E-girls stands for Exile Girls are a Japanese collective girl group created and managed by LDH while signed to music label Rhythm Zone from Avex. As of 2017, the band consists of 11 members; 8 of which feature all current members from the groups Happiness and Flower. Additionally, three original members were scouted in Japan and added as part of the group. Created as a sister act to boy band Exile, E-girls debuted in 2011 with their single "Celebration". After a string of promotional recordings, E-girls released their debut record Lesson 1 two years later. In 2013, their single "Gomennasai no Kissing You" catapulted the girls into commercial success, selling over 100,000 units, and its parent album Colorful Pop (2014), was met with positive reviews and high performance on the Oricon Albums Chart. The group plans to disband at the end of 2020. 


Also known as: Exile Girls, e-girls
Origin: Japan
Genres: J-popelectronic dance music
Years active:    2011–present
Labels:    LDH, Rhythm Zone
Associated acts    :
ExileE.G.familyDreamHappinessFlowerDance Earth PartyDream AmiDream ShizukaShuuKaRenSudannaYuzuYully

Members List:


  • Sayaka Nagatomo (長友 さやか, Nagatomo Sayaka)     20 September 1995 (age 24)     Performer
  • Kaede Dobashi (土橋 楓, Dobashi Kaede)     11 January 1996 (age 24)     Performer
  • Karen Fujii (藤井 夏恋, Fujii Karen)     16 July 1996 (age 23)     Vocalist and performer
  • Yurino Suzuki (鈴木 結莉乃, Suzuki Yurino)     6 February 1996 (age 23)     Vocalist and performer
  • Anna Suda (須田 アンナ, Suda Anna)     12 October 1997 (age 22)     Vocalist and performer


  • Reina Washio (鷲尾 伶菜, Washio Reina)     20 January 1994 (age 26)     Vocalist
  • Nozomi Bando (坂東 希, Bandō Nozomi)     14 September 1997 (age 22)     Performer
  • Harumi Sato (佐藤 晴美, Satō Harumi)     8 June 1995 (age 24)     Performer

Original E-girls:

  • Anna Ishii (石井 杏奈, Ishii Anna)     11 July 1998 (age 21)     Performer
  • Nonoka Yamaguchi (山口 乃々華, Yamaguchi Nonoka)     8 March 1998 (age 21)     Performer
  • Yuzuna Takebe (武部柚那, Takebe Yuzuna)     17 June 1998 (age 21)     Vocalist and performer

Former members:

  • Sayaka Yamamoto (山本 紗也加, Yamamoto Sayaka)     Dream     2011     Vocalist and performer
  • Mimu Hoiki (日置 美夢, Hioki Mimu)     Happiness     2011     Performer
  • Runa Yamamoto (山本 月, Yamamoto Runa)     Bunny     2012     Performer
  • Mira Watts (ヴァッツ 美良, Vattsu Mira)     Bunny     2011–2012     Performer
  • Mizuki Hanayama (花山水樹, Hanayama Mizuki)     Bunny     2011–2012     Performer
  • Miyū Ōishi (大石 美優, Ōishi Miyū)     Bunny     2011–2012     Performer
  • Reina Kizu (木津 玲奈, Kizu Reina)     EGD     2012–2013     Performer
  • Erina Mizuno (水野 絵梨奈, Mizuno Erina)     Flower     2011–2013     Performer
  • Mayu Suigeda (杉枝 真結, Suigeda Mayu)     Happiness     2011–2012 (hiatus), 2013–2014     Vocalist and performer
  • Kyoka Takeda (武田 杏香, Takeda Kyōka)     Bunny     2012–2014     Performer
  • Chiharu Muto (武藤 千春, Mutō Chiharu)     Flower     2011–2014     Vocalist and performer
  • Kyoka Ichiki (市來 杏香, Ichiki Kyōka)     Flower     2011–2015     Vocalist and performer
  • Rio Inagaki (稲垣 莉生, Inagaki Rio)     E-girls / Bunnies     2011–2016    Performer
  • Momoka Nakajima (中嶋 桃花, Nakajima Momoka)     E-girls / Bunnies     2013–2016    Performer
  • Misato Hagio (萩尾 美聖, Hagio Misato)     E-girls / Rabbits     2011–2016     Performer
  • Marina Watanabe (渡邉 真梨奈, Watanabe Marina)     E-girls / Rabbits     2013–2016    Performer
  • Risa Ikuta (生田梨沙, Ikuta Risa)     E-girls / Rabbits     2013–2016    Performer
  • Erie Abe (阿部絵里恵, Abe Erie)     Dream     2011–2016     Vocalist, performer, disc jockey
  • Shizuka Nishida (西田 静香, Nishida Shizuka)     Dream     2011–2017     Vocalist and performer
  • Aya Takamoto (高本 彩, Takamoto Aya)     Dream     2011–2017     Vocalist, performer and E-girls leader
  • Ami Nakashima (中島 麻未, Nakashima Ami)     Dream     2011–2017     Vocalist and performer and Dream leader
  • Miyuu Ariiso (有磯 実結, Ariiso Miyū)     Happiness     2011–2017     Performer
  • Ruri Kawamoto (川本 璃, Kawamoto Ruri)     Happiness     2011–2017     Vocalist and performer
  • Shuuka Fujii (藤井 萩花, Fujii Shuuka)     Flower     2011–2017     Vocalist and performer
  • Manami Shigetome (重留 真波, Shigetome Manami)     Flower     2011–2017     Performer
  • Mio Nakajima (中島美央, Nakajima Mio)     Flower     2011–2017     Performer 


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