Wu Zhihua saw Wang Ming install guardrails in the bathroom, and thoughtfully created barrier-free toilets for those patients with inconvenient legs and feet. The captain praised Wang Ming. Wang Ming also thoughtfully took the mosquito and fly repellent syrup to another patient. Although the words could not make sense, the action touched the patient. Tears were already flashing in the patient's eyes. A female nurse couldn't help but praise Wang Ming when she saw the situation.

Jiang Lixin was busy taking pictures. Although Jiang Junbo understood the importance of propaganda, there were always people who followed behind to take pictures and affected his work. Jiang Junbo was so angry that he warned Jiang Lixin to give him an injection if he dared to take pictures. Jiang Lixin didn't dare to follow Jiang Junbo, so he went to chat with some patients to dig out stories. Unexpectedly, when they talked about the sadness of others, the grandmother left in sorrow, and Lu Yang was so angry that Lu Yang rebuked Jiang Lixin for digging up stories for ignoring the original intention of treating the disease.

After laboratory tests, it was finally determined that people in the village had dysentery. Jiang Lixin and Zhang Duhang found her grandma on the beach. Grandma refused to follow her back to the hospital and didn't want to go home. She just wanted to stand on the beach and watch. Zhang Duhang looked at a picture of a soldier pulled out from her grandmother’s arms, and knew that her plot was to wait for her relatives to come back and be able to see their relatives. Zhang Duhang promised to heal the eyes of the elderly so that she could see their relatives and see the sunshine. , See the sea. Grandma reached out to Zhang Duhang and followed him back to the hospital.

Dean Sun and others conducted research on Granny’s illness, hoping to find the best plan for treatment, and sent Granny to the Peace Ark for examination and treatment.

Ye Nan went to the female journalist Kate in person, hoping that she would give priority to reporting on the Chinese Navy Medical Team. Kate had a lot of news to report. First of all, she rejected Ye Nan, but Ye Nan actively persuaded Kate and explained her medical treatment. Ship and intention, and sincerely extended a hand to Kate, Kate finally agreed to Ye Nan's request.

As a reporter was going to visit and report on the ship, the captain Wu Zhihua asked the deputy captain to arrange a welcome ceremony, paying particular attention to hygiene and other aspects. The deputy captain was displeased, thinking that the patient was the first priority, but did not want to please the reporter. He did not understand Ye Nan’s reason for this. Pay. Wu Zhihua reprimanded the deputy chief and asked him to hold back all the words immediately, and the soldiers should obey the orders.

The reporter interviewed and recorded all the patients who had previously boarded the ship. As an ophthalmologist, Chang Sheng performed the operation on his grandmother himself. Ever since he saw his grandmother always touching a picture of a soldier with her hand, Chang Sheng secretly made up his mind to cure her grandmother. Sun Chenghai took the reporter to the monitor and personally Looking at Changsheng Surgery, because my grandmother’s son was a soldier and was sacrificed in the battle, my grandmother always wanted to see his son wearing a military uniform, but couldn’t see it. In order to fulfill my grandma’s wish, she made this one. Not an emergency case.

Jiang Lixin also prepared all the materials and gave the reporters a live broadcast, so that the reporters could deeply feel the efforts and dedication of the Chinese Navy after the disaster. Kate took the initiative to ask for these materials and promised that day. It can be broadcast in the evening. Sun Chenghai and Ye Nan smiled at each other, watching the video shot by Jiang Lixin broadcast on the TV station, so shocking, Jiang Junbo and Lu Yang both apologized to Jiang Lixin.

Zhang Duhang also personally served Chang Sheng’s hard work. Chang Sheng was originally jealous that Zhang Duhang was taken seriously. After an operation and Zhang Duhang’s sincere attitude, Chang Sheng’s heart was no longer jealous. After this publicity, a large number of patients came to the pre-hospital, and the number of people on the Peace Ark was reduced by half, and they were all sent to the pre-hospital for treatment. The vice-chief also understood the importance of propaganda at this time, and completely convinced Ye Nan.

Brother Cong also offered to help. His wife's due date was approaching and he didn't ask for leave. He couldn't stop the disaster relief because his hand was injured. He didn't want to be laughed at by his unborn son, and the captain agreed to Brother Cong.

Peace Ark has supported a large number of antibiotics in the Jika Hospital, which has caused a shortage of medicines. Ye Nan and Sun Chenghai sought out the local army and hoped to discuss support for some medicines, but the other party said that there was a shortage of medicines and they could do nothing. While Ye Nan was negotiating, Zhang Duhang, Lu Yang and others were rescuing a woman buried under the rubble.

Taxi driver Du Fu’s pregnant wife was suddenly ill and was taken to the front hospital. After examination, he needed immediate surgery, but the driver thought it was caused by the disinfectant sprayed by Zhang Duhang and Lu Yang at the time. The emotional man held it. The knife rested on Jiang Junbo's neck, and Jiang Junbo firmly stated that his wife was just ill and needed immediate surgery. Du Fu still couldn't believe it, but his wife said that she didn't believe these PLA doctors and had to take his wife to leave. Jiang Junbo and others were helpless.

Can only worry about his wife.

The woman was pressed under the rubble, and she was talking about her son Abu. Everyone went to find them separately. Because the woman was pressed by too many rocks, she was not sure what harm was still there, which brought huge resistance to rescue.

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