Dr. Ai Wen, who has always been cautious and did not believe in Chinese doctors, finally believed in Chinese doctors, took off his protective clothing, and proactively asked Lu Yang to take care of the patients and treat the patients, personally perform every task, and let Lu Yang guide them from the side. , Lu Yang readily agreed. Dr. Ai Wen also took other doctors to learn how to operate those instruments and equipment with Chinese doctors.

Chadu’s condition has not improved. Luyang and the others are well aware that Chadu’s condition needs to be replaced with antibiotics, but Chadu is only eight years old and some antibiotics are not suitable for use. Luyang wants to take the risk of trying moxifloxacin hydrochloride tablets, but Need to seek the advice of local doctors before this. This drug may have side effects on children’s cartilage. If necessary, antibiotics will be added. Faced with this young life, Lu Yang hopes to give her a chance to go further, and she cannot fully take care of too much. The doctor on Tasanda's side was already helpless and agreed with Lu Yang's operation.

Lu Yang looked at Chadu sad and mobilized the local doctor to sing for Chadu. The singing came out of people who had infected all the wards. Everyone came out and hummed softly together. Some people were already in tears. This song represents Let everyone get out of the predicament side by side. Although the language is not clear, everyone's minds are connected, and Chadu eventually became the first severely ill patient to be transferred out. Zhang Duhang believes that as long as there is the first one, there will be successive severe illnesses.

When the patient saw Lu Yang, they came in and said thank you. This is their way of expressing gratitude. They learned Chinese and said thank you. Just thank you, Lu Yang and the others were moved.

Zhang Duhang took the time to call Silence, but the silence at this time was already asleep, and the phone rang unconsciously. Officer Zhao came to Xu Bai and found that there was something wrong with the silence, so he was sent to the hospital, but he didn't know why silence always had complications and his memory was not well restored. Xu Bai told Sun Chenghai of this result that he may need another surgical treatment. This is a complication caused by a ventricular puncture, and it is also inevitable.

Zhang Duhang couldn't find silence and called Xu Bai. Xu Bai didn't know how to tell Zhang Duhang, but Zhang Duhang keenly sensed the seriousness and asked Xu Bai to tell the truth. Xu Bai told the details and was determined to be silent. Surgery is still needed, and Zhang Duhang can't come back temporarily, so he can only ask Xu Bai for his silence.

After Sun Chenghai learned of the situation, he came to the silent Zhang Duhang. Zhang Duhang reassures Sun Chenghai not to worry about him. This time out to sea is the joint decision of him and Shen Mo. He will stand on the last guard no matter what. Sun Chenghai praised that Silence is not an ordinary person, but a soldier, and this time he can give Silence a satisfactory answer.

The trip to Tassanda is about to end. Medical staff from both sides sang and danced. Sun Chenghai expressed his testimony that the Peace Ark is born for peace. The Peace Ark is not only a peace boat for rescue, but also a link to the world. The Chinese have followed the world for generations. Datong, the Chinese Navy carries goodwill and peace rather than conflict. China is also willing to help others, because we share the same destiny and we welcome children to see pandas in China. Tasanda also expressed his gratitude to the Chinese doctors and to China. I hope they can still come here. The two sides toasted to celebrate the victory over the disease together with a group photo.

Jiang Junbo took the Chinese panda toy and gave it to Sami and Haria. Sami also drew a portrait of a Chinese doctor saving them and gave it to Jiang Junbo. This made Jiang Junbo very touched, and the Peace Ark left Tasanda for the next one. Place.

Zhang Duhang gave a lecture on the platinum ten-minute self-rescue method, and Wang Ming privately simulated on-site with the soldiers in the cabin. Sun Shang found the abnormal pressure and concluded that a typhoon had been reported to Captain Ma, but Captain Ma was ridiculed by his lack of experience. Sun Shang had to report the incident to Wu Zhihua. If he continues to move forward, he will enter the typhoon circle. Therefore, Wu Zhihua is required to change his course. However, if he changes his course, it will directly affect the following work and training.

Later, the typhoon was not found, which made Captain Ma very angry and went to find Sun Shang, accusing Sun Shang of inaccurate forecasts, causing delays in work, and nicknamed Sun Shang as Hu Zhizhe, blaming Sun Shang for failing to be as accurate as a forecaster. Standards, but uphold the creed of Ningquewulan.

At night, the wind and waves suddenly became stronger, and the hull shook violently. The next day, the sea finally calmed down and the sun rose from the sea level. It was precisely because of Sun Shang’s prediction that the ship successfully avoided the typhoon. Now, as long as the speed is increased, the time can be returned. Wu Zhihua praised Sun Shang for being able to reach the next station accurately. Fortunately, Sun Shang was able to avoid the disaster.

During the meal, Captain Ma grabbed Sun Shang and explained the situation to everyone. The violent shaking last night was because of avoiding the typhoon. Fortunately, Sun Shang’s prediction was accurate. Otherwise, everyone might not be the violent shaking of the hull, but nothing. Dined here. Captain Ma expressed his gratitude to Sun Shang.

The Peace Ark was suddenly notified to change the pier, and the pilots also specially informed that the tugboat could not reach it due to problems with the Ark Peace. The navigator angrily thought that the pilot was deliberately making things difficult, but the pilot ignored so many and urged to land as soon as possible, so as not to delay them from getting off work. However, Wu Zhihua said generously that he could just take the opportunity to show off their skills and ensure that the pilots leave work on time. This is regarded as the friendship expressed by Peace Ark, let them see if they are worthy friends.

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