Silence is not afraid of surgery at all. She doesn't want to lose her ability to take care of herself. She is afraid that she will not know Zhang Duhang in the future, but Zhang Duhang will not listen to persuasion at all, and he can't take any risk. Silence said that he had agreed to the operation with Xu Bai, but Zhang Duhang was emotionally stated that he is a doctor and knows the risks of the operation best, and this operation must not be done.

Sun Chenghai also asked Xu Bai not to worry about the operation, and asked Xu Bai to spend his time and energy on the title evaluation papers. Sun Chenghai also invited Professor Zhou Yuliang to come and see the silence. This made Xu Bai have mixed feelings in his heart, thinking that Zhang Duhang and Sun Chenghai had said something.

Silently worried that she would gradually lose her memory in the hospital, and slowly be unable to take care of herself. She insisted on leaving the hospital, but Zhang Duhang hurriedly stopped. She complained with silence and tears that Zhang Duhang had left Xu Bai, and she didn't understand why Zhang Duhang had to stop her from undergoing the operation. She could bear the pain of any operation without a single tear shed. However, Zhang Duhang said that he could not bear it, because the silence went through three operations, and each became more serious, and he could not bear the consequences of the failure of the operation. Zhang Duhang also called out Lu Yang, who was persuading him at the door. Zhang Duhang blamed Lu Yang for persuading the silent operation to cause silence. Lu Yang knew that Zhang Duhang was afraid in his heart.

Zhang Duhang admitted that Silence is Shen Xing’s younger sister. It was because he was persistent to save a foreigner that he was unable to save them. Moreover, they were also surrounded by terrorists. That is, during this mission, Shen Xing was lost. life. In that seaside artillery fire, no less than any battle, it was a battle of real guns and live ammunition. Helicopters were sent to rescue. Seeing that victory was in sight, Zhang Duhang heard a child's cry for help and desperately went to save the child. But because of this action, the enemy sent a missile that blew up the house. In order to save Zhang Duhang's death, Shen Xing gave the photo to Zhang Duhang before his death, and asked him to take care of the silence. Seeing that his mistake caused Shen Xing's death, the child could not be rescued after all, Zhang Duhang cried out sadly, this nightmare also troubled Zhang Duhang for many years, and he was awakened from the nightmare of the explosion every time.

Zhang Duhang told Lu Yang that if it were not for his persistence, Shen Xing would not be harmed, and that Shen Xing had a bright future. Lu Yang understands Zhang Duhang's heart to save people, because they are doctors, so silence has comforted Zhang Duhang, but Zhang Duhang just can't forgive himself. Silence is Shen Xing's most beloved sister. Before she died, she entrusted her silence to him. After this incident, although no one complained about Zhang Duhang, Zhang Duhang still left the Dragon Team. Zhang Duhang has lost Shen Xing and his best friend. Now there is absolutely no courage to lose silence. What if the silent operation fails? He could not explain to the dead Shen Xing.

Gao Qi also came to the hospital to visit and stay silent. He also told Zhang Duhang’s heroic deeds of saving Jin Jiu on a pirate ship. Zhang Duhang quickly called Gao Qi out. Gao Qi gave Zhang Duhang the group photo that year and told Zhang Duhang Jiaolong. The team members have never blamed him, on the contrary they miss him very much, and hope Zhang Duhang can go back and have a look. Gao Qi praised Zhang Duhang as an upright man, a good doctor, and believed that everything would pass. Sending away Gao Qi, Zhang Duhang looked at the photo and wept.

Professor Zhou Yuliang arrived and held a special research meeting. After looking at the silent medical records and examination results, he thought that the sooner the operation is needed, the better. Now Shen silent's body is developing in a bad direction. These recognitions made Xu Bai finally raise his head and confirm it. My opinion is correct.

Zhang Duhang went to the cemetery to see Shen Xing and blamed himself for failing to save people and keeping Shen Xing alive. Now Shen Mu is seriously ill, and he doesn't know whether he should have the operation, but Zhang Duhang assured Shen Xing that he would take care of the silence. When Zhang Duhang came back, he made up his mind. Before Sun Chenghai could speak, he took the initiative to agree to the operation. Zhang Duhang thanked the attending physician Zhou Yuliang, and apologized to Xu Bai. He hoped that Xu Bai could participate in the operation, so that silence can be at ease. , Xu Bai and Zhang Duhang held each other's hands tightly, one was to entrust the important task, and the other was the relief and touch of their own understanding.

Lying silently in the operating room, Zhang Duhang wandered in the corridor anxiously and worried, fearing that something might happen, Sun Chenghai also came over and waited with Zhang Duhang. Ye Nan and Jiang Junbo also rushed over after receiving the news. They were all with Zhang Duhang until the lights in the operating room went out. Zhou Yuliang came out to report the good news. The silent operation went well, and everyone's hanging heart was let go.

Ye Nan had to take Zhang Duhang with him when he was going to sea again, which made Tongtong feel uncomfortable, and blamed Ye Nan for leaving her and her mother at home every time she went out. Seeing Tongtong's anger, Ye Nan took the initiative to apologize to Tongtong. Ye Nan was also angry that he couldn't do what he promised Tongtong every time. Ye Nan also said that he was most afraid that Tongtong would grow up all at once. He hadn't There is time to accompany Tongtong. Once Tongtong grows up, it means he is old. When Ye Nan has time to accompany him, Tongtong also has his own family, and he doesn't need his father to accompany him. Sitting on the floor of the room, Tongtong kept crying, but Ye Nan was helpless. As a soldier, he had a mission and had to perform it.

Ye Nan was about to leave, and let Tongtong wait at home for her to come back. Tongtong came to the door with tears in her eyes, but could not open the door. Hearing the voice of Ye Nan leaving, Tongtong couldn't stop her tears. Shed.

Sun Chenghai looked at the silence. Now that all indicators are very good after inspection. Silence also thanked Sun Chenghai for specially inviting Zhou Yuliang over. Sun Chenghai said that this was an organizational arrangement. Zhang Duhang is a soldier and his family members need to be well organized. Only soldiers can protect their homes and the country with peace of mind.

Sun Chenghai told Zhang Duhang that Peace Ark would go to sea for three months next month. Sun Chenghai suggested that Zhang Duhang should be silent. But if he wants to go to sea in silence, he will be the best choice to go to sea. Zhang Duhang is also very special about this time. He wanted to go, but the silent condition also worried Zhang Duhang, so he didn't promise Sun Chenghai anything.

Xu Bai took the initiative to approach Sun Chenghai and proposed to stay this time, but Sun Chenghai told Xu Bai that Zhang Duhang had already stayed, and Xu Bai could not stay this time.

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