The woman was persuaded by Lu Yang and nodded and agreed to go to Peace Ark for treatment. At the same time, Jiang Lixin discovered that someone had taken his package while Zhang Duhang was treating the patient. Jiang Li hurriedly rushed to the "thief"'s residence, only to realize that he just wanted food because his wife was seriously ill. , Jiang Lixin persuaded them to go to Peace Ark for treatment, and the other party agreed.

Zhang Duhang also succeeded in persuading patients with acute illness to go to the Ark. At this time, Ye Nanzheng and Lao Ye who drove a tourist car were looking for a place suitable for helicopter lifting. If these patients want to transfer to the Peace Ark, they must find a hospital with an open terrain. Lao Ye, who was familiar with the terrain, became their help.

Jiang Lixin not only persuaded the patient, but also successfully found a car, appeared in front of Zhang Duhang in time, and arranged for people in urgent need of medical treatment to board the car. At the same time, the people on the Peace Ark are also ready to receive patients.

For the first time, I received 4 patients in urgent need of surgery. Sun Chenghai and others were preparing for the operation immediately after boarding the ship. Foreign guests are also coming soon and will be broadcast live. Everyone feels nervous and cannot make any mistakes. Sun Chenghai also knows that the most urgent task after the operation is to let everyone take turns to rest. Tomorrow's pre-hospital is bound to be busy.

The east was white, and neither Sun Chenghai nor Ye Nan slept. Thinking of the upcoming busyness, both of them raised their heads to prepare for this war against disaster.

Wu Zhihua learned that one of the people being treated was AIDS, and Ye Nan had been carrying the boat on his back. He was worried. On the contrary, Sun Chenghai was very indifferent. Sun Chenghai believed that AIDS is a common disease in this place, and they are people who have experienced the plague. As long as AIDS is well protected, nothing will happen.

The front-end hospital has been set up properly. Now there are a lot of patients. However, due to the lack of publicity, few people are willing to come to the front-end hospital. Therefore, Ye Nan was anxious and asked Counselor Liu to contact well-known local reporters to make publicity. However, the well-known reporters It was very busy, and there was no time to come here within a few days. Ye Nan planned to invite it in person.

Silence’s illness seemed to aggravate. When community workers learned of the situation, they went to silence and blamed silence for not hiding them. Every week, the staff would come to care about the situation of silence. Silence lied to be very good, but it was impossible to hide it. Silently agreed to follow to the hospital for an examination.

Zhang Duhang and his party ran into a boy riding a bicycle. They saw that the boy was infected with an infectious disease. They learned that the boy came from a village and many people had the same symptoms as him. Zhang Duhang and others took the initiative to check and send After going to the supplies and inspecting the scene and the condition of the patients, Zhang Duhang was sure that these people had dysentery.

On the ship, Wu Zhihua also told everyone about some methods of preventing AIDS and the ways of AIDS transmission, but he did not allow everyone to discriminate and demanded equal treatment.

Zhang Duhang and others disinfected the village and advertised that they were from the Chinese navy medical doctors who would provide free and voluntary treatment for everyone. Each patient took the initiative to get into Lao Ye's car and was transported to the front hospital.

Lu Yang and Jiang Junbo discovered that a pregnant woman was not in good health. They were mobilizing to go to the boat for physical examination. The pregnant woman’s husband came back and rushed to walk Yang and the others emotionally. Jiang Lixin found out that this man had promised that day. The driver who transported the patients to the ship suddenly ran away without a word, making them liars. Lu Yang took the initiative to deliver food to soothe the man's emotions and explain his intentions, but the man still insisted on not accepting sending his wife to be treated.

Zhang Duhang heard the quarrel and ran over and persuaded Lu Yang to calm down and look for the next patient. Lu Yang saw the expectant eyes of the pregnant woman in the room through the window, with mixed flavors in his heart.

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