Tian Yao didn't have time to explain to Yan Hui in detail, because if he was a moment late, some children would be killed by Su Ying. He directly took back the protective heart scales on Yan Hui's body with his sword. He had injected spiritual power into Yan Hui before, Even without Hu Xinlin, Yanhui can ensure that there will be no problems within three days. He wants to quickly kill Suying and rescue the children before returning Hu Xinlin to Yanhui and explaining the process to her. Soon after Tianyao left, Bai Xiaosheng and Huan Xiaoyan rushed back, they found Yanhui fainted on the ground, and seeing the wound on her body, they knew that Tianyao took the protective heart scale, Huan Xiaoyan began to curse Tianyao, but Bai Xiaosheng was thinking about how to save Yanhui. Finding the owner of the black energy was his only way at present. Bai Xiaosheng immediately pushed Huan Xiaoyan away, and then took Yanhui away.

Suying input spiritual power into Lu Musheng to keep him alive, and her skills declined because of this. When she sensed that Tianyao was coming, Suying immediately ordered her subordinates to activate the Qiansi Bind Demon Formation, hoping to trap Tianyao. Tianyao, who has turned into a spirit dragon, did not panic when encountering the formation. He relied on his strong strength to find a way to break the formation. Ying said that he became powerful because of the protective heart scale, it seems that he should not be underestimated. After a period of fighting, Tianyao finally broke through the Qiansi Bind Demon Formation, and was able to confront Suying tit for tat.

Because Tianyao didn't find his whole body, Su Ying didn't take Tianyao seriously even though his skill was reduced, thinking that he could play with Tianyao with a little attention, but unexpectedly the first round of the two made Su Ying Ying was deflated, so Suying had no choice but to use all her strength to fight Tianyao. Tianyao turned the blood and deep hatred into the motivation to attack Suying. He resorted to a unique move to defeat Tian Yao, but unexpectedly, Tian Yao had already had a countermeasure. He suppressed Su Ying with spiritual power and the sword shot at him bounced back and pierced her chest. She got up on the seat, she never thought that she would end up like this.

The children shouted for Tianyao, and finally he found the sealed children in a corner of the iceberg. He had to go back immediately to save Yanhui, but when he returned to Dragon Valley, he only saw the phantom children. Xiao Yan fell to the ground, and Yan Hui had disappeared. After Huan Xiaoyan learned the details, he told Yanhui that Bai Xiaosheng had taken him away. Tianyao guessed that the person Bai Xiaosheng asked for help must be the master of black energy, so he asked Huan Xiaoyan to take him to the foggy forest to find Yanhui. Before the two of them left, Ling Xiao, who sensed that Yan Hui had lost his heart scale, arrived. He asked Tian Yao about Yan Hui's whereabouts, otherwise he would die, so Tian Yao had no choice but to fight. Yanhui has a time limit, Tianyao didn't want to delay too long, he used secret words to make Huan Xiaoyan use illusion, Huan Xiaoyan pretended to be Yanhui and called Ling Xiao, Tian Yao took the opportunity to get rid of the entanglement with Ling Xiao.

Bai Xiaosheng brought the geese back to the territory of Fuyin, the owner of the black energy, and asked him to help save Yanhui. Fuyin didn't have such a good intention, and he would never do things that were not thankful for his efforts. Bai Xiaosheng had to emphasize that Yanhui was only looking for secret treasures. The missing person, Fu Yin confirmed after investigating Yanhui's sea of consciousness that she was indeed related to Tianyao, so she believed what Bai Xiaosheng said, and took Yanhui away for treatment. After Yan Hui came to his senses, he thought he was in the underworld, so he took Fu Yin as an emissary from the underworld, and slapped Fu Yin unexpectedly. Yin explained that he saved her by himself, but it was also conditional. He asked Yanhui to take back the protective heart scales from Tianyao no matter what method he tried, and the time limit was three months, otherwise he would only face death.

Yan Hui didn't want to agree to Fu Yin's conditions, so he had to take one step at a time. Bai Xiaosheng pulled Yan Hui and knelt down to thank Fu Yin for saving his life, and then immediately took Yan Hui and left the foggy forest. Bai Xiaosheng asked Yanhui about his next plan. Yanhui said that he would not ask Tianyao for the protective scales. It was originally his. Cooperate with Bai Xiaosheng to go to Qingqiu to find the secret treasure, but there is no Tianyao and Yanhui, the Xuanyao lovers, Bai Xiaosheng suggested that he and Yanhui reunite, but Yanhui refused without hesitation, at least she can't put it like that now mentality.

Tianyao and Huan Xiaoyan also came to the Misty Forest. Huan Xiaoyan, who grew up here since she was a child, did not find the forest of steles. She felt that a great change had taken place here. Only found the jade bracelet that fell from Yanhui's body, which made Tianyao very worried, but the three-day time limit has passed, and Yanhui did not die, which is something Tianyao is grateful for. Ling Xiao searched for Tian Yao's breath and came to the misty forest, but was trapped by Fu Yin's subordinates with the help of force. He also knew that many masters in Taoism were buried here.

Bai Xiaosheng and Yan went back to Qingqiu, because Qingqiu had sent someone to avenge Princess Yunxi, and the battle between Xuanyao was inevitable, and their road to Qingqiu became very difficult. Lu Musheng was relieved by Suying's death. He struggled to get up, and didn't even look at Suying's body. Instead, he took out a lock of Princess Yunxi's hair that he had treasured, and vowed to bring her back to Qingqiu.


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