PassCode パスコード, Pasuko (パスコ) is an all girls Japanese band group formed in early 2013 and under We-B Studios. In early 2014, with the addition of two new members, they transitioned from typical idol music to electronic and rock music. 

Origin: Osaka, Japan
Genre: Rock, Electronica, Loud Rock
Years: 2013-Present
Associated Acts: NEVE SLIDE DOWN
PassCode Fandom Name: Hackers


PassCode Official Accounts:
Official Website: PassCode-Official
Instagram: passcodeo
YouTube: PassCode Official
Twitter: PassCodeオフィシャル
Ameba: PassCode-Official
Spotify: PassCode


Current Members:

  •     Minami Nao (南菜生)
  •     Takashima Kaede (高嶋楓) (Joined February 2014)
  •     Imada Yuna (今田夢菜) (Joined February 2014)
  •     Ogami Hinako (大上陽奈子) (Joined August 2015) 

Former Members:

  •     Kozaki Reika (神崎玲香) (Left May 2013, pre-debut)
  •     Sakurai Saki (桜井さき) (Left July 2013)
  •     Kazuki Kyoko (香月恭子) (Left August 2013)
  •     Kurohara Yuri (黒原優梨) (Left October 2015) 


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