Tian Hao fell into a deep sleep, and when he woke up the next day, he looked up and saw Yan Hui who was dozing off. He immediately remembered the embarrassing scene last night. After Yan Hui woke up, he also remembered what happened last night. She questioned Tian Hui Why did Yao bite himself? Could it be that he has a wild animal nature? Tian Yao explained that he experienced calamity many years ago, and it has not been eliminated yet, so every night when the moon is full, he will be in pain, and the blood of people in the Taoist sect can relieve this pain. In pain, he couldn't help biting the goose back. Yanhui suddenly realized that the two had been out for a long time, she was a little worried that Grandma Xiao was thinking about it, so she urged Tian Yao to find a way to get out of here, after all, he is a thousand-year-old demon dragon, could he be trapped here by a century-old snake demon, Tian Yao expressed himself You can take her out, but asked her to accompany him to the cave in the back mountain. Yan Hui was a little puzzled, so Tian Yao had to tell the truth, saying that the treasures in the cave could relieve his pain on the night of the full moon.

Yanhui didn't agree, she was angry that Tianyao didn't consider Grandma Xiao's feelings at all, and then ridiculed Tianyao that everything was fake, pretending to be a grandson was fake, and her love for grandma was also fake. Speechless. At this time, the snake demon came in and asked Tian Yao to fulfill yesterday's promise. Yan Hui reminded the snake demon not to trust Tian Yao too much. Tian Yao agreed to help the snake demon, but the condition was to take Yan Hui to the cave, but Yan Hui refused. Walking together, the snake demon took out a bag of gold upon seeing this, and Yanhui immediately changed his words and said that he had found out in his conscience that he could help them.

The three of them came to the cave together. The powerful barrier made the snake demon a little daunting, but for the sake of his sweetheart, he decided to fight. In the end, he used all his strength to tear the barrier open. able to enter. After Yanhui entered the cave, her heart beat violently involuntarily, as if a kind of suction was at work. The two came to a formation in the cave and saw a sharp sword stuck in the center of the formation.

Yan recalled a legend she had heard in Chenxing Mountain. The Linglong was killed by the Guanghanmen Master Suying twenty years ago. What kind of story is there. Tian Yao talked about the past with some grief and indignation, he fell in love with Su Ying hopelessly, and would rather give up everything as a demon, including longevity, cultivation and responsibility, but the love he gave was not what Su Ying wanted In the end, her ultimate goal was the scales on his body, because she wanted to create a pair of dragon scale armor for her sweetheart. On that full moon night, on the top of the snow mountain, Su Ying pierced Tian Yao's chest with a sharp sword, and finally Dismembered and sealed.

Yanhui listened very seriously, but Tianyao drew his sword and stabbed her in the heart, taking out her heart and blood, which made Yanhui very angry. She believed that everything Tianyao did was deceiving herself, so she wanted to They died together with Tianyao. Although they didn't achieve the result she wanted, they made Tianyao's previous efforts fall short. Seeing that time was running out, Tianyao drew his sword again and stabbed at Yanhui to take out the blood of his heart, because only her heart's blood Only then can the formation be broken, and Yanhui will not be in danger with the protection of the heart scale. This time the formation was broken, and the two fell into the lake. Tianyao found the keel at the bottom of the lake, and the keel returned to Tianyao's body as if spiritually.

After Yanhui escaped from the cave, she saw the snake demon coming out of the cave with Tianyao on her back. She wanted to confront Tianyao, but she stopped when she saw that he was seriously injured. After the knot formation was broken, Guanghanmen quickly received the news. Suying asked his disciples about the whereabouts of Hu Xinlin, but there was no news, but the nine-tailed fox Qingqiu that Suying was concerned about had been captured. The general Lu Musheng was together, Su Ying's face darkened, and someone brought Lu Musheng here.

Yan Hui was moved by the story between the snake demon and Ah Yun. She could see that the snake demon liked A Yun very much, and A Yun was the real Qiyun. After waking up, Tian Yao bluntly said that it is impossible for a human monster to have true feelings. Yes, let the snake demon not have unreasonable thoughts. Tianyao repaired the Flowing Fire Orb, and the snake demon is very happy. As long as Ah Yun can be saved, he can die now. Yanhui was still brooding about Tianyao taking his heart and soul, Tianyao said that his protective heart was on her and healed her broken heart, Yanhui suddenly realized and forgave Tianyao.

After the incident, Tianyao and Yan returned to Tongluo Village and saw Grandma Xiao sitting at the door waiting for them. The three of them had a reunion dinner together. Grandma Xiao passed away soon after, and Tianyao was very sad. After burying Grandma Xiao, the two drank their sorrows with wine. Yan replied that he should accompany Tianyao to find the rest of the body, but after waking up the next day, Yanhui refused to admit it. She wanted to go to Yongzhou to find her good sister. I don't want to take risks with Tianyao.


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