Ah Fu brought back a girl, which caused a sensation in Tongluo Village. Aunt Zhou, the neighbor, wanted to take the opportunity to cheat Grandma Xiao because she used to find various reasons to deceive Grandma Xiao. However, Grandma Xiao changed the topic because of her deafness, and mistakenly thought that Aunt Zhou helped Ah Fu find a marriage. mother-in-law. Grandma Xiao saw that the wild goose was growing up, and she didn't think about why she was in the firewood house or where she lived. As long as she married her grandson Ah Fu, she couldn't care about anything else. Aunt Zhou was overjoyed after receiving the dowry. He agreed to help Grandma Xiao Zhang Luo get married at night.

Aunt Zhou was worried that Yanhui would disturb her good affairs, so she warned Yanhui after Grandma Xiao left, as long as she could handle the wedding in the evening smoothly, Yanhui thought it was good, at least it could get rid of the current situation and be bright Liangli still had delicious food, but she couldn't bear Aunt Zhou's greedy look, so she found a chance to kick Aunt Zhou, almost breaking her old waist, but she had no choice but to take the goose back.

At night, Tongluo Village is very lively, the Xiao family is decorated with lanterns and festoons, and there is a festive atmosphere. Everyone comes to join in the fun, but the groom has not appeared for a long time. After Ah Fu came back, he was a little puzzled to see such a scene. After thinking about it, he realized that he was actually The protagonist of the wedding, he remembered the scene of Suying betraying him twenty years ago, and his anger welled up spontaneously. He couldn't control himself, and he went straight up and overturned the banquet table. The villagers stared at him for some reason. , Grandma Xiao hurriedly stepped forward to hold Ah Fu's hand to comfort him. It took a long time for Ah Fu to recover, and slowly his emotions stabilized.

On the wedding night in the bridal chamber, Yan Hui sat there obediently, as if she was about to complete a ceremony, until A Fu lifted her red hijab, she showed a hungry look, and A Fu seemed to have expected it, and immediately handed it to her She had a few buns, Yan Hui asked him how he knew he liked to eat buns, Ah Fu replied that when she hurt herself that day, she wanted to exchange the buns with gold, this sentence aroused Yan Hui's vigilance, she regarded Ah Fu as She caught the snake demon, and this time it was all right. She guessed that Ah Fu knocked herself out that day and brought him back.

Yan Hui immediately fought Ah Fu, wanting to take the upper hand, the sound of tossing was heard outside, and the villagers at the root of the wall were blushing. Ah Fu deliberately let Yanhui gain the upper hand, she immediately asked Ah Fu to hand over the Liuhuozhu, Ah Fu took the opportunity to say that he put the Liuhuozhu in the back mountain, and he would take her back together tomorrow, Yanhui just stopped, Then she asked Ah Fu's purpose of turning into a human and hiding in Tongluo Village, whether it was to harm the villagers. This time, Ah Fu spoke from his heart, and he wanted to avenge Granny Xiao.

Early the next morning, under Yanhui's urging, Ah Fu took her to the cave in the back mountain, and lied that the Liuhuozhu was in the cave, and asked her to open the enchantment, but Yanhui's sea of consciousness had not yet opened and had no inspiration. Ah Fu was very disappointed after the investigation. His plan was to use Yanhui's spiritual power to open the barrier, but Yanhui's cultivation was still shallow, so he had to give up. Yan Hui felt that Ah Fu's behavior was a bit secretive, so he wanted to find out some of Ah Fu's past experiences from Grandma Xiao. Grandma Xiao wanted to make a pair of shoes for Yan Hui, but Yan Hui didn't find any useful information.

Yan Hui saw that Aunt Zhou and her husband were greedy and always wanted to take advantage of Grandma Xiao. A warning was issued in front of people, saying that he was the reliance of Grandma Xiao and Ah Fu, so that those who wanted to bully Grandma Xiao and Ah Fu should put away such thoughts. Ah Fu secretly came to the back mountain to meet the snake demon. He helped the snake demon heal his injury. In exchange, the snake demon promised to use his spiritual power to help Ah Fu open the barrier, because his spiritual power was not enough and he could only maintain one column Ah Fu felt that this was enough time for incense.

That night, Yan Hui suddenly found that Ah Fu was not in the room. She opened the window and saw Ah Fu taking a bath naked in the yard. Early the next morning, Yan Hui was woken up by the crowing of the rooster. She decided to vent her anger on the rooster first. After learning about this, Grandma Xiao shouted sadly that Ah Fu would have no more eggs to eat. Seeing this, Ah Fu hurried forward to comfort her. When Yanhui saw that the old lady was so sad, she immediately got up and wanted to catch some pheasants to make up for her mistake.

Grandma Xiao didn't know where Yan Hui had gone back to. She asked Ah Fu to chase Yan Hui back quickly. Ah Fu followed Yan Hui and explained why Grandma was sad for a chicken. When they met, his lies would be exposed, but Yanhui still confronted the snake demon, and she became confused. Since she was facing the snake demon, who was Ah Fu? After the falling fire orb fell into pieces, the snake demon was so angry that he fought Ah Fu and Yanhui desperately, because he wanted to use the flowing fire orb to save his sweetheart. The treasure can only be taken out, the snake demon is afraid that the two will deceive him again, so he decides to release them after repairing the Flowing Fire Orb.

The two were locked in the firewood room. Ah Fu told the truth that he was a millennium spirit dragon, but Yan Hui didn't believe what he said. It happened to be the night of the full moon, and Ah Fu suddenly fell ill. He pounced on Yanhui and bit her lip hard, then his body became very weak and fell on Yanhui's shoulder.


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