In the conference room, Lu Yang gave a wonderful and detailed description of the ways and means to treat the wounds in a timely manner. Sun Chenghai asked Zhang Duhang if he needed supplements. Zhang Duhang gave Lu Yang a high evaluation and said that there is no need for supplements at all, which made Lu Yang happy. flowering.

Peace Ark received a rescue mission again, but this time the other party said that it has medical staff, and only an experienced head nurse and two doctors need to be sent on board. Although Zhang Duhang praised Lu Yang in the meeting room, he privately handed the supplementary clauses he had written to Lu Yang. Lu Yang was dissatisfied with Zhang Duhang’s behavior and believed that he should speak out in the meeting room, although after colleagues’ Enlightenment, understanding is to give her face, but still does not buy it. Zhang Duhang has to let Zhang Duhang see her "reality ability."

The political commissar sent the rescuers away and told Jin Jiu to protect everyone's safety. Zhang Duhang and Lu Yang were among the rescuers, and several people approached the rescue vessel in kayaks. Highly vigilant Zhang Duhang found that there were suspected glass fragments on the ship. Through the cabin glass, he found that several people in the cabin had guns on their waists, and Lu Yang on the deck also found gunshot wounds on the body of the caller. The injured person is the boss of the gang. Seeing that the incident has been exposed, he is no longer acting. He immediately called out all the brothers in the ambush, kidnapped Zhang Duhang and others, and indicated that Lu Yang and other two female doctors should be treated. Zhang Duhang hinted During the operation, Lu Yang asked the anesthesiologist to call Dr. Gao. In fact, there was no Dr. Gao at all. The so-called Doctor Gao was a special soldier. The kidnappers were worried that these military doctors would make trouble, and directly injured Jin Jiu, and found the camera in contact with the Peace Ark in the helmet worn by Jin Jiu.

At the request of Zhang Duhang, the kidnappers threw a first aid kit to Zhang Duhang to rescue Jin Jiu, and at the same time locked them up. Lu Yang deliberately asked for an anesthesiologist before taking the knife to fetch the bullets. The kidnapper carried Jin Jiu’s helmet and asked Lu Yang to contact the opposite Ark and ask the anesthesiologist to come over. As a special force, "Doctor Gao" also came to the ship and arranged the ship at the same time. Dive into the diving column to rescue the hostages.

Lu Yang saw that Dr. Gao came, and proposed to let the boss's staff quit to facilitate the operation, but the boss strongly opposed and asked to stay in order to avoid accidents in his operation. The boss gave the transaction address to his subordinate A Li and Some afterthoughts.

At the same time, the diving navy also came to the side of the ship, while avoiding the sight of the patrol officers, while climbing up silently.

The black boss suddenly pointed a gun at Doctor Gao and said that he must stay awake in semi-anaesthesia. Lu Yang knew that Doctor Gao was not a real anesthetist, so he rushed to answer the question, thinking that the boss’s condition was serious, and proposed to give the black boss general anesthesia. The boss was suspicious. The identity of Doctor Gao. Gunshots suddenly sounded outside. The divers had successfully boarded the boat. Seeing that the blood pressure of the black boss was unstable, Lu Yang, as a doctor, proposed immediate surgery. The black boss ordered Ali to ensure his safety during the operation. Li led the people out of the cabin to block the rescue divers.

The two sides launched a fierce gun battle on the ship, and the second rescue team drove an airship to join the battle.

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