There are no laboratory facilities in the temporary hospital in Tasanda, and patients are treated based on experience. Zhang Duhang also inspected the condition of the patients on the way to see the donated equipment in the warehouse. The conditions of the patients varied from one to another. Among them, one of the doctors, Saman, was also infected with the virus. Luna suddenly vomited blood. The doctors hurried over to check. The doctor told Lu Yang and others helplessly that they were chased by the epidemic every day, which made people almost collapse. Lu Yang firmly told the local doctors that they would be with everyone. Advance and retreat together, and walk forward side by side.

There were successive deaths of patients. Zhang Duhang believes that it is not only related to the epidemic, but also to the local sanitation environment. It is necessary to urgently clean up the garbage and debug the equipment that can be used. Sun Chenghai agreed with Zhang Duhang's opinion very much, and immediately communicated with the local relevant personnel to sort out the food, from the environment to the entrance of the food must be strictly controlled.

Chen Tao quickly adjusted the equipment. Simple tests are enough. If there are complicated ones, they can be tested on the Ark. Sun Chenghai also hurriedly arranged a blood test. Luna’s grandfather was excited to find Luna because he was anxious and concerned about Luna’s situation. In order to prevent the deterioration of the disease, a tranquilizer was injected.

Zhang Duhang has always been silent, and he has a little time to call Silence to inquire about the situation. Silence informs Zhang Duhang Hospital that an officer Zhao has come. He is very enthusiastic and offers to let Silence go to the hospital for examination. Zhang Duhang frowns, but also calms down. Silence to listen to the words of Secretary Zhao. Hanging up the phone, silently inputting the computer password incorrectly several times in a row, silent brows frowned thoughtfully.

Luna's grandfather went to Luna again emotionally and out of control, regretting that he shouldn't have brought Luna out. Lu Yang held his grandfather's hand to soothe his emotions, but never thought that the glove was cut and his hand was also exposed. Blood came out. After Sun Chenghai learned of the situation, he hurried over to check. Lu Yang calmly wanted to isolate himself so as not to infect everyone, depending on the final situation. Tang Shi was worried about staying to take care of Lu Yang but was stopped by Lu Yang. Lu Yang reminded the medical staff to take care of the patient only by taking good care of themselves.

When everyone came to the kitchen to help, they all persuaded to leave after seeing Wu Zhihua helping the kitchen, but Wu Zhihua thought that even the captain should help. Brother Cong accidentally saw Wang Ming, the monitor of the cooking class, specifically instructing Luyang not to put garlic when cooking for Luyang. Brother Cong brought food to Luyang, who was in isolation, and confirmed from Luyangkou that she did not eat garlic. , Brother Cong smiled and told Lu Yang that Wang Ming had instructed the kitchen specially, showing that Wang Ming worked hard.

After Lu Yang went through an isolation blood test and found that she was not infected, it is certain that the epidemic will not be transmitted through the respiratory tract. The two sides have also discussed the condition. China has removed all protective measures such as masks and masks, although Tasanda The doctors on this side are a little skeptical, but some doctors still choose to trust Chinese doctors.

Later, Sun Chenghai and Tasanda visited the nearby villagers together, hoping to take blood samples and killing measures, but many people expressed their opposition, and Sun Chenghai had to meet with the nearby village chief. People from the Ministry of Health took Sun Chenghai to the village head who was ill and explained to the village head that the disease was yellow fever. As long as everyone received effective treatment, they would recover soon. However, the village chief asked Sun Chenghai and others to drive away. At this time, someone came in and reported that many people nearby had been arrested. It can be seen that the situation is not as simple as it seems, and many rooms are empty. Sun Chenghai asked Where did the village chiefs go? The village chief said nothing.

Sun Chenghai guessed that many people must have been caught by the epidemic, so he persuaded the village chief to give the doctor a chance and give everyone a chance to talk about the condition with heart and soul, hoping that everyone can be treated. The village chief finally told the truth and felt that he was going to die. The village chief did not want to die with regret and guilt, so he hoped to bring a ray of life to Nuka Village. Nephew Trafah kept preventing the village chief from telling where the villagers were. The village head spoke out where the people were being quarantined. Sun Chenghai led people over. The quarantine point was filled with people who were seriously ill. Sun Chenghai arranged to rush to the field hospital for treatment, because the cart could not get in. It can only be shipped out one by one. And all residential areas were eliminated.

He Zhao also brewed important herbs for clearing away heat and detoxification, and popularized important knowledge among local residents and distributed them to everyone. People from the Ministry of Health also told everyone that this was because everyone was sick, not because they were cursed. I hope everyone can get rid of ignorant thoughts.

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