Tian Yao tried his best to cut off the black energy, although the black energy was removed, Tian Yao also fainted from exhaustion, Yan Hui helped him back to the residence, and her elder brother returned safely, but Bai Xiaosheng did not know where to go. Yanhui told the elder brother all his experience after going down the mountain, including the confrontation with Suying in Yongzhou City. Only then did the elder brother realize that Guanghanmen deliberately put the crime on Tianyao. The senior brother asked Yan Hui whether the black air in the sea of knowledge had been cleared, and Yan Hui said that it had been cleared away when Tian Yao cut off the black air. With the purpose of going down the mountain, besides bringing back the wild goose, he is also investigating the madness of many martial arts practitioners. According to his current investigation results, almost all of these maddened people are caused by black energy entering the body , including the phantom in the black mist forest. He was drawn into the forest by a thorn tree and met the phantom, but the phantom found that he was not a person with black energy, so he let him go. These words reminded Yanhui that Bai Xiaosheng would To release the black energy, could it be that he is the black hand behind the scenes, but Bai Xiaosheng has been helping them all the time, and he doesn't seem to be the most evil person.

Because Yanhui had a promise to Tianyao, the elder brother couldn't take her away forcibly, so he had to bid farewell to Yanhui after a few instructions, and he would report these things to Ling Xiao. After Tian Yao woke up, Yan Hui took care of him in a flattering manner. Tian Yao asked about them straying into the Black Mist Forest. Yan Hui mentioned the magic demon and wanted to summon Huan Xiaoxian, but there was no movement for a long time, and Bai Xiaosheng didn't know. Where did you go. Tianyao wants to take Yan back to Longgu's hometown, Yanhui is very happy, which shows that she occupies a very important position in Tianyao's heart. When the two came to Longgu, they found that it had been changed into Unfeeling Valley. Speaking of being rescued by the master from the evil demon back then, in order to help Ling Xiao, she actually used flames, so she almost burned the tree, and it was because of the fire that Tian Yao got rid of the soul-binding tree. In the end, it was Yanhui who saved him. Tianyao is very grateful to Yanhui. Without her, he would not be where he is today.

The two were surrounded by a group of children at the entrance of Dragon Valley. They are the next generation of dragon elves, entrusted by their parents to become the sword guards of Red Flame Dragon's Tooth. Yanhui revealed Tianyao's identity, but the children refused to believe it, so Yanhui forced his way into Dragon Valley, and exchanged a ring to be able to live in Tianyao's former residence. The picturesque scenery made Yanhui fascinated by it,

That night was the night of the full moon. Tian Yao came to the place where the dragon elves were buried, and happened to see the group of children worshiping their parents. Only then did he know that the dragon elves died at the hands of Su Ying twenty years ago. It made Tian Yao very sad and indignant. Tian Yao was sick, and he didn't want Yan Hui to see his painful appearance, so Yan Hui took care of him and comforted him. Waking up early the next morning, Tian Yao saw Yan Hui, who had been working hard for him all night, and was very moved. He decided to go get the sword by himself, and Yan Hui followed him without worrying. Tian Yao pulled out the Chiyan Dragon Tooth with great difficulty, but it was inserted back again in a blink of an eye, and Tian Yao was backlashed again, it seems that something went wrong.

Yanhui picked herbs from the mountain and boiled them to Tianyao. In return, Tianyao combed Yanhui's hair. Yanhui told him that in Taoism, only husbands comb their wives' hair. Tianyao was a little dazed and hesitated Afterwards, he still put down the comb. He still had concerns about the relationship between the two, which made Yan Hui feel a little unhappy. The interaction between the two is seen by the children, they think that the two are talking about love, which is taboo in the Valley of Unrequited Love, so they come forward to block it and insist on letting Yanhui move upstairs. When they came down, Yanhui couldn't hold back them, so he had to obey.

Yanhui found out that she really fell in love with Tianyao. This time, she had to think carefully about how to confess her love. Tianyao had endured so many painful things alone. She decided to do something for him, so she asked Tianyao with a diary. What Yao likes, and then write it down in notes, so as to bring more surprises to Tian Yao in the future.


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