Xu Bai knew that Sun Chenghai wanted him to see him again at sea this time, but he was fortunate to have participated in the mission of the Harmony Mission. Xu Bai believed that Silence trusted her very much. As a silent attending physician, he had the obligation to look at his own. The patient recovered, Xu Bai hoped that Sun Chenghai would tell Zhang Duhang what he meant. Sun Chenghai regrets that Xu Bai failed to participate in the mission of harmony this time, but is proud of Xu Bai's responsibility as a doctor.

Silent was discharged from the hospital, and the people who brought gifts to the nurses’ station were also very energetic. Silent did not see Lu Yang and Xu Bai, and I specially thanked him for it. Since Zhang Duhang was transferred back, he has not gone to work. This made the silent heart. Feeling uncomfortable, worried that he would betray Sun Chenghai, and proposed to let Zhang Duhang travel on behalf of the image of the motherland.

Zhang Duhang lied that he was not on the list, and silently knew that Sun Chenghai re-examined Zhang Duhang. He must have considered that she was sick, so he did not let Zhang Duhang go. Silent inwardly blamed himself even more, and proposed to see Shen Xing, Zhang Duhang immediately agreed.

Silence recalled what happened when she was a child in front of Shen Xing's tomb. Other families had parents loved him, but Silence never envied her because she had an older brother who loved her. After Shen Xing sacrificed his life, Silence was deeply distraught, feeling that his brother was so young and excellent, he had sacrificed so many things that he hadn't done, Zhang Duhang shed tears and listened to silent muttering.

Silently told Zhang Duhang that Shen Xing used his own life in exchange for Zhang Duhang’s life, and hoped that Zhang Duhang would do what his brother wanted to do. He silently asked Zhang Duhang to agree to participate in the mission of harmony in front of Shen Xing’s tombstone. Zhang Duhang had nothing to do. Reasons for rebuttal. Silence personally put on Zhang Duhang's military uniform, and the two reluctantly gave up, Zhang Duhang hugged the silence tightly, letting Silence promise to wait for his return.

The Harmony Mission and the Ark of Peace anchored in the music of the national anthem. The people stood on the coast and waved the national flag to send off to the navy. The navy on the ship dressed in military uniforms lined up to the motherland and saluted the people.

Ye Nan and Wu Zhihua held a meeting on the ship and announced the mission of the Harmony Mission. The Harmony Mission will go to the national free clinics that will go along the way. The people of the countries who will be there can remember the white ship and the Chinese Peace Ark. No matter where the ship is heading, there are two words written on their faces—China.

After the meeting, Sun Chenghai deliberately called Lu Yang and Zhang Duhang to the office. Medical assistants did not follow this time. Zhang Duhang and Lu Yang were in charge of this task, and they would stop at Willy Hospital for all medical work at sea for three days. They were all given to Zhang Duhang.

As a weatherman, Sun Shang was testing the wind direction. Wu Zhihua was concerned about whether it would rain or not. Sun Shang would definitely be able to rain, but he was also worried that if there was a mistake in the prediction, he would be remembered. Wu Zhihua was curious about Sun Shang's previous mistakes, but learned that a thunderstorm had been predicted, so he asked the chief to take a train instead. The result was a clear sky. Therefore, they all mocked Sun Shang's inaccuracy, but no one knew that two hours before the thunderstorm in Beijing, it would not be possible to land if he took a plane. But Sun didn't have any explanation for this, because his task was to ensure that the chief arrived safely, and when the chief arrived, his task was completed. As soon as the voice fell into the sky, it started to rain, and Wu Zhihua cast an appreciative look at Sun Shang.

Originally, there was no permanent victory in this trip, but Chang Sheng came with the director's quota, and he also brought a camera to take pictures when he wanted to go to each country. Zhang Duhang specially urged Chang Sheng not to shame the director and not to the country. .

When the boat drew ashore, Duff came to the shore to extend his welcome, and he prepared wreaths for everyone, and Lao Ye stopped doing business, and was someone who drove to pull the Ark of Peace.

When Lao Ye's car drove into the downtown area of ​​Willy, they were greeted by enthusiastic people. Since the last rescue, the people have deeply remembered the Chinese navy. Grandma's eyes can see, and seeing Zhang Duhang and the others come over is even more excited and tightly hugging them. The surrounding houses have also been built, and they are not what they looked like during the disaster. Lu Yang also plans to take a good stroll. Conggoth went to see Duff's child, who had recognized his godson on the ship.

At the beach of Willy, many people spontaneously came to the beach to mourn the people who died in the disaster. Zhang Duhang and Lu Yang also came here to pray for the mother and son of Abu and wish them peace of mind in paradise.

Mr. Overseas Chinese History proposed to invite the captain and others to dinner. Wu Zhihua was busy learning English and didn’t want to go, but Ye Nan and Sun Chenghai both asked Wu Zhihua to lead by example. accepted. Mr. Shi told everyone that now all the houses and streets have been built, and the people have gradually forgotten about the disaster, but they all give a thumbs up when mentioning the Peace Ark. I believe that China can be remembered wherever the hospital ship goes. Mr. Shi prepared a ton of supplies to be delivered to the ship, but Wu Zhihua and Ye Nan really refused, and they could only agree.

After Ye Nan and Wu Zhihua and Sun Chenghai went back, they always felt that it was inappropriate to accept the donation now. After all, it was not a disaster, so several people discussed that the materials should be directly donated to Willy's people.

The general's wife was pregnant and hoped to get help from the Peace Ark. Willie also personally visited the people of the Peace Ark and expressed his gratitude to the Peace Ark. The general's wife was unwell, but could not find out the reason, and the general came to Ark for help. Sun Chenghai also arranged for the best doctor to treat the general's wife.

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