The children in Unfeeling Valley stop Tian Yao and Yan Hui from being together on the grounds that they are not allowed to talk about love here. They insist on letting Yan Hui move downstairs, but Yan Hui has no choice but to obey. More time to think about how to pursue your true love. Tian Yao usually wears black clothes, and Yan Hui also wears matching black clothes to match the couple clothes. She suddenly finds that the trauma medicine she gave Tian Yao is still there, so she concludes that Tian Yao has not used it. Out of concern for Tian Yao, she immediately went to Tian Yao's room to help him apply the external application. Tian Yao almost woke up from the pain, so Yan Hui had to slow down the speed of application. Early the next morning, Yanhui got up and took a bowl to collect the dew from the flowers, because Tianyao once said that he likes to drink it. After a busy morning, Yanhui collected a large bowl of dew, halfway Sprinkled some, I thought Tianyao would be moved by it, but Tianyao accused her of wasting time when he learned about it, why not practice kung fu with himself, Yan Hui humbly mentioned that Tianyao liked her so he collected it, There was still the smell of flowers in it. Seeing this, Tian Yao took the bowl over and wanted to drink it in one gulp, but was spilled by several children.

Yanhui was a little annoyed, and wanted to trouble the children, Tianyao stopped her and left, leaving behind a somewhat disappointed Yanhui, Yanhui took this opportunity to mention some things about Tianyao to the children, but he couldn't help it. Evidence to prove that Tian Yao is the Dragon Lord, just happened that Huan Xiaoxian ran out of the ring. She had seen the scene where Tian Yao helped Yan Hui kill the black energy, because King Huan was tortured by the black energy all the time. From time to time, she kept tossing Huan Xiaoxian and pulled all her hair off. Huan Xiaoxian begged Yanhui to let Tianyao help Huanwang kill the black energy. Yanhui knew that Huanxiaoxian had illusion skills and could record In the previous scene, she asked her to show the children a shot of Tianyao holding the red flame dragon tooth. The children believed that Tianyao was the dragon lord after seeing this scene.

Yan Hui saw that the children changed their attitudes and recognized themselves as the Dragon Lord, and he was a little moved. After seeing Yan Hui who was happy for him behind him, he knew that Yan Hui must have done it. The children knew that Yanhui seemed to be interested in Tianyao, but when they asked Tianyao if he was in love with Yanhui, Tianyao hesitated for a while and replied no. The children hugged Tianyao happily and left, but Yanhui felt very disappointed. Yao's answer like this is tantamount to rejecting himself again. On the other side, in Fuyin's Sea of Consciousness, Bai Xiaosheng, who was wounded all over, was tied up here. A gloomy voice was interrogating him, accusing Bai Xiaosheng of bringing Tianyao to destroy the entrance of the Black Mist Forest. Bai Xiaosheng defended himself, He didn't know why Tianyao came here. Fu Yin changed the subject and asked about the task assigned to him. Bai Xiaosheng said that it was about to be completed and he had found a suitable candidate, so he was waiting to go to Qingqiu country to find the secret treasure. Only then did Fu Yin decide to let Bai Xiaosheng go.

Yanhui was worrying about confessing to Tianyao, Bai Xiaosheng's appearance startled her, and King Huan ran out of the ring to wrestle with him after seeing Bai Xiaosheng, Yanhui and Huan Xiaoxian persuaded her It took a long time to separate the two, Tianyao arrived in time, frowned when he saw Bai Xiaosheng coming, and insisted on driving him away, Yanhui came forward to stop him, and pulled Bai Xiaosheng aside, which aroused Tianyao's jealousy . In fact, Yanhui pulled Bai Xiaosheng aside to let him help him to confess to Tianyao. Bai Xiaosheng also fell in love with Yanhui, but Yanhui had no idea about him at all, so Bai Xiaosheng could only hide his love. heart.

Tian Yao saw that Bai Xiaosheng and Yan Hui were always together, he was worried that Yan Hui would be deceived by Bai Xiaosheng, so he wanted to stop him, but was blocked by Huan Xiaoxian, which further confirmed the idea of Yan Hui and Bai Xiaosheng being together, Tian Yao came to the seal of Chiyanlongya with some disappointment, but his state of mind could no longer be calm, let alone pull out Chiyanlongya. Yanhui and Bai Xiaosheng performed the shadow puppet show "Mr. Beiguo" for the children, which was actually for Tianyao. They wanted him to get rid of the shadow between the past and Suying. Tianyao resisted and left before watching it. Hui hurriedly chased after him, Tian Yao angrily told her not to mind her own affairs, and had nothing to do with her, Yan Hui just took this opportunity to express his love.


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