Even if the three of them took a shortcut, how could they easily avoid Tian Yao's pursuit? Tian Yao focused all his attention on Yan Hui. She shaded and asked Huan Xiaoyan to bring the water bottle. Yan Hui was a little lost for a while, and his attitude towards Tian Yao changed. Bai Xiaosheng was worried that her mind would change, so he picked up the water bottle and threw it on the ground, and then laughed at Zhuli, a prince of Qingqiu. But not as good as a monster. Yanhui saw Tianyao in the distance, but heard a voice in her mind telling her to kill Tianyao to get back the protective scales. This kind of evil thought grew in Yanhui's heart, and she turned and walked towards Tianyao.

Bai Xiaosheng knew that there was a rift between Tianyao and Yanhui, and he couldn't let them reconcile the old relationship, even refusing to give them a chance to meet, so he went up to stop Yanhui, accusing her of not forgetting the old relationship, Yanhui She woke up right away, but the voice in her head hadn't disappeared. She told Bai Xiaosheng her feelings. Bai Xiaosheng guessed that Fu Yin, the master of black energy, might have planted it for her, so he proposed to check in Yanhui's sea of consciousness. Hearing the conversation between the two, at first he also thought that there was something wrong with Yanhui, otherwise she wouldn't be so decisive towards him.

Bai Xiaosheng and Yanhui discovered a large number of Bianhua flowers in her sea of consciousness. If these flowers are allowed to grow wantonly, they will cover her entire sea of consciousness in less than three months. Bai Xiaosheng has found something to control Yanhui, that is Bianhua root. Yan Hui had no choice but to reveal her three-month agreement with Fu Yin. If she couldn't get the protective heart scale during this period, she might die. Bai Xiao was angry that she didn't tell him such a big thing, Yan Hui said She didn't want to take out the protective heart scale, and she didn't want to have too much entanglement with Tianyao, and he is now very powerful, so it is not easy for her to get the protective heart scale. Bai Xiaosheng's truth, Tianyao is deeply guilty of her now, as long as she opens her mouth, Tianyao will present the protective scales, she doesn't need to do it, she just needs to move her mouth, but Yanhui doesn't want to do this, she said The heart-protecting scales belonged to Tianyao, and he would take them back sooner or later. Moreover, Qingqiu's secret treasure can suppress the black energy, so as long as they find the secret treasure, they can save their lives.

Huan Xiaoyan and Zhuli are always noisy, Huan Xiaoyan accidentally picked up a compass buried in the sand, Zhuli found that there was a word "Rin" on it. In the entire Qingqiu country, only mother's items can be engraved with the word "Rin". Huan Xiaoyan is a little strange, how could this thing appear in such a remote place. Because Yanhui refused to do anything to Tianyao, Bai Xiaosheng wanted to push her, so he took advantage of Yanhui's deep sleep to inject black air into her eyebrows, just in time for Zhuli and Huan Xiaoyan to trigger the mechanism of the compass. The big formation was activated, and because Bai Xiaosheng had black energy on his body, he was immediately sucked into the compass.

Because of Bai Xiaosheng's infusion of black energy, Yanhui had a strong desire to kill. She walked towards Tianyao, only wanting to kill him. Tianyao saw that Yanhui's eyes were pupils, as if possessed by a demon, so he stopped her. Yan Hui was also sucked into the compass because of the black air in his body, Tian Yao wanted to catch Yan Hui back, but he was also sucked in. Seeing the three being sucked into the compass, Huan Xiaoyan was very anxious. He urged Zhuli to find a way to rescue them, but Zhuli didn't know how to do it, so he had to hit it by mistake.

The three people who were sucked into the compass met and separated continuously following the operation of Zhu Li and Huan Xiaoyan. Yan Hui told them not to approach her, because she felt a strong killing intent in her body, Bai Xiaosheng immediately sent Yan Hui back to him. The black air on her body was sucked away, and she slowly calmed down. Tianyao begged Yanhui to forgive him, but Yanhui was indifferent, so Tianyao had to settle for the next best thing, saying that he just wanted to protect her well, and he could leave after confirming that she was fine. Tianyao had no choice but to bear the grief and write down the written evidence. After Yanhui recovered, the rivers and lakes will not meet, and Huangquan will not meet again.

Tian Yao judged that the enchantment was formed by the cooperation of the earthly branch and the month, and the wooden watches worn by the two were adjusted accordingly, and then Bai Xiaosheng appeared in front of them, and then the three of them fell from the compass together. Knowing that the three of them were sucked into the compass, Bai Xiaosheng picked up the compass and began to study it. He wished to smash the compass. Yan recalled hearing the conversation between Xue Lin and Fu Yin in the compass, and guessed that the two might have something to do with each other. , and Xuelin is the senior sister of Chenxing Mountain, Zhuli explained the relationship between Luopan and his mother Xuelin, and mentioned the secret treasure Nether Fu by the way, but it is a pity that the Nether Fu has disappeared, and even the Lord Qingqiu does not know.

Qingqiu Supervisor Lan received a report from his general that the spirit dragon Tianyao appeared in Qingqiu country, and the Xuanmen disciples also gathered in Sanchong Mountain. They sent a message to ask Qingqiu country to hand over Tianyao, otherwise the battle of Xuanyao will be launched. Chang Lan ignored Xuanmen's request, and when he learned that Tianyao had already asked for an audience at the door, he asked the general to greet him on his behalf. Zhuli boasted about his important position in Qingqiu before Bai Xiaosheng and Yanhui, but he was slapped in the face in the next second. General Qingqiu ignored his existence and greeted Tianyao directly. He also prevented Yanhui from entering, and finally Tianyao pleaded for mercy. , Yanhui was allowed to enter, Zhuli felt very humiliated.


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