Wu Zhihua said that everything before has passed, and it is their mission no matter who they treat. The purpose of this visit was only to invite the president to visit the ship. Seeing that the president did not have time to shirk off, Wu Zhihua said that there is no need to embarrass him. He just wanted to express his intentions and send a gift to the president.

Wu Zhihua took out a group photo. It was a photo of the president and his father with Wu Zhihua when they visited the Chinese Navy. The president was still very young. Wu Zhihua mentioned the old president. At that time, the president visited China and expressed his willingness to keep the two countries friendly forever. Wu Zhihua expressed his respect for the old president. The young president thinks this photo is very precious. His father is no longer a great president. The young president said that he would cherish this photo. The ambassador once again took the opportunity to keep the president busy. Taking time to go to the restaurant, the president promised to go there if he had time.

The president of Vinakagaya may come to the Ark. Sun Chenghai asked Zhang Duhang to introduce the patient’s situation. Zhang Duhang knew Sun Chenghai’s trust in him at this time and wanted to cultivate him. Zhang Duhang said that this was their mission. The last country in China hopes to give the opportunity to others and give others a chance to show off. Sun Chenghai admires Zhang Duhang's behavior very much.

Seeing that it is getting late, there is no news that the president will come, but the Peace Ark is still preparing with the highest standards. Ye Nan also dragged his injured body out of bed, hoping to be able to attend the reception when it began. Wu Zhihua came to see Ye Nan and blamed Ye Nan for being able to do so, and asked him to quickly help Ye Nan to rest. Ye Nan promised that he would not make trouble, and let Wu Zhihua hurry up. Wu Zhihua was worried and ordered people to look at Ye Nan exclusively.

The young president arrived as scheduled and visited the Peace Ark Hospital. Sun Chenghai told the young president that the medical configuration here is equivalent to the first-class configuration of a state-level tertiary hospital. He has also visited more than forty countries in the past few years. The young president specially took a look at the injured patients in their country. Sun Chenghai specially introduced Pascal's situation to the president to know that the USB flash drive was also protected by Pascal's life. The president thanked Pascal for finding the truth for them, and I commended Pascal for his bravery. Pascal thought he would disappear before the truth was revealed. Thanks to the Chinese navy, not only helped to uncover the truth, but also rescued him. In Pascal's view, the Chinese navy was the bravest. The President immediately expressed his gratitude to the Chinese Navy, thank them for fighting for justice, and thank the Chinese Navy for protecting their people.

The deck reception was very lively. Wu Zhihua introduced the famous snacks from all over China, and told the history of each dish, especially the glutinous rice balls. The small family can reunite after eating glutinous rice balls, and the country can be more prosperous and stable after eating glutinous rice balls. . The young president was very satisfied with the glutinous rice balls, and he blamed himself for neglecting the Chinese navy this time. He proposed to see off the Chinese navy tomorrow and let the well-known media report.

The next day, the President held a media conference to announce the factory bombing and praised the Chinese Navy for its help and rescue. The fuel tank in the right area alarmed for high temperature, and the maintenance staff at the rear hurriedly switched to repair. Wang Ming thought that the high temperature alarm might be a false alarm, and it must be restarted after entering. But the high temperature did not drop, everyone was worried about Wang Ming's safety, but if the alarm was not cleared in time, the entire ship would be in danger by then. In the end, the fault was successfully eliminated and he could leave Hong Kong on time. However, Wang Ming was burned under the influence of high temperature and became unconscious.

Wang Ming was sent to the infirmary, and Lu Yang comforted the seriously injured Wang Ming. Before Wang Ming was unconscious, he seemed to invite Lu Yang to do something, but he fainted before he finished speaking.

When Wang Ming woke up, everyone was guarding him and praising him as a hero. He hadn't paid much attention to Wang Ming before. He didn't expect that he would be the first person to rush forward when he encountered a problem. Wu Zhihua also came to see Wang Ming. For a while, Wang Ming became a great hero, but Lu Yang was the only one who did not see him, which made Wang Ming a little disappointed.

Lu Yang consulted with He Zhao on how to make the burn heal faster and relieve the pain. He Zhao specially prepared home remedies to heal the burn better. When Wang Ming was looking out the window disappointedly, Lu Yang came with Chinese medicine, which refreshed Wang Ming. Wang Ming had something to say to Lu Yang, but when he saw Lu Yang's smiling face, he didn't know what to say, so he swallowed the words back.

Wu Zhihua is about to be promoted. Sun Chenghai and Ye Nan who heard the news discussed whether to celebrate him, but Ye Nan thinks that Wu Zhihua should be promoted, but his feelings for Da Bai are very deep, and Wu Zhihua doesn’t mention anything these days, everyone. I can't mention it, lest it makes Wu Zhihua unhappy to do bad things with good intentions. Before the words were over, Wu Zhihua came, claiming that seven soldiers would be discharged this time, and wanted to hold a farewell party, Ye Nan and Sun Chenghai immediately agreed.

Xu Baiquan’s consulting research on silent illness and cognitive training. He eats and sleeps in the hospital every day. Xu Bai doesn’t know why the general treatment methods are effective on others, but they don’t work much here in Silence. Xu Bai plans to use Chinese medicine. Try it. Ye Nan's wife expressed her recognition of Xu Bai, thinking that if it were not for Xu Bai, Zhang Duhang could not go to sea with peace of mind. Xu Bai thanked Ye Nan's wife for taking care of Silence. Xu Bai hoped that Silence would be discharged healthily.

Captain Gao is unable to fly due to genetic mutations. This disease is random. When it does not become ill, it is fine. When it becomes ill, he will suddenly faint or die. This made Captain Gao unacceptable. Lu Yang told his condition truthfully, hoping that Captain Gao could be psychologically prepared. This time, the expert has already consulted, and there will be no mistake. Captain Gao suggested that he wanted to tell Ye Nan and Wu Zhihua themselves, and Lu Yang agreed.

Gao Jian sat in the helicopter sad, and Sun Shang happened to come over. Gao Jian asked Sun Shang what he would do if he left here one day? Sun Shang said that if he leaves this position, he will still do this job, because this job has become one with him. Gao Jian seemed to understand something at once, thanked Sun Shang and left in a big stride.

Gao Jian ran to tell Ye Nan and Wu Zhihua about the incident. Both said they were unbelievable, but Gao Jian was already very calm.

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