Yan Hui wanted to accompany Tian Yao to take the sword together, but Chiyan Longya was sealed by Su Ying on the top of the snow mountain 20 years ago. It might be difficult for Yan to bear the extremely cold weather when he returned to his mortal body, so Tian Yao decided to go alone. Before leaving, Tianyao left a silk ribbon on Yanhui's arm with a spell. The ribbon has a special function. It only needs to be tapped three times to communicate with Tianyao from a distance. Hui was overjoyed and immediately started playing with it.

After Tian Yao left, Bai Xiaosheng was entangled by Yan Hui so much that he wanted to cry, his arm was bitten by Yan Hui, and his arm was red and swollen. At this time, Bai Xiaosheng thought of a good way, that is to use a ribbon to communicate with Tian Yao, After hearing Tian Yao's voice, Yan Hui immediately fell silent. Senior brother Yanhui came to visit suddenly and insisted on taking her back to Chenxing Mountain, saying that it was the order of Master Ling Xiao, but Yanhui not only had a strange disease, but also helped Tianyao get his body back, she can't go back now, besides, she Already attached to Tianyao, Tianyao and Bai Xiaosheng also don't want Yanhui to leave. Bai Xiaosheng saw that senior brother Yanhui was a bit unreasonable, and he insisted on taking Yanhui away, so he knocked him out in a fit of anger, Yanhui was a little annoyed, but when the senior brother woke up, he still dragged her away, and didn't listen to her explanation at all , in desperation, Yan Hui shot the elder brother again and knocked him out.

In the middle of the night, Yan Hui couldn't fall asleep, her mind was full of Tian Yao's shadow, full of warm scenes since the two met, she couldn't control herself not to think about these things, she could only get a good sleep by knocking herself out Feeling good, Bai Xiaosheng was a little puzzled when he saw this, he dared to do this to himself, let alone others. Bai Xiaosheng secretly talked to Tianyao and offered to help him get rid of Yanhui's elder brother, but Tianyao stopped him immediately. If Yanhui knew that he agreed with Bai Xiaosheng's actions, Yanhui would never forgive himself for the rest of his life, and he cared more about Yanhui. moods and thoughts. The top of the snow-capped mountain is full of wind and snow, and every step forward has to pay a huge price, but none of this can stop Tian Yao's footsteps. In order to cure Yanhui, he can give everything, and finally Tian Yao came to the seal of the Red Flame Dragon. Although he gritted his teeth and entered it, he couldn't take it out from the barrier. He was shocked by the backlash under the force, and the blood flowed from his hand. Tian Yao remembered the scene when he cast the sword. A group of The little demon injected spiritual power into the blade as a gift to him, but now the spiritual power has become a shackle, and his sincerity is dimmed, so he cannot take out the red flame dragon tooth.

Bai Xiaosheng was thinking about how to drive Senior Brother Yanhui away, but he accidentally hit the three of them into the Black Mist Forest. Yan recalled that before Feng Qianshuo left, he had told them not to pass by the west It is very difficult for those who enter the forest to come out again. Yanhui found that everything in front of her was very strange. First, the thorns pulled the senior brother in, and then the ribbon left by Tianyao in her hand disappeared, and then a strange little girl appeared in front of her. The little girl called She grew up here since she was a child, and she introduced herself as Huan Xiaoxian, a phantom demon. Yan Hui does not reject demons, and the two chatted well, but the tombstone in the forest made her feel a little panicked.

Bai Xiaosheng had hallucinations after entering the forest. His mother's voice appeared on a ring, which also reminded him of the scene when he was bullied by his tribe when he was a child. Find him before I count to a hundred, or they will all die, and Bai Xiaosheng is trapped in it and cannot extricate himself. On the other side, Yan Hui and Huan Xiaoxian were also delusional. They were attacked by trees. Yan recalled pulling Huan Xiaoxian to escape, but could not find a way out. Seeing the black fog in the forest, Yan recalled Bai Xiaosheng, She guessed that Bai Xiaosheng might also be trapped here, so Yanhui crazily hit the tree trunks entwining them, and happened to knock Bai Xiaosheng's ring to the ground, and Bai Xiaosheng was freed from the hallucination immediately.

At this time, the black mist in the forest attacked them, and Bai Xiaosheng also used black air to stop them. Seeing that he could hardly support him for a long time, Yanhui wanted to use her spiritual power to help him, but she couldn't use her spiritual power. Yao returned like a god, and the red flame dragon's teeth shattered the black mist with brilliant flames. When Tianyao was suffering from being unable to take the sword, he suddenly found that the ribbon he gave Yanhui had disappeared. The frightened Tianyao awakened his heart of sincerity, and was finally able to take out the red flame dragon tooth. Finally, Yanhui was saved. The black air in her consciousness also disappeared, and Tian Yao finally cured Yan Hui's strange disease.


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