The old man boarded the Ark of Peace and accepted the courtesy of the soldiers. He knelt down on the deck of the Ark of Peace. The old man was always crying, kissing the deck of the Ark of Peace, as if he had kissed the land of the motherland. He finally got his wish and went home. NS.

Jiang Junbo knew that Xinxin was Sun Chenghai's daughter, and Peace Ark was about to leave. Jiang Junbo offered to take Xinxin to visit the Peace Ark, taking the opportunity to let Xinxin and Sun Chenghai meet. Sun Chenghai understood Jiang Junbo's meaning, but he rejected Jiang Junbo's kindness considering the rules of the ship.

Jiang Junbo told Wu Zhihua that Xinxin came to be a volunteer in order to see Sun Chenghai, hoping to let the father and daughter meet at the farewell meeting between the people on the boat and the local military and civilians before leaving. Wu Zhihua specially held a thank-you meeting for the volunteers and expressed China's longing for them to the Chinese and overseas Chinese. He hopes to go back and have a look. Wu Zhihua arranged for Sun Chenghai to issue a letter of commendation to the volunteers, expressing his gratitude to the volunteers. Sun Chenghai held his daughter's hand tightly and saluted everyone and Xinxin. The people on the pier held up the five-star red flag and sang "Dear Motherland" loudly. The five-star red flag floated on the pier in Mansouda. In everyone's heart.

Ye Nan gave a photo of Xinxin to Sun Chenghai, and there was a letter on the back, saying that he wanted to fight with his father. At this time, a few volunteers from Xinxin drove a motorboat and drove a five-star red flag. Xinxin yelled to Dad Sun Chenghai to cheer for China and the Ark of Peace.

Sun Chenghai received a notice from his superiors requesting the selection of a person with the title of Harmony Star and a democratic election. Sun Chenghai arranged for Zhang Duhang to do this. The result is undoubtedly that Zhang Duhang won this title, but Zhang Duhang secretly sought out Sun Chenghai, hoping to give it to others, because everyone wanted praise and rewards. It didn’t matter if Zhang Duhang let it out. He immediately created a problem for Sun Chenghai and Ye Nan. Lu Yang, Qi Nuan, and Changsheng were tied for first place. Everyone wanted to choose Lu Yang because Lu Yang had been following Zhang Duhang and was good in all aspects. But so far, Lu Yang has not completed a major operation on his own.

Everyone went to the back kitchen to help, but Qi Nuan took a day off because he wanted an academic paper. Tang Shi Luyang and Jiang Junbo were half tired when they went to help. Jiang Junbo and Tang Shi simply went to a physical therapist to find He Zhao for a massage. Lu Yang felt a little uncomfortable, thinking that Qi Nuan shouldn't take part in this kind of activity. Everyone should communicate with each other and become talents in all aspects, so as not to lose any one person when they really encounter dangers and difficulties. However, if Qi Nuan completely rejected Lu Yang, it is impossible for Qi Nuan to become a versatile talent. Among so many doctors, Zhang Duhang is the only talent in this field, and he should learn his profession well. After participating in the activities, there was not much time to learn. These words made Lu Yang uncomfortable, but he did not continue to argue. Soon afterwards, Sun Chenghai convened a meeting, and finally Qi Nuan was selected as the candidate for Harmony Star.

Peace Ark held an emergency evacuation exercise. Qi Nuan usually focuses on academic issues and rarely pays attention to other things. In addition, no one has notified her to perform the exercise, so Qi Nuan is one minute late, and Zhang Duhang goes up in search of Qi Nuan. They were also late together, which made Wu Zhihua furious and severely reprimanded the two on the boat.

Sun Chenghai understood the cause and effect, let Qi Nuan take the lead. After all, she was chosen as the most beautiful doctor of Harmony Star, and she wanted to take the lead for everyone. Qi Nuan admitted that he should not concentrate on academic issues and ignored other project activities, saying that he would take the lead.

When Wang Ming saw Lu Yang, congratulations to Lu Yang and Gu Yufeng for making peace as before. Lu Yang only admitted that he and Gu Yufeng had become good friends. After all, multiple friends are a good thing. Wang Ming was a little surprised and a little surprised.

There was news from the superiors that Ark Peace Ark Tasanda discovered a small-scale infectious disease, and the superiors wanted Ark Peace to arrive in Tasanda to assist the local government in handling the epidemic. Okocha is the head of the Ministry of Health in Tasanda. Under the leadership of the embassy, ​​he came to the Peace Ark. The two sides discussed and communicated on the epidemic.

Now the Tasanda side has adopted the establishment of a temporary hospital to isolate the patients. They are still suffering from locust plagues, and currently they are simply unable to deal with the epidemic. As for the number of cases, Tasanda also did not have specific data. Tasanda proposed to let the people of Peace Ark go to their temporary hospital to check their condition. Sun Chenghai thought it was necessary to go, so he agreed to lead Zhang Duhang to rush.

The medical and health organization has donated a batch of materials, and Tasanda has put them in the warehouse. He doesn't know how to use these conditions. Zhang Duhang asked if there is a place for testing.

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