Du Fu brought his wife to Jika Hospital for help, but Jika Hospital clearly informed that medical conditions were limited and no relief was available. He happened to be met by Brother Cong. After learning about the situation from the volunteers, Brother Cong took the initiative to talk to Duff. Brother Cong took out the photo of his wife and told Du that his wife was about to give birth, so he understood Du Fu’s feelings and understood his desire to protect his wife and children. Brother Cong said that he came to the rescue because he believed in Chinese soldiers. I believe Chinese doctors, and I hope Du Fu can believe it too. Du Fu was moved, and seeing his wife's painful look, he finally agreed to go to the Peace Ark.

Zhang Duhang, Lu Yang and others finally found Abu under another pile of rubble. Through the inspection of the bricks and tiles, Lu Yang found that Abu’s limbs were necrotic and he needed immediate surgical amputation. Time was running out, and Zhang Duhang was sad. Mood called the pre-hospital and asked to bring surgical instruments to the scene of the accident.

Dr. Qi is an obstetrician and gynecologist. She informed Sun Chenghai about the situation of Du’s husband and wife. She believed that the pregnant woman’s condition is serious and that if the operation is not done as soon as possible, both adults and children may not be able to keep it. However, the chance of successful operation is only 50%. Sun Chenghai agreed to Dr. Qi’s request Back to the Ark for surgery. After the operation, the child had a successful caesarean section. Du Fu was very grateful to the doctor.

After all, Abu died permanently without waiting for the operation. Zhang Duhang desperately gave resuscitation compressions, but the child still closed his eyes tightly, Zhang Duhang's tears flowed down, and he remembered the unsaved life back then. Abu’s mother murmured Abu’s name, Lu Yang lied that the child was saved and wanted to encourage the woman’s perseverance to live, but the woman could no longer support her and closed her eyes and looked at the two Human life disappeared in front of them, and Zhang Duhang and Lu Yang's mood was like a rainstorm from the sky. Ye Nan looked at everyone's sadness and told everyone that the mother and son had been buried, but then he had to clear up his mood, because there were still many patients waiting for them.

Mr. Hua Qiao Shi originally donated his home as the pre-hospital. Although it was not adopted, Ye Nan and others were still moved. Now he is donating medicines and supplies to the pre-hospital. It is simply sending charcoal to the pre-hospital. Ye Nan and Sun Chenghai are very moved. . Zhang Duhang praised Lu Yang and the mother who lied that Abu was still alive. He understood Lu Yang’s kindness, and Lu Yang’s kindness allowed his mother to leave without concern. It was precisely because they had seen too many lives disappear that they would leave. Extraordinary awe of life.

Silence was always worried about Zhang Duhang’s situation. Every time I watched the news, he was worried, but he was afraid that Zhang Duhang would not dare to call. Zhang Duhang couldn’t help taking the time to call Silence. He didn’t say anything, just wanted to listen. The silent voice on the other end of the phone is nothing more.

Since Du Fu’s wife did not have milk after giving birth, Zhang Duhang and Lu Yang found milk powder and sent them back. Lu Yanggang gave the milk powder to Doctor Qi and seemed to hear a familiar voice. Wang Ming made a crib for the baby and asked people to push it quickly. Give it a try to the child. Lu Yang turned to look at Wang Ming's back, but his eyes were blurred with tears. Wang Ming did not notice Lu Yang, and Lu Yang turned and left.

Brother Cong’s wife is also safe with his mother and child. Wu Zhihua told Brother Cong the news. Brother Cong was very excited and asked whether Wu Zhihua had embraced his newborn child. Wu Zhihua couldn’t help laughing, and he had never seen the child. In order to let Cong brother feel the feeling of holding the child, Wu Zhihua specially issued an order to let Cong brother take care of Duff’s child for one night. Cong brother excitedly looked at the infant life, and stretched out his hand to dare not touch it. Doctor Qi, who was peeking, couldn't help but laugh at the way he touched it.

In the evening, there was a bright moon in the sky. In the front hospital, Ye Nan sang a song belonging to the Navy with everyone. Everyone's eyes were glittering with tears, but the corners of their mouths were filled with happy smiles.

Batches of refugees were sent to the Peace Ark, and batches of healthy patients stepped off the Peace Ark. The Peace Ark was emptied. Everyone returned to their homes in good health. The front hospital was also dismantled. The Chinese Navy and Peace Ark Hospital have completed their missions. Is done.

In an elementary school, Zhang Duhang wrote the word hope on the blackboard and clearly taught these children to read the word hope in Chinese. They are the future and hope. Wu Zhihua and Ye Nan discussed a ceremony for those who were rescued on the Ark to taste Chinese food, and a gift should be given to the baby born on the ship.

General Willie came to visit the ship and expressed his gratitude to the Chinese soldiers. Zhang Duhang was arranged by Sun Chenghai to explain the medical aspects of the ship. Four more chronically ill patients failed to disembark. The general saw the success of his grandma’s surgery. Grandma opened her eyes and saw the photo of her son. The general told grandma that his son was once his subordinate and was a very brave soldier. The photo was held tightly in his arms.

Wu Zhihua gave the panda plush toys to Du Fu and his wife, hoping that their children will grow up in the future, and they will remember them every time they see pandas. Du Fu said that the Chinese name for the child is China, because without China, there would be no children for them. Du Fu also wrote a letter of thanks in his own hand, thanking the Chinese soldiers for their rescue. Ye Nan also gifted the Chinese knot to Du Fu, hoping that the couple will stay together forever, and hope that they will be able to bond with Willie for a long time.

Seeing that the last few patients were about to disembark, someone asked Wang Ming, who was hiding in the cabin, why he did not go to see him off, but Wang Ming said that they had been sent off one by one during the day. Those patients were medical staff who could go home safely. The credit has nothing to do with him.

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