Wang Ming helped the local youth repair the motorcycle, and the other side patted his chest to express his gratitude. The people in the Peace Ark quickly set up a temporary tent and the consultation began, and there was a long line in front of the door, but they were all driven away by a man. Lu Yang stood up to intercept everyone, introducing Ark for free, and said that everyone is a family, but the man is hostile, thinking that he can never be a family, the strong will always bully the weak, the rich are getting richer and the poor are Getting poorer and poorer. Lu Yang said that she doesn't care about power and money. All she cares about is the health of the people. Because she is a doctor, Zhang Duhang also sincerely expresses that she wants to help everyone and hopes that everyone can also trust the medical staff of Peace Ark. Zhang Duhang also saw that the man's hand was injured and needed timely medical treatment. He offered to see a doctor. The man finally put down his guard. This result made Ye Nan Sun Chenghai who was on the side very satisfied.

The Vinakagaya officials suddenly asked the Peace Ark for help because many parliamentarians had closed down. An explosion occurred in a factory not far from the slum, causing a lot of damage, but the specific situation is unknown. After receiving the request, Sun Chenghai immediately arranged to go to rescue. , The firetruck was fighting the fire when it arrived.

Wang Ming also followed. Lu Yang rushed Wang Ming back when he saw it. There were two special police officers who were responsible for protecting the safety of the doctors. Lu Yang joined the rescue team with everyone, braving thick smoke and fire, and everyone was not afraid. Difficulties and dangers went on to save people. Wang Ming did not leave, but worked with the local police to rescue the people underneath. The factory building has become a ruin.

Zhang Duhang also graded the injuries according to the severity of the injuries. The severe ones were sent to the ship, and the rest were left in their makeshift hospital. On the Ark of Peace, in the temporary hospital, there were wounds and screams everywhere. A young man who was proud of Luca was sent to the Ark of Peace with extensive burns. Luca’s father also injured his forehead, but Gu I didn’t want to run to Luca, begging the doctor to transplant his skin to Luca, only to ask Luca to be well, Luca in the room also screamed, he wanted to learn to paint, but his father objected , I think painting can't support myself. Luca went to work in a plastic factory to make money, wanting to earn tuition for himself, but he didn't expect what happened now. Luca also resented his father. The doctor told Luca that his father, who was anxious outside the intensive care unit, would not stop him from painting in the future. His father’s love for him was obvious, which made Luca gradually calm down. I also looked back to see that my father let go of the resentment in his heart.

Some people who were rescued were crying and crying because of the explosion that hurt their eyes. Chang Sheng angrily scolded the injured patient. It was the Chinese navy who risked his life to rescue him and he was qualified to shout here. , And the Chinese navy will go to the fire scene to continue to save people at risk. Chang Sheng asks the patient whether he is lucky or unfortunate? If it is unfortunate, he will be killed in the fire, and the injured finally calmed down and received treatment.

The fire was finally extinguished, and the last wave of wounded were sent back. Zhang Duhang and others, who had just returned from the fire scene, began to rush to treat the patients and persuade them to persuade the patients. Because of the serious injury, Xida needed to amputate his limbs. Heda vehemently opposed. I would rather die than amputate. Zhang Duhang patiently explained that the consequences of muscular necrosis without amputation are life-threatening, but Sida insisted not to perform surgery, Zhang Duhang had to say that he would try his best to save it.

After watching the film, Zhang Duhang told Sun Chenghai that he planned to force limb salvage. Sun Chenghai believed that the risk was too great, especially in the later stage of recovery. However, Zhang Duhang thought that Shida was too young. If the limb was amputated, it would mean a painful life for him. , I also asked Sun Chenghai to believe him, and Sun Chenghai had no choice but to agree.

Before the operation, Zhang Duhang told Sida about the risks of the operation, and Sida finally stopped making trouble. Any risk is acceptable, except that the amputation cannot be accepted.

What people did not expect was that the military search and rescue personnel were searching and rescuing in the rubble, but the second explosion suddenly appeared. The wounded rushed out and told Ye Nan and the others that their captain was trapped inside. Ye Nan rushed into the fire and found the captain who was crushed under the boulder and the man in the cell. The man was tied to a stool and shouted for help.

Ye Nan carried the injured and unconscious captain back first. Wang Ming and a special police officer Shi Shou forcibly pried open the cell, only to discover that there was a bomb on the man tied to the chair. The special police calmed down the man's emotions and tried to dismantle the bomb. The photographer who was following was busy recording this scene. Shi Shou successfully dismantled the bomb. Wang Ming hurried down to inform everyone to leave, because the bomb in the room did not know how much it would explode. A white man put a gun on a young man and got in the car together, and whispered not to get in the car and talk nonsense.

Wang Ming Ye Nan and Lu Yang also got in the car and left. Ye Nan keenly discovered that the situation was wrong after getting in the car. Wang Ming pointed out that the direction he was going back was wrong, but Ye Nan asked Wang Ming to rest assured that they could go back. In fact, Ye Nan Nan's heart is also beating the drum. The vehicle was suddenly surrounded by a group of marching people and couldn't move at all. The people in the car drove and clashed with the marching people. Ye Nan took the injured and Lu Yang and they hurried to escape from the chaos, and a black man guided Ye Nan on the way. Waiting for someone to leave. People in military uniforms called their bosses and reported that the workers had escaped, but the Chinese navy protected them all the way and it was difficult to catch them again.

The ambassador and Wu Zhihua came to see General Woka and said that Ye Nan and others are missing and hope to protect their safety. Woka said that they are controlling the situation, but they cannot send troops to rescue Ye Nan and others. Wu Zhihua suggested that they could be rescued by their own people, but General Woka said that he needed to discuss with the president. Wu Zhihua did not back down, and said with a black face that he would sit here and wait until Woka discussed the result with the president.

People in the slums had received help from the Chinese navy before, so they were willing to help the Chinese navy secretly. Ye Nan proposed to go to Macleay Park and kept calling the Peace Ark at the same time, but there was no news.

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