Han Hong 韩红, Yangchen Drolma དབྱངས་ཅན་སྒྲོལ་མ་, 央金卓玛 is a female Chinese singer and songwriter of mixed Tibetan and Han ethnicity.  Han is able to shift quite easily from piercing high pitches to soft low tones. Han Hong is one of the most popular Chinese female musicians who specializes in a variety of Chinese folk music. Most of Han's work reflect the Tibetan culture, but Han also use elements of Jazz, R-n-B, Rock-n-Roll and Latin music in her music work.

Interesting Facts:

Name: Han Hong, Yangchen Drolma
Birthday: 26 September 1971
Birthplace: Chamdo County, Chamdo, China
Occupation: Singer
Years active;    1993–Present
Parents: Han Baolai (father)
              Yong Xi (mother)
- Her dad is Han Chinese and mom is Tibetan (a Tibetan singer)
- Her father died when she was only six
- She started composing songs in 1993
-She adopted a 2 1/2 year old boy name Han Houhou in 1999 (his parents died on October 3, 1999 in an accident due to an overloaded cable car at Maling River Canyon which killed 14 and injured 22 people)
- She is the CEO of Hualu Entertainment company since October 2015


  • 1998: The Brightness of the Snow (雪域光芒)
  • 2000: Daybreak a.k.a. Dawn (天亮了)
  • 2001: We're all Awake (醒了)
  • 2002: Singing (歌唱)
  • 2003: Red (红)
  • 2005: Love song Fairy Tale (恋曲神话), Moved (感动)
  • 2009: Listen to my Voice (听我的声音)
  • 2011: Red Song (红歌)
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