Yanhui got the Youming gift, Tianyao contributed a lot, she also saw apology and sincerity from Tianyao, she chose to forgive Tianyao, although he had hurt herself several times along the way, but he also saved herself. It was considered even, but if she wanted to accept Tian Yao again and return to the close relationship with him, Yan Hui asked herself that she couldn't do it. When Tian Yao saw her going back, his heart almost broke.

Yan Buhuo waited outside the screen, calling out Tian Yao for doing so against the rules, Bai Xiaosheng came out later, he asked where Tian Yao and Yan Hui were, and when he learned that they were still inside, he regretted not persevering, it was also at this time that he With a very bad premonition, the relationship between Yan Hui and him may gradually drift away. Not long after, Tianyao and Yanhui finally came out of the secret realm. Seeing Yanhui holding the Nether Fu in his hand, Yanhui lamented that they were the lovers. Yanhui bluntly said that both of them misunderstood Mrs. Xuelin's Intention, the first test is compassion, and it tests whether the other party sees someone else, not what they call a lover.

If it is said that Tianyao and Yanhui passed the second stage relying on their trust in each other, Yan Buhuo would like to know how they passed the third stage. Yanhui was afraid of attracting Tianyao's misunderstanding and did not want to talk about hugging Tianyao. Similarly, Tianyao was afraid that talking about kissing Yanhui would embarrass her. In the end, Yanhui lied that she drew her sword and slashed at Tianyao to pass the level, and Tianyao also tried her best to cooperate. It shouldn't be killing each other anyway. Yan Hui didn't want to continue entanglement, picked up the Nether Fu and was about to leave, but was stopped by Yan Buhuo. He could let Xuan Yao share the Nether Fu, but he couldn't let Yan Hui, a member of the Taoist sect, monopolize it. Tian Yao said he voluntarily gave up, but Yan Buhuo still refused to agree, saying that this is Qingqiu's secret treasure, and Tianyao should also strive for greater benefits for the Yaozu.

Yan Hui felt that Yan Buhuo was too pedantic and wanted to leave forcefully. Yan Buhuo took out his trump card and asked the three of them if they could understand the words on the Nether Fu. , Yan Buhuo said that only he understands those words, and he can also translate them, but he has one condition, Tianyao and Yanhui must get married. Yan Hui suspected that Yan Buhuo was trying to trick her on purpose, but she had no other way to convince him. Yan Buhuo mentioned that the Nether Fu must be practiced by two people together. Tianyao and Yanhui can practice better after they get married. The first point he asked for, and the second point he wanted to announce to the world that the Nether Endowment was inherited by Tian Yao and Yan Hui, so that the entire Qingqiu people would protect them.

Bai Xiaosheng felt that Yan Buhuo was deliberately finding fault, so he tried to teach this pedantic old master a lesson, Yan Hui hurriedly stepped forward to stop him, she planned to find someone who could make decisions in Qingqiu to judge everyone, Yan Buhuo readily agreed. Now Qingqiu State is the supervisor of the country, Chang Lan has the final say, but Yan Buhuo was very angry when he saw Chang Lan, and accused him of not being qualified to make decisions for the leader of the country, because Chang Lan and the leader of the country, Chen Yi, were twins. According to the rules of Qiu State, twins are a bad omen, and the second son must have his eyes gouged out to survive. Under Yan Buhuo's insistence, Changlan had no choice but to leave. Tianyao decided to comply with Yan Buhuo's request and was willing to get married in exchange for the chance to heal Yanhui. Seeing Tianyao's signal, Yanhui could only agree.

Yan recalled going through the cutscene quickly, pulling Tianyao to bow down in front of Yan Buhuo, but Yan Buhuo insisted that they go through the six steps of getting married in Qingqiu before giving up. Tianyao was happy with his success. He cherished this opportunity very much and prepared a large amount of gold, silver and jewelry for Yanhui as a dowry. Chang Lan teased him. Tianyao knew that Yanhui would like it, but when he put these dowry When Yan Hui gave her Qiankun bag to Yan Hui, Yan Hui didn't even look at it, maybe she didn't know there were valuables in it. Because there is a bathing link in the six rituals, they have to stay in the ice spring together for seven days. Under Tian Yao's insistence, Yan Buhuo also reduced it to three days, but the cold spring water still made Yan Hui fight coldly, so Tian Yao had no choice but to stay in the ice spring for seven days. He used his body and spiritual fire to warm Yanhui, but Yanhui didn't know it.

Tianyao and Yanhui soaking in the ice spring together drove Bai Xiaosheng a little crazy. Yanhui asked Tianyao to help explain, but Tianyao not only did not explain, but also deliberately demonstrated and showed off to Bai Xiaosheng, Bai Xiaosheng had to pretend to be pitiful to win Yanhui's sympathy. Back at Bai Xiaosheng's residence, he shared with Yanhui the experience and mental journey of being abandoned by his mother when he was young, thanking Yanhui for his importance to him, and then he held Yanhui's hand to express his love, but Yanhui declined.


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