Gu Yufeng, who hadn’t seen Lu Yang for a long time, also appeared as a volunteer in the Peace Ark and hid in Lu Yang’s department, but Lu Yang did not find out. Instead, Wang Ming was giving out mineral water to everyone. I saw Gu Yufeng.

Volunteer Xinxin found that Maca could not board the ship to see a doctor without a ship, but his situation was very special. One bullet had been in Maca for 4 years. After seeing all the hospitals in Mansouda, the bullet could not be taken out. , And no hospital dared to admit him. Now that he knows the arrival of the Peace Ark, Maca seems to see hope of life. Xinxin had no choice but to allude that Maca had a rest first, and then went to tell Zhang Duhang about Maca's condition. Sun Chenghai and Zhang Duhang negotiated and agreed to get Maca on board for medical treatment.

Xinxin is Sun Chenghai’s daughter. She also secretly came to volunteer on the boat this time. She had appeared at the Willy disaster relief site before as a volunteer. She also stood on the shore and watched the Peace Ark leave, just for fear of being caught by her father. Found it has been avoided. Sun Chenghai did not recognize Xinxin face to face, and called in private to ask Xinxin why Xinxin came here. Only then did he learn that Xinxin was to celebrate his birthday with his father.

After Lu Yang's consultation was over, Gu Yufeng expressed the hope that he could have a good talk with Lu Yang, but Lu Yang only expressed his gratitude indifferently and left. Gu Yufeng's disappointment was beyond words.

Maca did not report too much hope for his illness, and worried that Chinese doctors might not be able to cure himself, but this is his only hope at the moment. Zhang Duhang persuaded Maca to believe in Chinese doctors. They all hope Maca can be happy, and they will definitely try their best to save Maca and let Maca feel the beauty of life again.

Maca’s condition is special. Everyone held a seminar. Mansouda also had four doctors who followed Zhang Duhang all the way. They wanted to learn from Zhang Duhang, but in fact they were not optimistic about the operation and thought Zhang Duhang was On an adventure. Zhang Duhang also overheard the discussion behind these doctors Mansouda, but he said nothing and decided freely in his heart.

Zhang Duhang was dumbfounded by the speed of the patient's visits to the doctors that Mansouda studied. He even thought that Zhang Duhang did not take care of the doctor at all, and he also had doubts about Zhang Duhang's medical skills. Now that Zhang Duhang wants to prove the superb Chinese medical skills, he can only prove it through Maca surgery, otherwise Chinese medical skills will also be labeled as fools in their hearts.

Lu Yang wants to follow up on the operating table, but Zhang Duhang believes that Lu Yang has not adjusted well and is not suitable for the operating table. Lu Yang indicated that he is already calm as water. Zhang Duhang is still a little worried, but this opportunity is rare. Lu Yang said that he didn't want to give up anything. After Gu Yufeng learned of the situation, he cheered for Lu Yang. This operation is destined to be very risky, so Sun Chenghai is also very worried.

After these days of contact, Maca also showed great trust in Zhang Duhang. After Zhang Duhang explained the risks of the operation, Maca did not hesitate to sign the surgical drape. He believed that Zhang Duhang could successfully perform the operation on him. He also promised Zhang Duhang that he would use his strong willpower to believe that Zhang Duhang would be able to successfully complete the operation. The operation did not go smoothly at the beginning, and even the position of the bullet could not be found. Because the fat was too far behind, there was no bullet at all in the open incision position. Dr. Mansouda believed that the operation should be stopped, but Sun Chenghai believed Zhang Duhang and persuaded the doctors to be patient.

Zhang Duhang relied on his super-high technology and experience to accurately predict the location of the bullet. He opened his mouth again to look for the bullet, but the bullet could not be seen with the naked eye. Lu Yang thought that the bullet could not be found this time, but Zhang did not feel the bullet. Du Hang used the scalpel to sense the position of the bullet and accurately took out the bullet. This operation stunned everyone, and Mansouda's doctors immediately admired Zhang Duhang to the ground. He also requested that Zhang Duhang's operation video be returned to study, and Zhang Duhang immediately agreed.

The success of Zhang Duhang’s operation is also the success of Chinese medical techniques. Both Dr. Mansouda and the military and civilians believed in Chinese doctors. Believing in China, they asked to go to the ship for consultation. Suddenly, the scene was out of control and Xinxin was busy maintaining order. The arm was injured by the public.

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