Lu Yang hadn't slept well since breaking up with Gu Yufeng, which made Jiang Junbo a little worried and asked Sun Chenghai to let Lu Yang rest. Xu Bai temporarily replaced Lu Yang on the operating table. Aunt Song was a little nervous when she learned that she had changed the doctor temporarily. Although she reluctantly agreed to enter the operating room, she still expressed resistance and she did not trust Xu Bai.

Sun Chenghai knew about Lu Yang’s broken love and wanted to give Lu Yang a long vacation, but Lu Yang refused and asked for a job. He also threw away his portable MP3, trying to cut off his thoughts. Xu Bai couldn't perform surgery on Aunt Song, so he could only come to Lu Yang. After Lu Yang left, Sun Chenghai picked up the things Lu Yang had thrown away from the trash can and put them in the drawer.

Lu Yang went to comfort Aunt Song. Aunt Song expressed her true meaning. In fact, Aunt Song was worried that she could not get off the operating table and would never see her son again. Aunt Song's son worked on the railway and had not returned since he went to Africa for a long time. Lu Yang praised Aunt Song as a great mother, and his son did a great job to assist in the construction. Aunt Song misses her son, but she knows that her son wants to do a career, so she can only show her support. I asked for the weather forecast from my son, but didn't make the phone call, keeping this kind of thinking in my heart. Hearing this, Luoyang shed tears, soothing Aunt Song and curing the illness. Only in this way can his son be relieved and his son can help the construction. Lu Yang asked Aunt Song to call her when she missed her son. Lu Yang deliberately entered his phone number into Aunt Song's phone. Lu Yang also praised Xu Bai for better craftsmanship than her, and Aunt Song entered the operating room with complete peace of mind.

Zhang Duhang asked someone to dry-clean the wedding dress that Silent had prepared, hoping to give Silence a surprise. The two took a group of wedding photos. They wanted to take a photo when they were silent, but Silence suddenly became feverish and unconscious, so that Zhang Duhang hurriedly sent Silence. Go to the hospital.

Aunt Song's operation was very successful. Everyone in Fang Zhou was very satisfied and hoped to have a chance to see Fang Zhou's people again. Jiang Junbo looked for Lu Yang everywhere but did not see Lu Yang. Lu Yang was running desperately in the gym to release his emotions. Wang Ming and the navy competed with both arms to support. Wang Ming won many times and was happy in his heart. Lu Yang stood up and challenged Wang Ming, but defeated Wang Ming. Everyone kept cheering for Lu Yang, but Lu Yang said nothing.

Jiang Junbo found Lu Yang on the deck, knowing that Lu Yang felt uncomfortable and wanted her to vent, but Lu Yang felt that Gu Yufeng was not a scumbag, and he broke up for her good. If it is to wait, it will take five years, but five years may be so long that it will delay a lifetime. Lu Yang used to like the sea, but now it seems that he doesn’t have the enthusiasm he used to do. He used to like the feeling of going out to sea every time. Now he has more thoughts about Gu Yufeng in his heart. If you want to blame Gu Yufeng, you can’t find a reason. In the past, Gu Yufeng was waiting for her every time. return.

When Sun Chenghai heard that Silent Infection was hospitalized, he called and told the hospital to take care of Silence. Sun Chenghai also called Zhang Duhang to take care of Silence and himself. If Zhang Duhang encounters problems, he should contact Tang Shi and Chen Yao in time. Contact, never be polite. After hanging up the phone, Sun Chenghai reprimanded Lu Yang and Xu Bai, blaming them for the infection caused by the unfavorable operation. Although it may be related to Shen Mo's cold, Sun Chenghai just couldn't listen to it. Instead, he blamed Xu Bai for not being careful enough.

Xu Bai was sad, thinking that Zhang Duhang was his nemesis, and that Sun Chenghai was eccentric and Zhang Duhang was the only way to criticize him so much. Lu Yang had no choice but to comfort Xu Bai. He Zhao wanted to ask Sun Chenghai for leave and couldn’t get off the ship. He didn’t dare to find out that Sun Chenghai was angry. He simply asked Xu Bai for leave. Xu Bai also had the right to approve leave as the team leader, but Xu Bai left without saying a word. , He Zhao thought he had acquiesced to him on the boat.

He Zhao came to Jiang Junbo and suggested that he would not disembark and let Jiang Junbo not stay with Chinese medicine. Jiang Junbo praised the profoundness of Chinese medicine, and also suggested that He Zhao bring cupping and acupuncture with him. It would definitely be popular. Jiang Junbo praised him and asked to disembark, which made He Zhao speechless and could only agree.

The next day, Wu Zhihua and Ye Nan let the maintenance workers and other navies disembark. The medical team treated the people to a doctor, and they were responsible for repairing furniture and objects to the fellow villagers. Sun Chenghai was always worried about the silence, and felt even more distressed about Zhang Duhang. He struggled to transfer Zhang Duhang over, but the silence was inseparable from people. Zhang Duhang might have to change careers. Ye Nan comforted Sun Chenghai and believed that there would be a good brain expert. To cure illness by silence.

As the representative of the veterans, Zhao Chunxian brought the veterans on board to greet Ye Nan and the others. The veterans were very energetic, which made everyone very pleased.

The members of the medical team were busy treating everyone, and Wang Ming was not busy walking around the streets carrying a toolbox to see who’s belongings were broken and he would repair them. When Zhao Chunxian saw Wang Mingxiu's washing machine, he praised Wang Ming for his ability to repair everything. Then he suggested that the TV series signal at home was too bad and asked Wang Ming to help repair the washing machine. Wang Ming readily agreed.

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