Bai Xiaosheng is very concerned about Tianyao and Yanhui, especially the progress of their relationship. Of course, he has worked hard to help the two and saved them from fire and water many times. Naturally, he has his purpose, but Tianyao and Yanhui have always Without figuring out what he needed the help of the two of them, Bai Xiaosheng felt that it was not time for a showdown, and Tian Yao hadn't found his body yet. Just after he checked all the assessment standards of the two of them, something went wrong, Yanhui and Tianyao actually fought, but it was Yanhui who was making noise to Tianyao, and Tianyao had been taking care of the irritable Yan Hui, Yan Hui didn't know how to vent his anger, and even directly bit his hand with his mouth. Tian Yao lovingly extended his hand to replace Yan Hui. This behavior made Yan Hui a little dazed, but then he He bit it uncontrollably, leaving Bai Xiaosheng dumbfounded.

Bai Xiaosheng ridiculed Tianyao for being too stupid, but he was moved by Tianyao in his heart. He and Tianyao worked together to tie Yanhui back with a rope, lest she would harm herself if she got into trouble. Faced with the sudden situation of Yanhui, Xiange and Feng Qianshuo were very worried, but they had no good solution. Seeing that Yanhui gradually calmed down, Tian Yao wanted to know more about Yanhui, so he opened the Bu, and then asked her what kind of feelings she had when she was manic. Yanhui replied that before she woke up, her consciousness was boiling. After hearing this, he suspected that it was caused by his protective heart scales, but Bai Xiaosheng concluded that another kind of spiritual power in Yanhui's body came from him.

Everyone asked Yan Hui to adjust herself, but she couldn't calm down, she lay down on the ground and kept paddling, saying that she would be burned out as soon as she entered the sea of consciousness, and felt that there was an uncontrollable pain in her body. Desire, this kind of rhetoric caught Bai Xiaosheng's attention. He felt that as long as Yanhui's desire was satisfied, the beating energy in her body would be relieved, so he asked Yanhui what kind of desire she had, and Yanhui said that she wanted to be free and prosperous, so that Although his wish is somewhat vague, it is probably easy to understand. It is easy to be free and unrestrained, but it needs a certain material foundation to make a fortune. It seems that it is difficult for anyone except Feng Qianshuo to make Yanhui realize his wish. Feng Qianshuo saw everyone ask He immediately spread his hands, even Cheng Feng's property has been blown up, he is also a poor man.

Seeing that Yan Hui's wish could not be satisfied, Tian Yao had to do his best to help Yan Hui relieve the pain. He sharpened a few knives and asked Yan Hui to vent by chopping firewood, but this could not solve the fundamental problem. The spirit was stimulated, she became a little sad, even picked up the fallen leaves on the ground and began to sigh, that kind of sorrowful expression made Tian Yao feel distressed. Yan Hui shared her childhood experience. Walking on the street in the wind and snow, she envied those children with families. She is also very sensible and cute, but why can't she get the warmth of her family? The buns dropped by others on the ground are While talking about her best food, Yan Hui began to tremble all over. Tian Yao hurriedly took off his clothes and put it on her, and lit a spiritual fire in his palm to keep Yan Hui warm. Yan Hui immediately calmed down, restless My heart gradually calmed down, and I followed Tian Yao back home.

Seeing the intimate behavior of Tian Yao and Yan Hui, Xian Ge couldn't help sighing, thankful that finally someone can take care of this little girl, Feng Qianshuo also thinks that Tian Yao is different from before, there is more warmth under the cold appearance, maybe This is exclusive to Yan Hui. There are rumors in the market that it was Tianyao who destroyed Yongzhou City and killed Princess Yunxi. Xiange knew that it must be the Guanghan Sect's intentional blame. She was afraid of any accidents, so she decided to go to Qingqiu to explain the truth. Feng Qianshuo was in Yongzhou He had nothing to worry about in the city, so he wanted to go with her. He also took the opportunity to confess to Xiange. In fact, Xiange already knew his affection for him. There were other reasons for not accepting him in Yongzhou City. Now she can readily accept it. .

Yanhui was reluctant to part with Xiange, and kept telling her to be careful on the road, ignoring Feng Qianshuo. After sending them away, Yanhui's strange illness was about to break out in the street. She hurriedly asked Tianyao to show what he had done to her last night. However, after working for a long time, Tianyao failed to calm Yanhui's agitation, and finally lit a spiritual fire in her hand, and she calmed down. It turned out that she needed fire to restrain her, so Tianyao and Bai Xiaosheng filled Yanhui's house with a brazier, But the effect was not satisfactory, Tian Yao guessed that her condition had worsened. Tian Yao wanted to enter Yanhui's sea of consciousness to investigate carefully, Bai Xiaosheng was worried that he would find the black energy inside, so he tried his best to stop him, but Tian Yao discovered his true identity, Bai Xiaosheng turned out to be an evil cultivator

Tian Yao's eyes widened with anger, and he raised his hand to attack Bai Xiaosheng, just when Yan Hui pushed the door and walked out, Bai Xiaosheng immediately told the truth, Yan Hui immediately took the blame and apologized to Tian Yao, but Tian Yao was angry because Yan Hui deceived himself Yu Huai, Bai Xiaosheng stepped forward carefully to comfort, saying that Yanhui did this for Tianyao, and she even gave up her life to break the formation. After Tianyao thought about it, he reconciled with Yanhui, and then he entered Yanhui Sea of Consciousness to investigate and found a way to solve the black fog in Yanhui Sea of Consciousness, so he decided to go to the top of the snow mountain to retrieve his sword Chiyanlongya. Because this sword is the nemesis of black energy.


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