Silence was urinated in the elevator room due to a brain problem and uncontrollable body. This made Silence feel extremely ashamed of squatting on the ground and reluctant to get up. However, someone outside the elevator was anxiously waiting to pick up the patient and urged. Zhang Duhang angrily faced the person outside the elevator The man yelled. Silence got up and ran, Zhang Duhang hurriedly wiped the urine on the ground with his clothes, and then when he chased after the silence, he heard silent crying from the room all the way, which made Zhang Duhang's heart and soul broken.

A farmer was bitten by a snake. He Zhao was busy with treatment. Others were arranged to sprinkle realgar. Wang Ming actively asked Ying to sprinkle realgar. Ye Nan appreciated and felt relieved to see Wang Ming's positive attitude. Zhao Chunxian was also worried that everyone would leave, and Sun Chenghai promised to wait until everyone was better before leaving, which made Zhao Chunxian very happy.

Zhang Duhang sat on the bed in silence, accompanied by silence, humming "Night of the Military Port" for silence, and fell asleep slowly in the silence. Zhang Duhang looked at the silence and felt mixed. The silent fever gradually subsided. She also knew that her fever was related to the recovery after the operation. After checking some information on the Internet, she knew that her illness was very troublesome. Silent wanted to find out her actual condition from the nurse, but the nurse refused to accept anything. Say. Silence turned his head to ask Zhang Duhang, blaming Zhang Duhang for not telling the truth, Zhang Duhang calmly told Silence that he should not check the Internet, as an intellectual, he should believe in science and cannot believe in things on the Internet. Zhang Duhang proposed to sing to Silence again. Silence couldn't help but smile, expressing that he didn't want to listen to Zhang Duhang's singing, Zhang Duhang's song easily made her sleep.

Every time Zhang Duhang faces silence, he uses a calm tone of voice. Every time he looks calm and gentle, but his heart is extremely heavy. He must consider how to tell the silence and how to make the silence normal when he wears a medical pad. Can't afford to be suspicious. For fear of not being careful not to protect the silence, Zhang Duhang looked extremely tired when there was no one under the dual pressure of this kind of mental and physical strength.

He Zhao originally thought that his Chinese medicine was useless. After Jiang Junbo's reminder, he could give veterans physiotherapy, which played a very important role. When Zhao Chunxian took off his clothes during treatment, the scars were shocking. This was so tempting to take a picture, and his eyes were red when he turned his head.

When the people of Ark were planning to leave, the veterans were all wearing faded military uniforms to see off. Ye Nan was moved by the spirit of the veterans and passed on from generation to generation. He will definitely pass the baton well, so as not to shame the veterans or the motherland. Zhao Chunxian told Ye Nan that they stayed here all their lives, and there are some soldiers who will be buried here forever. Everyone will miss everyone forever. Everyone’s name is deeply in their hearts. When the call was made, Zhao Chunxian said aloud. Under everyone's name, everyone shouted "Here" for the buried loyal bones. Those people have never left. The recruits shed tears as they looked at the veterans, and Zhao Chunxian wished the Peace Ark a smooth return.

Lu Yang was moved by these veterans and regretted what he had said to Jiang Junbo on the deck that day, and that he didn't want to go to sea anymore, and he had no passion. Lu Yang regained his original passion and said that he would continue to go to sea in the future. The big white on the boat is her future object, and the red flag on the boat is her wedding dress.

After Sun Chenghai came back, he held an analysis meeting on the silent condition. Everyone agreed with ventricle puncture and drainage, and worried that this kind of intravenous injection would be too slow, and other things might happen. However, Zhang Duhang expressed his strong opposition. He was worried that if the puncture failed, it would cause irreparable and serious consequences. Ye Nan reminded Zhang Duhang that if his illness is serious, he may suffer from dementia, incontinence, and perhaps the situation is even worse. He will not be able to accept silence in the future, and Zhang Duhang will also face immeasurable troubles, but Zhang Duhang said that he will have all the consequences. Take it all, but you can't bear the risk of one point, and that risk may lose your favorite person. Lu Yang didn't know how to persuade Zhang Duhang that Zhang Duhang was a resolute and resolute person when performing the task, but he did not expect to have such a sentimental side.

Sun Chenghai talked with Zhang Duhang privately, knowing Zhang Duhang’s consideration, and when he transferred Zhang Duhang to the hospital, he learned about his affairs in Jiaolong, knowing how much silence is for Shen Xing, and silence is Shen Xing’s sister, so he does not allow silence even more. A little bit more.

Gao Qi and the captain of the Jiaolong team had a meal together, which was regarded as seeing off the captain. He was about to leave Jiaolong and change his career. From the photo album that year, Gao Qi saw Zhang Duhang's figure, and he knew that the legend was true. Zhang Duhang had really stayed in Jiaolong. It is no wonder that Zhang Duhang was so powerful when he performed the mission. Luo Ye talked about Zhang Duhang's affairs in Jiaolong at that time. Zhang Duhang and Shen Xing were both in Jiaolong, and their relationship was very good. Shen Xing was the captain of the Dragon Team at the time. He was tasked to go to the investigation office as an investigative staff member. Zhang Duhang asked for the photo that Shen Xing had on his chest, but Shen Xing laughed and said that he could not give Zhang Duhang to Zhang Duhang. He had to personally protect his sister. Come.

Before the two had finished speaking, the mission began. At this time, there was an illegal kidnapping case. Jiaolong dived to the island and sneaked into the place where the hostages were kidnapped. Zhang Duhang and Shen Xing went in to rescue the hostages. The other personnel were on guard. Fortunately, they quickly confirmed the identity of the hostage and successfully removed the bomb. At the same time, there were also foreigners who were kidnapped. Zhang Duhang couldn't bear to ignore him and saved the foreigners stubbornly. However, he was discovered that there was a fight between the two sides.

Zhang Duhang was distracted by silence. Silent asked to see Xu Bai and asked about his illness. Xu Bai believed that Silence was an intellectual, so he told the truth about his illness. Zhang Duhang noticed that something was wrong and came back a step too late. An angry Zhang Duhang drove Xu Bai away, and in turn persuaded Zhang Duhang to ask for an operation in silence, not wanting to delay his condition due to conservative treatment.

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