On the deck, the Dragon Team and the gang started a fight. In the temporary operating room in the cabin, Lu Yang skilfully took out a bullet for the gang boss. The moment the big beads of sweat dripped from his forehead, the gang boss was finally relieved. Very successful, Lu Yang offered to let the gang boss keep their promise and let them go. Who knows, Ali betrayed the boss. He secretly opened the safe and wanted to take the drugs, but was caught by another man of the black boss and brought to see the boss. The angry boss criticized Ali as an idiot, but Ali did not realize it. When I made my mistake, I felt that it was worth dying for this drug.

Due to the fierce fighting outside, the ship shook violently. Some of the hulls had leaked and began to enter the sea. The gang boss was shaken and fell under the bed. It was Lu Yang and Jiang Junbo who took care of the gang boss, and Ali took the opportunity to slip away. Zhang Duhang put his life jacket on Jin Jiu's body decisively, and took Jin Jiu everywhere to look for an exit. At this time, the cabin was filled with sea water, and Gao Qi dived into the water and fought with Ali to capture Ali.

In the end, Zhang Duhang, Lu Yang and others were successfully rescued, and Lu Yang, who returned to the Peace Ark, suddenly sat on the ground with a limp, unable to move his footsteps anymore, sitting there with a dull look and nervous expression.

Zhang Duhang and Jiang Junbo who were walking in front deeply understood Lu Yang's feelings. Jiang Junbo kept comforting Lu Yang and told Lu Yang that they had returned safely and everything was over. Lu Yang's tears slipped down, and he said sorry to Jiang Junbo, explaining that he couldn't move for some reason. Seeing Lu Yang’s tears, Zhang Duhang knew that it was caused by his inner fear. He had just experienced a battle of life and death, so he also stepped forward to comfort him. Zhang Duhang praised Lu Yang for having just done it with a gun to his head in the underworld. After the operation, the few people who had taken off their defenses and returned to the ship all had a feeling of escaping from the dead. At this time, all Lu Yang's reactions were normal and should not be ashamed. In Zhang Duhang's opinion, when he was on the battlefield for the first time, he was a qualified soldier who could hold the gun without retreating, not to mention Lu Yang successfully completed the mission. Zhang Duhang was sincerely proud of Lu Yang and Jiang Junbo.

Lu Yang wiped his tears and stood up, saying that he couldn't embarrass the military uniform. Jiang Junbo and Lu Yang hugged together with tears in their eyes.

Zhang Duhang returned to the dormitory and looked at the silent picture of his girlfriend in the book. Before that, Zhang Duhang and the leader suggested that he would switch careers after the military exercise. The reason he gave was that he had been on the sea for a long time. Want to return to land, but the superiors did not promise Zhang Duhang.

The captain Wu Zhifang led a team to patrol the wounded. All the injured have been treated, but suddenly learned that the gang boss had a wound. Lu Yang firmly believed that he was operating in accordance with the standard and that this should not happen. Wu Zhifang Gu Needless to say, the operation will be arranged immediately.

Wu Zhifang temporarily replaced Zhang Duhang for the black boss surgery, which made Lu Yang unhappy. She couldn't understand why she was sutured in full accordance with the operating procedure, and why the infection occurred. Jiang Junbo thought that no one had ever seen a gunshot wound, and only Lu Yang had studied it. He believed that Lu Yang could not be wrong. It may be a gang leader's physique problem, but Lu Yang couldn't be happy.

The repairman Wang Ming suddenly received a task to change the light bulbs in cabin No. 26. He knew that these wounds were extremely vicious people. Although the Dragon Team was standing guard inside, Wang Ming still sweated the time to change the light bulb.

Zhang Duhang performed the operation on the gang boss. Lu Yang humbly asked him the reason for the failure. Zhang Duhang comforted Lu Yang, thinking that he had done his best to operate like that in that situation. After all, Lu Yang had never seen a real wound. Having not participated in actual combat, Zhang Duhang did not hesitate to tell the correct operation method. Lu Yang curiously asked if Zhang Duhang had experienced actual combat? Zhang Duhang left silently. That night, Zhang Duhang had the same dream again. Fighting was everywhere on the ship. A child jumped and galloped on the deck, and Zhang Duhang was awakened from the dream by surprise.

The gang boss was puzzled. He did not understand why the Chinese navy would save him because he committed such a big mistake. The political commissar explained the reason. In addition to its mission, the Chinese navy has Chinese morality and justice. He also hopes that the gang boss can change his mind. Life is responsible for life, and tears of shame flash in the eyes of the gang boss.

Soon, these gangs were handed over and returned to their country. Wu Zhihua and the political commissar also convened an all-member meeting to praise Luyang Zhang Duhang, and also gave a high evaluation to the rescued Dragon Team.

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