The interpreter also conveyed Sun Chenghai's meaning that even if the person is not sick, asymptomatic people may be infected, so everyone is required to line up for blood sampling for testing.

Trafal used to quarantine the sick, but now that he was infected, he refused to go to the doctor. Trafal’s wife cried and asked Sun Chenghai to help Trafal. Sun Chenghai went to persuade Trafal to receive treatment because he loved himself. Trafal was persuaded to keep his wife alive because his wife should also live.

A pregnant woman was infected with the virus and hoped to be able to give birth to her child by C-section. She was worried that the child would also be infected because of her body. Lu Yang persuaded the pregnant woman that his current body is not suitable for C-section. As long as she cooperates with the treatment, the pregnant woman's emotions will gradually be calmed down.

After going out, Lu Yang believed that Haria needed an emergency operation and made his own judgment, which was different from Qi Nuan's judgment. Lu Yang believed that if Haria had a C-section, the chance of infection would be much lower, but Qi Nuan was worried. Haria’s condition may cause heavy bleeding and may never be able to get off the operating table again. Qi Nuan and Lu Yang quarreled with his subordinates, but in the end it was not determined.

Zhang Duhang saw that Qi Nuan had her reasons for opposing the operation, but she also opposed Lu Yang more. Zhang Duhang went to Qi Nuan and first agreed with Qi Nuan’s opinions, which made Qi Nuan feel more comfortable. Later Zhang Duhang proposed to communicate with the anesthesiologist to assess the risks of the operation. If you want a very skilled doctor, you must be warm. Zhang Duhang told Qi Nuan not to oppose the operation because Lu Yang proposed the operation. The first thing they had to consider was the patient's situation. Everyone in Peace Ark was a collective, and Qi Nuan agreed to Zhang Duhang's request.

Haria’s test results came out, proving that Lu Yang’s statement was correct. Jiang Junbo came to persuade Qi Nuan, but Qi Nuan was dissatisfied with Lu Yang, thinking that Lu Yang was arguing with Qi Nuan just to show her. Qi Nuan felt that she was wronged, and Haria was her patient, she was more anxious than Lu Yang, and it was out of Lu Yang's turn to criticize her there. Jiang Junbo went to persuade Lu Yang and Qi Nuanhua to fight against each other again, but Lu Yang also thought that he should speak out when he saw the problem, and insisted not to apologize.

A boy who was afraid of death and wanted to escape was stopped by Jiang Junbo and others. Jiang Junbo saw that the child seemed to have seen his son. He held the child tightly in his arms to comfort him and encouraged the child to receive treatment. Only when he recovered can he leave here happily and healthily. , The boy was persuaded by Jiang Junbo to return to the hospital bed. Jiang Junbo comforted the boy to grow up healthy. When he met his mother, he could bravely protect his mother. The boy fell asleep under Jiang Junbo's comfort.

Lu Yang took the initiative to ask Qi Nuan for a talk. Lu Yang knew that Qi Nuan had lost face because of her dispute, so Lu Yang apologized to Qi Nuan, but Qi Nuan sat there without saying a word. Lu Yang said that the patient he met for the first time was an old man. He fell while taking a bath. At that time, Lu Yang thought that there was nothing wrong with his judgment and let the old man go back, but an hour later he was sent to the emergency room. , Did not come back to rescue. Lu Yang's mistake caused the old man to lose his life. The old man's son came to Lu Yang. Lu Yang thought he was looking for her to settle the accounts, but the old man's son asked Lu Yang to remember the old man and remember this condition. Lu Yang will always remember this, because one mistake may change the patient's life. Lu Yang claimed that he had dreamed of this unchangeable mistake in his dreams countless times. Lu Yang said that she was not targeting Qi Nuan, she just wanted to Let Qi Nuan not make mistakes like her, and don't wake up from the dream of mistakes every time like her.

Qi Nuan understood Lu Yang's thoughts and knew that Lu Yang was not targeting her. Finally, Qi Nuan agreed to the operation and hoped that the local doctors could observe the operation. The two looked at each other and smiled, and finally let go of their knots.

Brother Cong has been busy doing all kinds of work and can't take a break. Wu Zhihua sees that Brother Cong, who has got dark circles under his eyes, ordered him to rest. Wang Ming told Wu Zhihua that it might be because Brother Cong was reluctant to leave here. Wu Zhihua was a little sad, thinking that everyone on board this great white ship would eventually leave here.

Haria's operation has started. Qi Nuan chatted with Haria as much as possible to relax him. There were many copying doctors standing outside. The child was successfully taken out and put into the incubator. He was a healthy boy. Lu Yang also looked at the operation anxiously, and finally announced that Haria had also succeeded in the operation. Lu Yang told the doctors in Tasanda that the main reason for them to copy and participate was to teach them how to perform surgery. It is better to teach people how to fish than to teach people how to fish. There will be an excellent medical team.

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