Feng Ming and the fairy girl from Guanghanmen discussed the whereabouts of those missing monster servants. They guessed that these monsters might have gone underground, because they had almost carried out a carpet search on the ground of Yongzhou City, and Suying had already carried out a search in Yongzhou City. Without the seal of the Dragon Horn Formation, it is difficult for the monsters to fly out even with wings, so there is only one underground shelter last year. Xiangu decided to light another fire, using the forbidden technique of Guanghanmen to restrict the underground, forcing the monsters to return to the ground or cut off the escape route, and at the same time, asked Feng Ming to lead people to search the entrance of the dungeon.

Xiange's servants, Xiaowu and Xiaojiu, accompanied Feng Qianshuo, but they were not friendly to Feng Qianshuo. After Yanhui came back, they gave this task to Yanhui. Feng Qianshuo knew that it was Yanhui and Tian Yao blew up the underground Colosseum, he accused Yan Hui of being so reckless, because there are more good ways to control the underground Colosseum for his own use, Yan Hui was angry that he led himself into the underground Colosseum, Almost told Tian Yao there, Feng Qiansuo complained that they didn't have long heads, otherwise there would be no such result. After arguing with Yanhui, Feng Qianshuo turned to look for Xiange and saw her curiously playing with his so-called relic Huawei. He was a little embarrassed to ask Huawei back because he was useful. Xiange asked Huawei For the purpose, Feng Qiansuo said that this thing is used to collect and transmit information. It was brought back from the West when his father was in business in his early years, and it can transmit information in real time over long distances.

Xiange immediately proposed to ask Feng Qianshuo to use flowers to send a message to Qingqiu Kingdom, asking them to come to rescue Princess Yunxi, but Feng Qianshuo refused to say anything, he was worried that this would lead to a war between Xuan Yao and the whole Yongzhou The people of the country will be devastated. Xian Ge asked him to repay his kindness by saving his life, but Feng Qiansuo still insisted. He said that he could repay with his life, but he could not pay the price with the lives of the people in Yongzhou. Zhong heard the news about Princess Yunxi from Hua Weizhong, and heard that Princess Yunxi was dead, Xiange froze there at that time.

Due to the forbidden technique of Guanghanmen, the monsters in the dungeon cannot dig out the tunnels. Everyone is trapped here, and sooner or later they will be discovered by the people of Guanghanmen. Xiange convened everyone to study countermeasures. Pass the message, they will definitely come to rescue Princess Yunxi, this will attract the attention of Guanghanmen, and create opportunities for Yanhui to break the dragon horn formation, and they can escape from danger. Because Feng Qianshuo refused to convey information, Bai Xiaosheng became a lobbyist, but the persistent Feng Qianshuo was still not persuaded, and the two quarreled because of this, and Yanhui stood up to stop it. Compared with these disputes, she was more worried She couldn't take on the heavy task of destroying the Dragon Horn Formation, because her knowledge of the sea and spiritual power was still shallow, so Xian Ge suggested asking Huawei for help, and got a way to use spiritual power from the monsters in the dungeon.

After the monsters heard that they wanted to dedicate their spiritual power to Yanhui, they all refused because she was a member of the Taoist sect. Tianyao took up everyone's work, insisting that only Yanhui could break through the dragon horn formation, In order to take everyone out of the dungeon, he chose to believe in Yan Hui unconditionally. Since Tian Yao, the Dragon Lord, has such an attitude, the monsters who trust him very much agree to donate their spiritual power. Yan Hui is very happy to see such a scene Touched, she immediately said that she would do her best to break through the dragon horn formation and lead everyone out of here. However, although Yan Hui accepted the spiritual power of the demons, she still couldn't smash the black rock in her sea of consciousness, and the sea of consciousness couldn't be enlarged, which made Yan Hui suspicious of breaking the dragon horn formation. She was afraid that she would not be able to complete this task. The mission affected everyone's safety. Bai Xiaosheng wanted to infuse her with spiritual power, but Tianyao stopped him in time, because he didn't believe Bai Xiaosheng, and Yan Hui's behavior of easily believing outsiders also made him very angry. Yan Hui argued hard, saying that he People are very accurate, and Tianyao is the best example.

Huawei issued a warning that people from the Guanghan Sect were about to discover the dungeon, and Xiange refused to sit still, so she decided to go to the ground to lure away Fengming and the people from the Guanghan Sect. All twelve of her servants were summoned, and asked them to help the monsters in the dungeon leave Yongzhou City after breaking the formation, and then escaped separately. After that, she canceled the master-servant contract, and the twelve servants knelt down to thank her for taking care of her for many years . Xiange and Feng Qianshuo came to the ground, Feng Qianshuo knew to catch Fengming's sore spot, and they directly blew up the warehouse of Tianxiangfang. He found a hiding place and hid.

Because of the death of Princess Yunxi, Lu Musheng had no idea of survival. Suying could only use spiritual power to keep him alive. If he couldn't find the protective heart scale in time, Lu Musheng might not have much time left. Regardless of the backlash, she imposed a forbidden technique on the dungeon, causing severe damage to the people hiding in the dungeon. Tian Yao believed that Su Ying did it, and she was forcing herself and the monsters to show up, so he decided to implement the plan in advance. Go to lure Suying away by himself, let Yan go back to find a chance to break through the dragon horn formation, and order Yuli to lead everyone away immediately after the formation is broken.

Tian Yao and Yan Hui came to the ground under the leadership of Xiao Wu and Xiao Jiu. They knew that they would not know whether they would see each other again after this separation, and they reluctantly left after saying take care of each other. Tianyao stopped a group of Guanghanmen patrolling disciples, wounded them after reporting their names, and then the golden dragon shadow flashed over Yongzhou City. Su Ying was very excited when she saw it. At the place where Yao appeared, she sacrificed spells to defeat Tian Yao with one move, but the result she expected did not appear, and Tian Yao actually took her fierce move.


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