The young black man brought Ye Nan and others to Luhu's home. Luhu had distrusted the Chinese navy in the morning, but believed them after treatment. Lujihu is grateful to the Chinese navy. In his room there is also a brother Pascal with extensive burns. Lujihu agreed to let the people from the Peace Ark take Pascal back for treatment. At the same time, he persuaded Pascal to take the evidence from the plastic factory. Come out and think about the wife who had a miscarriage. TV news is also reporting that the explosion of the plastic factory may be related to the pollution of the previous plastic factory.

Ye Nan also got in touch with Ark’s people, and the government authorized Ark’s people to protect themselves if their lives were threatened. People in the plastic factory in military uniforms sneaked into the slums and found the beard's home. They aimed and shot inside. The people inside reacted quickly to get down, but some were injured and gritted their teeth and dared not make a sound.

After the machine gun fired, the enemy quietly came to the door to check in the room. Ye Nan suddenly shot and put one down, but the guards outside also began to shoot in desperately. Ye Nan ordered special police Shi Shou to counterattack and defend himself normally. Lu Yang pulled up the gunshot wound on the cheeks, but the cheeks was dying, and he still persuaded Pascal to take it out if there is evidence, because the Chinese navy came to help them, but Pascal never said it. Do not look down.

Ye Nan and Shi Shou fought desperately with the enemy outside. Ye Nan was strangled by his neck. At a critical moment, he turned over and threw the enemy down on the second floor. After he escaped, Ye Nan found some guns from the enemy and placed them on his body.

Pascal suddenly convulsed and had difficulty breathing. Lu Yang urged Wang Ming, who was trembling, to find medicine for asthma, but there was no medicine in the room. Lu Yang immediately pierced Pascal’s throat and inserted a temporary breathing tube. The action is clean and neat. General Woka apologized to Wu Zhihua. Wu Zhihua stared at Woka sharply. The ambassador pointed out that there are terrorist forces threatening the safety of the six crew members. Woka promised to let them take out a helicopter under Wu Zhihua’s serious expression. Rescue.

Ye Nan also told the Peace Ark about his situation. They had just repelled a wave of militants. They are now waiting for rescue, but the village does not have the conditions for the helicopter to land, so they requested to prepare the hanging basket in advance. And there was Pascal, a severely ill patient. Ye Nan took Lu Yang and they let Wang Ming leave Pascal’s home with Pascal on his back and changed a base area to continue protection, and they climbed to the highest point and lit a torch to attract the attention of the helicopter. .

The hanging basket was successfully put down. Ye Nan and Shi Shou Luyang tried their best to put Pascal on the hanging basket. Wang Ming stayed and watched everything with fear, but just as the hanging basket was raised, a wave of bullets came and the helicopter hurried. After leaving, Ye Nan ordered the helicopter to return immediately to ensure Pascal's life, and Captain Gao promised to leave with tears in his eyes.

Shi Shou accidentally hit the bullet, Ye Nan hurriedly led everyone out, and set up an ambush to repel them. Lu Yang saw someone aiming a gun at Ye Nan and rushed past desperately, and was overturned by the militants. When the militants were about to kill Lu Yang, Wang Ming drove over and hit the militants desperately. Ye Nan and others hurriedly got in the car. Wang Ming drove all the way and drove away the militants who were chasing after him. .

Zhang Duhang had just come out of the operating room after a forced limb salvage operation, and he was already drenched with sweat. But Zhang Duhang didn’t care about this and went to Sun Chenghai to ask Lu Yang and others whether he was back. He saw Pascal who was seriously injured. Zhang Duhang was concerned about the condition. Pascal signaled that there was something in Zhang Duhang’s palm. Zhang Duhang immediately understood it from Pascal’s palm. A USB flash drive was found.

Zhang Duhang didn't care about his exhaustion and was busy treating Pascal. Seeing that Pascal was in danger, Zhang Duhang rushed to rescue him, and Pascal slowly showed signs of vitality. Ye Nan called Wu Zhihua and reported the safety of the six crew members. They were all on their way home. Wu Zhihua breathed a sigh of relief. Wang Ming, who was driving, looked back at Lu Yang and smiled, picked up her lost hat and handed it to Lu Yang. Lu Yang looked at the medal with the hat and showed a proud smile.

Zhang Duhang came out of the operating room feebly, learning that Lu Yang and the others were safe, Zhang Duhang slumped on the ground and smiled, tears flooding with excitement. The captain Gao Jian, who got off the helicopter, fell to the ground as soon as he arrived on the deck and couldn't be rescued. Wu Zhihua took everyone to the Ark of Peace to welcome the returning people. The injured were carried on a stretcher. Ye Nan, who was already exhausted, walked forward with the support of the ambassador and Wu Zhihua. He was determined not to stretch it. When they came to the boarding ladder of the Peace Ark, both Ye Nan and Lu Yang unconsciously saluted the Peace Ark, tears flickering, but the corners of their mouths were smiling.

The evidence sent back at the risk of his life was also successfully sent to the president, who opened it on the computer himself. The truth finally came out. The president conveyed his apology to the Ark of Peace in China. The ambassador proposed to let the president come to visit the Ark of Peace, but was still rejected. The ambassador understood the president because after all, he was young. , He can't guarantee that he can handle the affairs of Ark well. But Ye Nan felt this was a pity. He only wanted the president to see their hospital on board. The ambassador worried that one day would not be able to prepare, but Wu Zhihua said that as long as he could come, one day would be enough. The ambassador promised to persuade the president, and Wu Zhihua also felt that he was a nostalgic person and was confident to persuade the president.

Wu Zhihua arranged to prepare the specifications for the reception on the deck tomorrow. The crew member Wu Yang said that he did not understand. Since he came here, he has risked his life to rescue the locals, but he feels that they will not be grateful or complain. Wu Zhihua understood Wu Yang's feelings, but also reminded Wu Yang that their mission here is a harmonious mission, and they came here to break the ice and not to make enemies.

Wu Zhihua paid a solemn visit to the local president. The president could not help but thank Wu Zhihua for their rescue operations. Wu Zhihua said that this is a humanitarian spirit, and it is a matter of its own accord.

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