Huan Xiaoyan sees the camellias flying all over the sky, and sighs that it is beautiful and picturesque. Zhuli tells her with a proud look that this is the flower of Qingqiu's protection of the country. Changlan uses this to express his highest respect for Tianyao and Yanhui's wedding Congratulations, they didn't know that Chang Lan had other intentions in throwing the flower of protecting the country. Zhao Yu followed Chang Lan and others to the palace, but was stopped by Yan Buhuo. The old master Yan Buhuo had noticed Zhao Yu long ago. He was the most suspicious candidate. Zhao Yu refused to accept the inspection on the grounds that his behavior was disrespectful to Chang Lan. , Zhuli rushed up and grabbed his collar, but he didn't see anything. Zhao Yu immediately taunted them, and finally Chang Lan stopped him. They couldn't be allowed to mess around like this on a happy day.

The wedding of Tian Yao and Yan Hui was held as scheduled. The two walked towards the palace holding hands. People who came to watch the ceremony praised the two as a perfect couple. Yan Hui smiled at Tian Yao. Tian Yao was attracted by Yan Hui's beauty. Somewhat absent-minded, Yan Hui couldn't tell what it was like in her heart. She once dreamed of having such a grand wedding with Tian Yao, but Tian Yao rejected her confession one after another, and he took away the protective heart scale, which made Yan Hui very sad. If it's disappointment, the wish of getting married will be in vain. Although she is holding hands with Tian Yao and walking towards the wedding hall, she still has a bitter feeling. However, Tian Yao's heart is very different from Yan Hui's. He regards this wedding as a real procedure with Yan Hui, and he quickly entered the role.

Yan Buhuo is an all-around talent. This time he became the witness and host again. He asked Tianyao to submit the marriage certificate to Yanhui. Yanhui wondered. They didn't have this link when they discussed before. Tianyao asked him not to be confused. After the marriage letter he wrote was handed over to Yanhui, Yanhui took it over solemnly, intending to take a good look at how Tianyao wrote the marriage letter after returning home. The next link is to drink Heying wine. So far, the marriage procedure of the six ceremonies is officially over. Seeing that the time is right, Yanhui proposes that she and Tian Yao are the heirs of the Nether Fu. All the people in Qingqiu benefited everyone, and then she asked Yan Buhuo to translate the Nether Fu.

Before Yan Buhuo could start translating, some people couldn't sit still and directly tried to snatch the Nether Fu. This was what they expected. A few people discussed the countermeasures together yesterday. Tianyao blocked him, and found that the person who snatched the Nether Fu was Zhao Yu. The guard controlled Zhao Yu, and Zhu Li stepped forward to turn up his collar again. Sure enough, there was a palm-sized ink on his neck. It means that he is the man in black who snatched the translation that day. After catching Zhao Yu, it seems that the matter of the pupil master has come to an end. In fact, this is just the beginning. It is a play played by Chang Lan and Zhao Yu. Chang Lan is the pupil master behind him, in order to achieve his goal , he had no choice but to give up on Zhao Yu who had gone through fire and water for him. Zhao Yu swallowed the pill that Chang Lan had prepared for him, and still insisted that he could no longer work for him in the future.

Chang Lan actually had other intentions in throwing flowers to protect the country at the wedding. He took this opportunity to use the pupil technique, which tricked many people, and he began to plan the next step. Yan Buhuo observed the signal of the main country's exit, so he led the crowd to greet the main country's exit. After they opened the gate of the palace, they saw Yan Hui stabbing the main country to death with a sword. Although Yan Hui fled, she had already become a The person Qingqiu wanted. In fact, this is an illusion designed by Chang Lan, which is to create the illusion of the death of the Great National Lord, and then he can grandly ascend the throne of the Great National Lord.

On the other side, Yanhui and Tianyao realized that Bai Xiaosheng was in danger, and hurriedly searched for his whereabouts. In the end, Tianyao helped Bai Xiaosheng lift the seal of the Lord of Black Qi. It is the pupil master they are looking for, and he is also the master of black air. Tian Yao didn't believe that Chang Lan would become like this, he wanted to confront Chang Lan face to face, but right now they need to go to a safe place. Before they had gone far, they were surrounded by people led by Yan Buhuo. They wanted to capture Yanhui to avenge the Great Lord. No matter how Yanhui explained, Yan Buhuo and others just didn't believe it. In desperation, Tian Yao had to knock down Everyone, led the goose back out of danger.

Tianyao and Yanhui approached Huan Xiaoyan before leaving, and wanted to take her away together, but Huan Xiaoyan thought that staying in Qingqiu would better deal with the Pupil Master, and she had a ring to protect her to ensure safety. Huan Xiaoyan told Zhuli that Chang Lan was a pupil artist, but Zhuli refused to believe anything.


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