Under Wu Zhihua's command, the ship docked smoothly and accurately, and Wu Zhihua proudly asked the translator to convey congratulations to the pilots for leaving get off work early. However, when the people on the ship wanted to disembark, they were stopped by the Vinakagaya military on guard, and those who requested the Peace Ark must present a passport before they could leave. The Ark of Peace had communicated well before coming here, but the locals did not let it go, claiming that they had not been notified.

People from the embassy came to Peace Ark to apologize to Wu Zhihua and others, and explained the incident. Originally, the Chinese and overseas Chinese and volunteers organized a welcome team, but they were told to temporarily change the dock, and the Chinese and overseas Chinese did not receive the replacement. The notice from the dock, now that the old President Vinakagaya has passed away, and the new president has just taken the throne, all rights are in the hands of General Woka. He does not want the people of the Peace Ark to disembark, so he still needs to negotiate. Wu Zhihua had to order everyone to rest on the spot and not disembark for the time being.

Zhang Duhang had just lined up to get his cell phone. Before he could call Silence, the people from the Ministry of Health got on the boat, and Zhang Duhang had to rush over. People from the Ministry of Health need to check medicines and medical equipment. The patient claimed that they were not here at the right time and that the whole place has been suspended. Wu Zhihua said that he would cooperate with the inspection as much as possible.

Zhang Duhang took a group of people to check medical equipment, and Lu Yang and Jiang Junbo took a group of people to check medicines. The person who inspected the medicines requested that all the medicines be inspected one by one. Jiang Junbo angrily thinks that these people are here to find the fault. Zhang Duhang’s people who inspected the equipment did not relax and said that all the equipment parameters were unqualified. Zhang Duhang explained that all the equipment was in compliance with international standards, but the other party said that Fang Zhou came here to treat illnesses and save people. All standards must be met. Meet their requirements.

Sun Nan and Wu Zhihua also received the leaders of the Ministry of Health, and were asked why they went abroad to treat illnesses and save people voluntarily, and whether they had any purpose. Ye Nan explained that in order to better close the relationship between the people of the world and serve the people of various countries, the people in the Ministry of Health did not believe it at all, and proposed to let the people on the ship do what they said. After being questioned by the other party about how to deal with a medical accident, Wu Zhihua confidently stated that there has never been a medical accident here. The leaders of the Ministry of Health suddenly fainted with a stomachache. Sun Chenghai proposed to rescue the patient, but others were still obsessed with checking whether the medical equipment was qualified. Sun Chenghai and Zhang Duhang repeatedly asked to put everything down and rescue the patient Pete. After the diagnosis was confirmed, Sun Chenghai asked to be transferred to a nearby hospital for surgery as soon as possible, otherwise his life would not be guaranteed. However, the nearest hospital is only Ark, so although people from the Ministry of Health do not trust the Chinese to perform operations, they also agreed to operate here and monitor them through cameras.

Sun Chenghai asked Zhang Duhang and Lu Yang to perform the operation in person, and the video was synchronized to the conference room. This operation was also related to the relationship between the two countries. Originally, the other party came with an unfriendly attitude. Zhang Duhang and Lu Yang analyzed the condition of the disease. During the operation, people standing outside the operating room broadcast the situation live through video.

The doctor on the other side was worried about Pete's operation and asked Sun Chenghai if he had the tumor removed. Sun Chenghai would definitely need a pathology test to see if he was conscientious. Improper operation may also cause colon cancer, leading to irreparable consequences, so he asked for an operation as soon as possible. The operation almost ended perfectly, which made Sun Chenghai breathe a sigh of relief.

Pete woke up and was surprised that he did not have a colon tumor, but had appendicitis. Lu Yang gave an explanation, because the two are relatively close, so colon tumors will be misdiagnosed as appendicitis. After inspecting the medicines here, Jiang Junbo found that everything was normal and qualified. He also gave his thumbs up about Pete's operation, hoping to help organize the medicines. Jiang Junbo expressed his gratitude and generously refused.

Others from the Ministry of Health also apologized to Zhang Duhang. Before coming, they heard negative comments about the boat, but after boarding the boat, they found that everything is so good. Everyone is sunny and positive. In line with the requirements, people from the Ministry of Health welcome people from China’s Peace Ark to land ashore.

Pete’s physical condition was stable, and the Peace Ark could also go ashore. Peace Ark explained everything with strength. The embassy called and asked them to visit General Woka. Wu Zhihua accompanied the ambassador to meet the general, and Secretary Zhou was also arrested. Arrange to dock with the people of Ark in the future.

General Woka has doubts about China, and the ambassador also has doubts about whether the president can be invited on the ship. Wu Zhihua said that as long as they can do their best, the first thing they need to do is medical service.

Woka politely welcomed the arrival of the Peace Ark, but he said that the president is new and there are many tasks to be transferred, and there may be no time to go to the Peace Ark. Wu Zhihua expressed regret, but invited General Woka to visit the boat. General Woka also refused to go to the Ark because of his discomfort. The ambassador suggested that medical staff can go to the hospital to help, but because of the recent riots, many doctors in the hospital are not working and the school is closed, so people from the Peace Ark cannot be arranged. Woka apologized for failing to take good care of the people of the Ark. After the arrival, there was not even a port to dock. General Woka suggested to visit the people in the village. Maybe the people need them more.

Lomasa district is a slum area where Peace Ark is going. The medical and sanitary conditions here are very poor. Therefore, Wu Zhihua reminds everyone to pay attention to protection, especially safety, because the slum area is not good. Ye Nan specially Arrange Gao Qi to be responsible for safety work.

Pete's pathological test results were benign, which gave Pete a sigh of relief and expressed his gratitude to the Chinese doctor. Pete felt very good and hoped his mother would come to check it. When he heard that Luyang and they were going to Lomasa, Pete specially reminded them to pay attention to safety, because the law and order in Lomasa is really bad.

Officer Zhao from the community came to see Silence, but Silence didn't even recognize her. The long-term hydrocephalus affected Silent's intelligence, and his memory was slow to recover. However, the silent operation was very successful, and Xu Bai told Zhang Duhang all these results and asked Zhang Duhang to perform the task properly.

Wang Ming was also going to disembark with him. Lu Yang came over and praised Wang Ming, which made Wang Ming very happy and smiled unconsciously. The Ark of Peace and a group of people came to the Lomasa area and distributed leaflets to promote the Ark of Peace, while Wang Ming used his expertise to repair motorcycles for the locals.

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