Princess Yunxi of Qingqiu Kingdom was killed by Suying. Although Suying was crucified at Guanghanmen by Tianyao, Qingqiu didn't want to stop there. Qingqiu's son Zhuli quietly came to Guanghanmen after learning the news and blew up Ling Fei was very angry when she heard the news, someone came to provoke Su Ying before her body was cold, and she immediately summoned people to arrest Zhu Li. On the other hand, Tian Yao was very worried about Yan Hui's situation, whether the loss of the protective heart scale would affect her, but unexpectedly met Yan Hui on the street, Yan Hui was also very surprised, the black flowers on her head could be seen After arriving at Tianyao, he reacted, a puff of black air rose, and then the image of Tianyao stabbing her with a sword appeared in Yanhui's mind, which made Yanhui at a loss for a while, but fortunately Bai Xiaosheng arrived in time, she Hastily asked Bai Xiaosheng to take her out of here.

Tian Yao was not surprised by Yan Hui's attitude. After all, he hurt Yan Hui. Since Yan Hui didn't want to see him, he secretly protected her. Bai Xiaosheng and Yanhui went to chop bamboos together, intending to make bamboo rafts to cross the Heihe River. Yanhui found that the bamboo they cut did not turn red, and Bai Xiaosheng didn't understand. Tianyao put down the chopped bamboo and told them these things Bamboo will turn red after being cut down. Yanhui doesn't want to have anything to do with Tianyao anymore, so he urges him to leave quickly. When the three of them are in a stalemate, Zhuli who is being chased by Guanghanmen suddenly appears in front of them, and then Ling Fei brought the disciples of the Guanghan Sect to surround her. Ling Fei was surprised when she saw Yan come back, and concluded that she had something to do with Tian Yao. Yan recalled using Ling Fei to get rid of Tian Yao, so she identified Tian Yao on the spot as the demon dragon they were looking for. , he forced himself to blow up Yongzhou City, and Su Ying was naturally killed by him. After hearing this, Ling Fei immediately led people to surround Tian Yao, and Yan Hui pulled Bai Xiaosheng and Zhu Li away quickly.

The three of them were trying to cross the Heihe River on a bamboo raft, but encountered a vortex on the way, and a huge force swept all three of them into the bottom of the river. Knowing that she was rescued by Tianyao, she begged Tianyao not to pester herself anymore, he had already taken back the protective scales, why was he still entangled with herself, after she warned Tianyao not to follow her, she struggled Stand up and walk away. After Zhuli rescued Bai Xiaosheng, he beat his chest hard. After a long time, Bai Xiaosheng woke up, just when Yan Hui rushed over, seeing her concerned eyes, Bai Xiaosheng was very pleased.

In order to repay the two people for their life-saving grace, Zhuli invited them to go with him to Qingqiu Palace to receive the reward, but Yanhui directly refused. Bai Xiaosheng immediately stopped Zhuli who was about to leave, and then told Yanhui in a low voice that what they were looking for The baby was in the Qingqiu Palace, so Yan Hui had no choice but to change his mind and follow Zhuli to the Qingqiu Palace. Tian Yao has been following the three of them, wanting to escort Yan Hui to Zhouquan. When the night became colder, Tian Yao affectionately covered Yan Hui with his clothes. This scene was seen by Bai Xiaosheng, who did not want Yan Hui to change his attitude toward Tian Yao. Seeing that, he got up and changed his clothes. The next morning, Yan Hui saw that he was wearing Bai Xiaosheng's clothes, and there were wild fruits he picked beside him. Yan Hui couldn't help being very moved.

Zhuli saw that they were going farther and farther, so he complained that the two of them led the way around. After learning that they took the detour to avoid Tian Yao, he took the initiative to come over to solve Tian Yao's trouble. Zhuli didn't bother with him too much, if his identity was revealed, Zhuli would have to kneel down. After Zhuli saw Tianyao leaving, he asked Yanhui and Bai Xiaosheng for credit. Huan Xiaoyan came suddenly, and Yanhui asked her where she came from. Huan Xiaoyan said that she was always there because she hid in the sky. In Yao's ring, Huan Xiaoyan spoke for Tian Yao, saying that he had no choice but to take away the protective heart scales from Yanhui's body. Su Ying was too vicious. She not only killed Yun Yun, but also took those children as hostages to threaten Tian Yao To exchange the protective heart scale, Tianyao had no choice but to take the protective heart scale from Yan Hui, strengthened his own strength, killed Suying, and rescued those children.

After Yanhui heard about these things, he immediately remembered the cute little girl Yunyun. She used the wild flowers she picked up on the mountain to pay homage to Yunyun, and said that maybe Tian Yao should be forgiven. A little comfort. Early the next morning, Zhuli saw that the two were still worried about Tianyao's stalking, so he proposed to take them to take a shortcut to Qingqiu. This road was very easy for Zhuli, but Bai Xiaosheng and Yanhui were exhausted. Bai Xiaosheng guessed that there was black energy in their bodies, and there was a kind of karma that was suppressing the black energy, causing them to become like this. After hearing this, Yan Hui had hope. Since there is karma that can suppress the black energy, then the black energy in her body will Maybe there really is a way out.


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