After examination, it was found that Mrs. General’s brain was not ill. The headache and nausea were caused by secondary glaucoma caused by cataracts in the eyes. The intraocular pressure was also high. At the request of Zhang Duhang, Sun Chenghai agreed to let Changsheng give Mrs. General. Surgery, but I am also worried that problems with the operation will cause diplomatic troubles. Zhang Duhang promised to complete it smoothly, and explained the condition to the general's wife on the spot. He specifically introduced Chang Sheng as a doctor who appeared in Willie News and the doctor who cured the eyes of military mothers. The general's wife remembered the news, so she was relieved to hand over her surgery to Chang Sheng.

After the operation, Mrs. General’s symptoms disappeared. The generals and his wife were very grateful to the doctors of the Peace Ark. They originally planned to go abroad for treatment, but when they learned that Ark was coming here, Mrs. General waited for the arrival of Ark Peace. Peace Ark also specially prepared Chinese gourmet glutinous rice balls to entertain the generals and his wife. This time the people from the Peace Ark visited the people and felt the enthusiasm of the people. Ye Nan was moved by this. He believed that the hearts of the soldiers and people of the two countries were closely linked, and Ye Nan also donated supplies to Willy. The general also understood at this time that the Ark was not only about curing diseases and saving people, but also preaching peace and friendship. After this meeting, the Peace Ark also left Willie and sailed to the next country.

Sun Chenghai asked afterwards why Zhang Duhang wanted Chang Sheng to undergo surgery. Chang Sheng should not have surgery under such stressful circumstances. However, Zhang Duhang believed that if Chang Sheng was not allowed to undergo surgery, he would miss a good opportunity. However, Sun Chenghai still believes that we should consider comprehensively and should not take risks. Zhang Duhang believes that Chang Sheng is a responsible doctor and believes that he will not lose the chain at a critical moment. Sun Chenghai encourages Zhang Duhang to make persistent efforts, hoping that all doctors will have such confidence in the next three months.

The next station of the Peace Ark is the Gulf of Aden, where the officers and soldiers of the escort formation will undergo a comprehensive medical examination. Zhang Duhang made detailed arrangements in advance on how to arrange inspections and how to conduct inspections on duty personnel. Because the two ships could not get together, they could only use small boats to transfer. Lu Yang, Qin Yue, Tang Shi and several others were arranged to go to the ship for medical examinations for the personnel on duty, and everyone else could undergo medical examinations in the Peace Ark. When Sun Chenghai and Wu Zhihua Ye Nanben heard Zhang Duhang's arrangement, they were full of praise, and he thought of everything he could think of.

Tang Shi claimed that he could not go to the ship because of seasickness, and Lu Yang mistakenly believed that Tang Shi was afraid of suffering and therefore disagreed. Tang Shi approached Zhang Duhang to make a request. Zhang Duhang agreed, but he also asked not to be an example. Because of this, Lu Yang was still angry. He felt that Zhang Duhang should not be open to female doctors. When he got on the Peace Ark, he was a soldier. Zhang Duhang smiled and promised not to be an example. Lu Yang was no longer truthful. Zhang Duhang asked Chang Sheng to go with him. Shipboard.

The escort formation is actually Zhang Duhang’s former ship. It was borrowed once by Sun Chenghai, and Sun Chenghai eventually got it to the 712 Hospital. It always went to sea with the Peace Ark ships. This made the captain a little bit reluctant. The captain saw it. Zhang Duhang promised to go back at any time, and Sun Chenghai hurriedly took the captain to the medical examination, for fear of poaching his baby bumps.

Yang Shen came to the Peace Ark for an inspection. It was clear that there was no problem and he had to pretend to have a stomachache. Zhang Duhang seemed to see it and knew that Yang Shen had no such problem before, but he did not reveal it. Instead, he asked Yang Shen to go to the internal medicine department for an examination first. When everyone was ready to leave, they couldn't find Yang Shen. Zhang Duhang was going to find Wu Zhihua, but Tang Shi hurriedly blocked it for fear that it would be disadvantageous to Yang Shen. Zhang Duhang just said that he knew something in his heart that he would not talk nonsense.

In the end, Tang Shi found Yang Shen outside the cabin. When the two met, they were teary eyes. At this time, Lu Yang, Chang Sheng and others had also returned from the ship. Many people on the ship had eczema. They took all the medicines. All stayed, and praised them as great fighters.

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