Zhang Duhang emphasized that there is no skill in sea stitching, and some are just hard training. Sun Chenghai, who was eating by the side, felt very relieved to see the two talking. The two already had trust. The most important thing about doing things at sea is trust.

After the operation, Brother Cong was relatively weak. The head nurse Jiang Junbo came to visit in person, and the captain also gave extra food to him. Every meal must have a chicken leg. A guilty heart disease came to see Brother Cong with a sick meal. After the head nurse left, Brother Cong looked at the recruit with a smile. The recruit's embarrassed hand was nowhere to rest, and he kept saying sorry. Brother Cong smiled and comforted the recruits. Everything was an accident and had nothing to do with him. At the same time, Brother Cong also believed that the nurses and doctors on the ship were all first-class, and he would definitely be fine. Let the recruits rest assured.

Brother Cong focused his attention on the chicken drumsticks and said with a smile that he hoped that he would have chicken drumsticks for every meal. The recruits happily fed Brother Cong to the chicken drumsticks, and immediately said that they must have it. At this time, the recruits are eager to do something for Brother Cong. Providing chicken legs for each meal has also become his happiest thing, and perhaps only this can alleviate some of his inner guilt.

The captain and everyone discussed where the ships can be docked in the nearby sea. After testing, there is a muddy bottom on the seabed nearby, which is suitable for anchoring.

After a night of typhoon, the sea returned to calm, and Ark Peace also contacted Wiley’s people, but the opposite port was severely affected and could not be called. Therefore, Ark Peace decided to drop anchor in Knight Bay. However, Knight Bay was not suitable for docking. Eventually, after discussion at the meeting, some people were sent ashore in kayaks first. Therefore, they had to choose the best soldiers and strong generals. These people are small teams. First understand the situation, and then do the next step. Zhang Duhang and Lu Yang were sent to work again. Jiang Junbo believes that Sun Chenghai should be changed, otherwise others will feel partial, but Sun Chenghai believes that he is a person who chooses based on his ability. The more Sun Chenghai values ​​people, the more he will stare at Zhang Duhang for those who are not convinced. The shortcomings in Zhang Duhang's body will be infinitely magnified. In fact, this is a kind of pressure, not true eccentricity.

The kayak was moving slowly, and the damaged materials were floating everywhere on the sea, which made Zhang Duhang's heart very heavy. Eight people in the group landed smoothly, and they were in dilapidated conditions everywhere. Counselor Liu was in charge of receiving several people. A brief description of the disaster here. The hospital near the coastline was destroyed long ago, and they can only go to the hospital temporarily built by the city government. Most hospitals have ceased operations, and those hospitals that are able to operate are also overloaded.

Ye Nan proposed to let the media to publicize that they are here for rescue, so that the victims can learn more about the Chinese medical team and choose to trust the Chinese medical team, but so far, the power has not been restored. The newspaper can be used. Counselor Liu said Will arrange as soon as possible.

The dean of Jieka Hospital received Sun Chenghai and his party. At this time, there was lightning and thunder outside. Some people began to worry about the safety of the temporary hospital. The building was surrounded by people inside and outside. Xiao Jiang, as an accompanying reporter, followed up with the Chinese medical team. Condition. Many volunteers also came here to work day and night. Zhang Duhang was worried that there would be an outbreak of infectious diseases under such a crowded situation. However, the hospital said that the space was limited and could not do anything. Ye Nan proposed to take some emergency patients to the ship. Receive medical treatment, which is why he came here in the first time. At the same time, Sun Chenghai and Ye Nan also proposed to let Zhang Duhang and Lu Yang stay to evaluate which patients can be transferred for treatment. Xiao Jiang was also left to take more photos and report as soon as he contacted the media.

Brother Cong’s body temperature is a bit high. In order to cool him down, the recruits received the captain’s order to let Brother Cong drink water with the largest tank. This is a pain for Brother Cong. When I have never been so afraid of seeing water, the recruits are even more so. A pot of boiled water waited, and Brother Cong complained endlessly.

For better treatment, Peace Ark needs a front-end hospital, and site selection has become a difficult problem. Many places have been destroyed. But at this time, Chinese and overseas Chinese came forward and actively contributed their homes. Hospital, and asked to take a photo with the navy, which moved Sun Chenghai and others.

Zhang Duhang cured a dislocated person on the spot, which impressed all the people present, so there was the first patient who was willing to go to the Peace Ark for treatment. Xiao Jiangjiang and Li Xin didn’t take a clear picture of Zhang Duhang’s treatment. I hope he He could be treated again, but Zhang Duhang ignored these. Instead, he publicized the Chinese naval medical team on the spot and asked Jiang Lixin to take a person who was willing to board the ship, but he did not expect the driver to pull the person at the door to rush home and drive home. After leaving, the patient who was willing to go to the Ark for treatment immediately yelled and went back, reprimanding Zhang Duhang's Chinese navy for being a liar. Jiang Lixin suddenly felt blaming himself, but Zhang Duhang did not blame it.

Lu Yang discovered that a patient had been misdiagnosed and was in urgent need of surgery. Lu Yang went to the doctor anxiously to accuse the other party of delaying the condition and demanded immediate surgery. However, the other doctor said that this was their hospital and he had to follow their rules. , You must continue to line up for two days before you can. Lu Yang was so angry that he quarreled with the doctor on the spot, and Zhang Duhang rushed to dissuade him.

Zhang Duhang and Lu Yang were arguing in a low voice. At this time, Jiang Lixin's camera flash made Lu Yang more irritable and prevented the person next to him from taking pictures. Lu Yang believed that the misdiagnosis of those doctors should be exposed in time, otherwise more patients would be misdiagnosed, but Zhang Duhang believed that all the examination equipment at that time was damaged by blisters. Under the harsh conditions of nothing, These doctors can only judge by experience, not a misdiagnosis, but the conditions are really limited.

Lu Yang stopped arguing, but walked directly into the room. Lu Yang came to a foreign woman, took off his mask and talked, using a gentle tone to persuade the women to follow them on the boat and give her husband’s legs as soon as possible. The operation was performed and the stakes were explained, and at the same time it was guaranteed that she would be safely discharged from the hospital within a week. The woman looked at Lu Yang's sincere eyes and her heart was already shaken.

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