Sun Chenghai couldn't wait to read Xinxin, but because he was busy with work, he didn't care to talk more with Xinxin. Xinxin asked to hug his father like a baby. Sun Chenghai held Xinxin with a smile, and he owed his daughter too much. Knowing that Xinxin likes to eat dumplings made by Sun Chenghai, Sun Chenghai personally made dumplings for Xinxin early in the morning. Xinxin laughed and said that his father was special, but Sun Chenghai said that this was a kind of feedback to the volunteers who served the Ark, father and daughter. The two looked at each other and smiled.

General Mansouda also visited the Ark of Peace in person, and both sides also expressed their own opinions about this meeting. General Mansouda received news from the Ark of Peace a few months ago. People who came here have long been eagerly looking forward to it. . The people of the Ark also felt the enthusiasm of the people from Mansouda as soon as they landed, and then the two sides also played a football friendly match and exchanged gifts.

The Peace Ark will hold a deck reception. The Mansouda military, volunteers and people from the Peace Ark, as well as the people of Mansouda, must be very lively, so that everyone who is busy with the kitchen work can want to have the opportunity to watch on the deck. Look, when Wang Ming watched the chef come over, he hurriedly invited Ying and offered to deliver food.

Zhang Duhang also copied all the videos of the Maca operation to the Mansouda military. The military also proposed that there was a patient with extensive burns, and asked Zhang Duhang what would happen if he knocked down such a case. At the same time, the general also posed the same question to Sun Chenghai. Both Sun Chenghai and Zhang Duhang gave almost the same answers. Zhang Duhang also noticed that the Mansouda military was taking an exam during the mission. Wu Zhihua invited the general to attend the deck reception and visit the burned ward. The general readily agreed.

Gu Yufeng also came as a volunteer like Xinxin. Seeing Gu Yufeng again made Lu Yang feel uncomfortable. He wanted to call Gu Yufeng several times, but he couldn't make it through. Jiang Junbo hoped that Lu Yang would seriously consider giving Gu Yufeng a chance. If he totally denied Gu Yufeng, he would actually deny his own vision and his love over the years. Lu Yang didn't feel like it, but he still didn't dial the phone.

President Mansouda was also invited to the Peace Ark. When Ye Nan’s speech was about to end, the stove suddenly failed to catch fire. The news spread quickly. Wu Zhihua had to signal Ye Nan to delay the time, and Ye Nanxin invited the president to give a speech. . The fire on the stove could not be solved for a while, and the roast duck happened to be ready. Wu Zhihua showed everyone how to eat roast duck, a Chinese delicacy, and the president was also full of praise.

Wang Ming discovered the problem in time and repaired the stove. The flames ignited and everyone started to get busy. The steaming food was served. Jiang Junbo led the nurses to dance. At the same time, Zhang Duhang also received a notice from Xu Bai that he was silent and was unwell and could not contact Zhang Duhang in time. But fortunately, Zhang Duhang was relieved and smiled.

Gu Yufeng and Lu Yang finally had a chance to chat alone. Gu Yufeng regretted not having the courage to say goodbye to Lu Yang face to face, but just shed a letter. Gu Yufeng just wanted to stick to one thing just like his father. Gu Yufeng praised Lu Yang as the best girl he met, hoping to be forgiven by Lu Yang. Lu Yang said that he had forgiven Gu Yufeng a long time ago, and he was very happy to be friends with him.

The squad leader of the cooking class sent Wang Ming a specially prepared meal, thanking Wang Ming for his help. If it weren't for Wang Ming's appearance this time, they would definitely have to do something wrong. Wang Ming was moved when he saw the meal.

An uncle who has been away from the motherland for many years and missed the motherland very much. He always wanted to go up and see when he saw the Ark of Peace of the motherland come. People say that the fallen leaves return to their roots, but there are no relatives in his hometown. The old man just wants to visit the motherland. I always feel that I have some shortcomings in my heart, and getting on the Ark is like returning to the motherland. After Brother Cong applied for leadership, he allowed the old man to board the Peace Ark. Ye Nan and Wu Zhihua led the crew to salute and waited for the old man to arrive on the boat.

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