui said that it was his conscience that found out, but it was actually Hu Xinlin who let her see that Tian Yao was suppressed by She Bi Shi. The two of them didn't hide for long, Wujin and Shebishi chased after them, Tianyao told Yanhui to prepare to close his breath, but before Yanhui adjusted, Tianyao pulled him into the bottom of the river, because Wujin and Shebishi followed. Yanhui at the bottom of the river found that Tianyao had no breath suddenly, she remembered what Tianyao said, the blood of the Xuanmen seems to be able to awaken his mind, Yanhui did not hesitate at all, and immediately cut his palm with a knife, The blood condensed into a ball and rushed into Tian Yao's eyebrows. He immediately woke up, but Yan Hui fainted because of insufficient breath.

Tianyao saw that Wujin and Shebishi by the river hadn't left yet, so he couldn't bring Yanhui ashore to rescue him, so he could only use his mouth to relieve Yanhui. When Yanhui was awake, he saw that Tianyao seemed to be kissing. For himself, Tianyao left in just a moment. At this time, Wujin and Shebishi had already left, and Yanhui and Tianyao immediately surfaced. On the way to leave, Yan Hui asked Tian Yao if she had done anything to her. Tian Yao hurriedly changed the subject and urged her to go to a safe place, but the two met Wu Jin and She Bi Shi again before they had gone far. A big battle was inevitable, Tian Yao and Yan used their magic spells to repel She Bi Zang, and then Tian Yao beat Wu Jin back to his original shape, it turned out that he was transformed by Wuximu.

Yanhui and Tianyao came to an inn to rest. Yanhui was still thinking about spells, but she couldn't use her magic power no matter how hard she tried. Tianyao explained the reason after seeing it. It was only then that she suddenly realized that the magic power she used when fighting against Ling Shuang in Chenxing Mountain must also be the result of the protection of the heart scale. Yan Hui hid her mind, if she wanted to protect herself and prevent Tian Yao from taking back her heart-protecting scales, the best way was to sign a master-servant contract with Tian Yao, but Tian Yao refused to bow her head. The disciples searched everywhere, and only the monsters who signed the master-servant contract could pass the customs smoothly. In desperation, Tian Yao had to sign a master-servant contract with Yan Hui. Yan Hui couldn't tell Tian Yao's identity as a spirit dragon in the face of interrogation. I had to say that he was sending blessings to the koi demon, so he got away with it.

In order to recall Lu Musheng's memory, Suying brought Lu Musheng to the place where they lived together before. All the decorations were left untouched, but Lu Musheng still didn't remember anything. Suying introduced and talked about the process of their acquaintance and love, Lu Musheng thought that all this was fabricated by Suying, and he also asked Suying to release him and his wife, so Suying had to give up temporarily. In order to lure Tian Yao and find the heart-protecting scale, Su Ying took out Tian Yao's dragon horn and hung it on the gate of Yongzhou city to show the public, just happened to be seen by Tian Yao who came to Yongzhou, Yanhui persuaded him to make a long-term plan, she I thought of a way, if I return the protective heart scale to Tian Yao, it can increase his mana, and I don't have to work so hard, but she will die if she loses the protective heart scale, how to get the best of both worlds, maybe Qijuetang can have the answer, To her disappointment, it would cost one hundred thousand gold to find the answer, and the eighty-eight gold she had was not even a fraction of it.


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