When Suying and Tianyao were fighting to the death, Xiange and Feng Qianshuo were thinking about how to help Tianyao, because they knew that Tianyao's current strength could not compete with Suying, and they had to find other ways to fight against Suying. And Suying's weakness is Lu Musheng, and they decided to make a fuss about Lu Musheng. Feng Qianshuo decided to hold Fengming back and let Xiange find Chen Musheng, but Xiange was very worried about Feng Qianshuo. His strength was not enough to fight against Fengming. The powerful magic weapon can keep his life safe. The two hugged and separated. Xiange told Feng Qianshuo to be careful, and he owed himself a kiss.

Feng Qianshuo was discovered by Feng Ming's servant on purpose, Feng Ming rushed to him, mocked Feng Qianshuo, and asked Tian Yao's whereabouts at the same time, he thought Feng Qianshuo was the meat on the chopping board and could be handled by him, but unexpectedly Feng Qiansuo took out the flowers, and put the magic weapon left by his father in it, and then a golden monster flew out from it, and then injected spiritual power into Feng Qiansuo, Feng Qiansuo easily The servants and Feng Ming killed each other, and Feng Ming left the last sentence before he died, saying that he was much more ruthless than his father.

The confrontation between Tian Yao and Su Ying is still going on, in fact, he was injured in the first round, but in order to buy time for Yan Hui, he deliberately pretended to be calm, but Su Ying's The second attack wave, but Tian Yao couldn't stop it, and was finally restrained by Su Ying. Su Ying found that he didn't have the protective heart scale, so she hurriedly asked where he was. Tian Yao was not afraid, saying that she didn't get the protective heart scale twenty years ago Lin, I can't imagine getting it after twenty years. At the same time, Yan came back to the eighteenth floor of the underground colosseum where the dragon horns were placed. Bai Xiaosheng followed her shadow. , to leave space for Yanhui to concentrate on breaking the formation, but Yanhui's spiritual power is limited, and she can't break the formation with all her remedies. In the end, she had to ask Bai Xiaosheng for help, and asked him to help her expand the sea of consciousness and accumulate spiritual power. Bai Xiaosheng He told her that his spiritual power would harm her, but Yan Hui ignored it completely, saying that he was willing to fight with his life, so Bai Xiaosheng had to inject his spiritual power into Yan Hui's sea of consciousness, and let Yan Hui hit Heiyan, Yan Hui obeyed. Acting, after a while, the black rock broke, and Yan returned to the sea of consciousness to expand her spiritual power, and she was able to break the dragon horn array and get the dragon horn.

The dragon horn formation was broken, and the monsters in the dungeon regained their freedom. Suying brought Tianyao to appear in front of everyone. She asked everyone who broke the dragon horn formation. In pain, Yanhui couldn't bear to see Tianyao in pain, so she stood up and said that she knew the whereabouts of Hu Xinlin, but she wanted to whisper to Suying, Suying knew that she was a disciple of Chenxing Mountain, so she was on guard against her. He was not worried, so he agreed to let her come over. After Yan Hui approached Su Ying, he took the opportunity to catch Su Ying by surprise. Bai Xiaosheng suddenly appeared and rescued Tian Yao and Yan Hui. out of trouble.

Su Ying was very angry, and immediately attacked everyone. Fortunately, Bai Xiaosheng raised his hand to catch it, but he couldn't hold on for long. All the monsters accumulated spiritual power to help Bai Xiaosheng fight against Su Ying, but Su Ying's strength was astonishing, and everyone was in danger. At that time, Feng Qianshuo and Xiange brought Lu Musheng over, and used him to force Suying to let everyone go, but Suying had no choice but to stop temporarily, but this was just her false move, and when she turned around, she took Xiange and Feng Qianshuo together. Knocked down to the ground, at the critical moment, with the help of Yanhui and Bai Xiaosheng, Tianyao merged the dragon horns and led everyone out of danger in time. Suying wanted to catch up, but Lu Musheng committed suicide by cutting his neck with a knife. Suying had to give up the idea of catching up. , Return to Guanghanmen to save Lu Musheng. Su Ying tried every means to save Lu Musheng, even at the expense of her own skills and blood, because Lu Musheng's life was very important to her. It was Lu Musheng who rescued her from the ice and snow, and the two had an unforgettable love because of this.

Tian Yao turned into a dragon and led the crowd to leave Yongzhou City. Finally, he fell to the ground due to exhaustion. Bai Xiaosheng went up to investigate and found that they were all right. Feng Qianshuo apologized to the demons. It turned out that the magic weapon left by his father was a Monster servant, Feng Qiansuo has been holding grudges against monsters for years to seal in that magic weapon in order to repay his kindness, and now he knows it is wrong.

After Xiange separated from the demons, Feng Qianshuo took them to a courtyard of Feng's house. Tianyao found that Yan Hui's condition was wrong after waking up, so he used spiritual power to help Yan Hui explore the sea of consciousness. The Sea of Consciousness was surrounded by black mist because of Bai Xiaosheng's spiritual backlash, and she also suffered inhuman torment. As a result, her temperament changed drastically after waking up, and she even started attacking Tianyao, which puzzled everyone. Ling Xiao, who was far away in Chenxing Mountain, found Yanhui in a different place in the sea of knowledge. He had a premonition that Yanhui might be in danger, so he hurriedly sent an order to the disciples of Chenxing Mountain to find Yanhui quickly.


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