Tang Shi blamed Yang Shen for pretending to be sick and urged him to leave with the crew, but Yang Shen said that he would rather see Tang Shi after being criticized. Tang Shi gave Yang Shen his picture with tears in his eyes, and Yang Shen could look at it whenever he wanted her.

Tang Shisheng was afraid that Yang Shen would be punished, so he hurried to explain to Zhang Duhang that he had found it and would go back as soon as possible. However, Zhang Duhang and the captain had already applied for Yang Shen to stay and check his body. After inspection, it was also found that there were polyps on Yang Shen's stomach, but it was not so painful. Everyone thought that Yang Shen might not want to go back because the conditions on board were better than those on board.

Zhang Duhang reminded everyone that regardless of the reason, they should be concerned about the health and heart of the soldiers. The Yang Shen he knew was not a deserter. Sun Chenghai also believed that Zhang Duhang was right, and he should learn more about it. Wu Zhihua and the captain also learned about the situation. Yang Shen was originally on duty, but Yang Shen said that there was a girlfriend on the Peace Ark, so they came here for a medical examination and wanted to see his girlfriend. Although he knew that Yang Shen was pretending to be ill, the leaders also thought it was excusable and planned to keep Yang Shen for two days.

Wang Ming specially came to give Yang Shen a haircut, and Jiang Junbo deliberately sent Yang Shen a nourishing meal. The fruits were not cold. He also tenderly asked Yang Shen to heal his illness. The doctors were specially on duty for him and were on call. Any request can be made. The better he is to Yang Shen, the more guilty Yang Shen's heart is, and he takes the initiative to admit his mistakes to Jiang Junbo and Sun Chenghai. Yang Shen said that he just wanted to come and see him in a hurry, but he felt distressed when he saw Tang Shi’s tears. Tomorrow was Tang Shi’s birthday. He only wanted to give Tang Shi his birthday before leaving, but everyone was so kind to him. Shin feels that his behavior is selfish.

Sun Chenghai understands that it is not easy for soldiers to fall in love, so he would not blame Tang Poetry. He also understood that Yang Shen had always wanted to give Tang Poetry a romance, but there was always no time. The two had been in love for three years, and he felt wronged by Tang Poetry. Sun Chenghai proposed to celebrate Tang Shi's birthday at sea, because the navy itself is romantic. After Wu Zhihua learned of the situation, he took the initiative to ask everyone to make statistics. People who need their birthdays this month will spend it with them, so everyone will have fun. The captain also agreed to let Yang Shen go back tomorrow morning. Although criticism was unavoidable, he would not be punished because the soldier's heart was settled and everything was settled.

There were a total of more than 20 birthdays on the boat. Wang Ming took photos of these people and went to Wu Zhihua and asked Wu Zhihua to sign on the photos and give them to his birthday comrades. In this way, the birthday gift is unique. Wu Zhihua praised Wang Ming for his unique ideas. All signed them one by one.

The birthday scene is very atmospheric, and it makes people feel like they are celebrating the New Year. This is also the first birthday of their collective birthday. Everyone is beaming. Wu Zhihua also gave a speech and expressed emotion. I hope everyone will have a good time. Joyful and happy. Yang Shen also admitted publicly that it was not his fault, pretending to be sick in order to celebrate his girlfriend's birthday, but thanked the leader for not punishing him. Yang Shen plucked up the courage to let everyone witness him, and proposed to Tang Shi on this unique day, Tang Shi was so excited that she burst into tears. Yang Shen promised to miss Tang poetry every day, and Lu Yang, who was listening to these words, quietly left the room. If the two loves last for a long time, how can they be in their turn? Yang Shen believes that time and distance are not a problem. He only hopes that he can be qualified to accompany Tang Shi on his birthday in this life.

Wang Ming noticed that Lu Yang left and came to her for fear that Lu Yang would be sad. Lu Yang was indeed sad. The Tang poetry matter made her feel that as long as the two of them trust each other, time and distance are not a problem, and they can watch each other. . But the person who proposed the breakup was Gu Yufeng. Lu Yang believed that Gu Yufeng was a deserter. Wang Ming left the tissue and turned to leave. He also believed that Gu Yufeng was a deserter.

Brother Cong was unable to eat the cake on duty, so Wu Zhihua sent a piece of cake. In fact, Wu Zhihua was not happy. Brother Cong was an old man on the boat, and these old people had at most two birthdays on the boat. Wu Zhihua also knows that Brother Cong always eats instant noodles, and tells him not to eat anything that is not nutritious, which is not good for his health.

Sun Chenghai also took a piece of cake and returned to the office. Today is his daughter's birthday. It has not been a year since he saw his daughter, let alone celebrated her birthday. The daughter once said that her biggest wish is to let her father accompany her on her birthday, and Sun Chenghai is full of guilt for her daughter.

The next day, the hatch opened and Tang Shi sent Yang Shen away. Looking at Tang Shi’s tearful face, Yang Shen comforted Tang Shi’s parting at this time for reunion. The navy’s heart was filled with a map of the world, and the distance between the two was not far away, Tang Shi I gave Yang Shen the picture of Peace Ark, I just hope he can think about it.

The Peace Ark set sail again and sailed far away. Zhang Duhang led the entire navy to swear to the red flag to serve the people wholeheartedly, not to be afraid of hardship, but to practice hard work to kill the enemy and to defend the motherland to the death. From fearlessness, swearing allegiance to the motherland is their belief.

The next stop is Mansida. The deployment is done on the ship. President Mansida and the embassy, ​​Chinese and overseas Chinese will come to visit the ship. It is foreseeable that there will be many people on the ship. Guidance and security work are very important, Wu Zhihua A meeting was held with Sun Chenghai, Jiaolong was in charge of security work, and everything was ready and waiting for the task to arrive.

The Peace Ark visited Mansida. After this visit, the concept of world peace was conducive to the local people who boarded the ship.

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