Yanhui and Bai Xiaosheng designed a play that used shadow puppetry to call Tianyao's sincerity. The children watched it with gusto, and only Tianyao was clear about it. This was specially made by Yanhui for him, but how could Tianyao's knots be so easy It opened at once, halfway through, Tianyao got up and left, Yanhui hurriedly chased after seeing this, she took Tianyao's hand, caressed the wound on his hand, and comforted him before he found the heart of sincerity. Don't draw the sword again, or you will hurt yourself, Tian Yao angrily reprimanded that this has nothing to do with her, and told her not to worry about her own affairs, Yan Hui said that his way of torturing herself made her feel distressed, so she went forward to hug him. Living in Tianyao made Tianyao a little distracted for a while.

This kind of hugging behavior is inappropriate for children in the eyes of children. Yan Hui strikes while the iron is hot, saying that he really cares for him. The person in the picture is him, because she fell in love with him, which is different from the previous confession when she was poisoned by Humeixiang poison. This time she confirmed her sincerity, and she was indeed in love with Tian Yao. Tian Yao understood what Yan Hui meant. Xinyi, but his body parts have not yet been retrieved, and his bloody revenge has not been avenged. If he agrees to Yan Hui, it may bring her unintentional troubles. Thinking of this, Tian Yao resolutely rejected Yan Hui, turning around and leaving represented everything.

Yanhui realized that her confession was rejected again amidst the boos of the children, which made her very disappointed. She could only drink to relieve her inner unhappiness. Bai Xiaosheng felt that he had the opportunity to pursue Yanhui, and he should have been very happy He was equally disappointed, maybe the person he likes is pretending to be someone else, that kind of pain can only be appreciated by those who have tasted it. Tian Yao knew that Yan Hui must be feeling uncomfortable. When he came downstairs, he saw the empty wine bottle on the table and Yan Hui who was already asleep. The degree was given to Yanhui, and I silently blessed her in my heart. Because of Tian Yao's protection of Yan Hui, his sincere heart was formed, and it was felt by Chiyanlongya. It flew directly to Tian Yao's side, and Tian Yao took control of it effortlessly. One idea is to get back the body and take revenge, and then protect the person you should protect.

The next day, Yanhui and Huan Xiaoyan sighed and sighed together, Bai Xiaosheng took the opportunity to remind Yanhui to consider changing someone to love, but Yanhui didn't think about it at all, Bai Xiaosheng wanted to remind in detail, but Tianyao Appearing in front of them in time, Yanhui saw the red flame dragon tooth held by Tianyao, excitedly forgot about the previous unhappiness, and rushed forward to ask this and that. Under Tian Yao's reminder, Yan Hui gave up temporarily and asked Tian Yao to rescue Huan Wang. After waking up, the Huanwang thanked Tian Yao for his life-saving grace. Tian Yao asked about the black air in the foggy forest. The Huanwang said that it was an evil cultivator who had mastered pupil art and controlled the phantom demon clan, and then used them to set up formations in the foggy forest. , to lure some martial arts scholars to enter, and after these people are trapped to death, they will be refined into black energy for the evil cultivator to practice. Tian Yao asked the appearance of the evil cultivator, and the fantasy king just said that he had a pair of terrifying eyes .

Soon after the King of Huan was liberated, something strange happened. He realized that his time was approaching, so he passed on the lineage of the Huan Clan to Huan Xiaoyan with tears in his eyes, hoping that one day she could revive the Huan Yao Clan. Huan Xiaoyan was heartbroken Tears, but can only accept such a result. After Huan Xiaoyan settled the Huan Wang, she asked Tian Yao to accompany her to Qingqiu. She wanted to find that evil cultivator to avenge the Huan Yao clan. There is still a body that has not been recovered. They need to recover Tian Yao's body first, and then help the two of them fulfill their wishes after he has fused his body and strengthened his skills.

Bai Xiaosheng couldn't wait any longer, he secretly found Huan Xiaoyan, and persuaded her to take Yanhui back to Qingqiu, so Tianyao could only go with them. On the other hand, Suying infused Lu Musheng with spiritual power every day in Guanghanmen, but Lu Musheng wanted to die. Although Suying forced him to give him the pill to restore memory, Lu Musheng still had a hard time about Suying killing Princess Yunxi. , he bluntly said that he would find a chance to commit suicide, but Suying had no choice but to restrain him, and then went to find Xinlin.

At the beginning, Suying set up spiritual consciousness on the dragon horn to track Tianyao. After learning that Tianyao was in Longgu, she went directly to Longgu and injured Tianyao, and then hijacked the children to Guanghanmen. Tian Yao exchanged the protective heart scales, otherwise he would kill one child a day. In order to save the children, Tian Yao had to retrieve the protective heart scales from Yanhui's chest. In one scene, infinite sadness welled up in her heart until she fell to the ground and lost consciousness.


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