When Lu Yang came out, he saw Wang Ming who was about to leave and hurriedly called him. Lu Yang was in a bad mood and offered to invite Wang Ming to eat. He wanted to ask if Gu Yufeng had said anything when he left. Wang Ming was nervous enough to sweat. , In order to conceal my nervousness, I can only keep eating.

Ye Nan took Tongtong's transcripts and papers to Silence. Tongtong made a lot of progress. Everyone who came to the substitute teacher had adapted to this, which made Silence gradually relieved. Silence found a reason to enter the room, leaving time for Ye Nan and Zhang Duhang. Ye Nan learned that Zhang Duhang did not accept Sun Chenghai's kindness, but because he was worried that his state had let Sun Chenghai down. Ye Nan recounted his own experience. His mother died when he went to sea for a month at a time. This became Ye Nan's eternal regret. Ye Nan also blamed his brothers and sisters for not calling him and telling him that he had to rush back anyway. Unexpectedly, it was the mother's intention. Her mother was worried that Ye Nan would be affected, and she asked not to tell Ye Nan before she died.

Ye Nan went to the Peace Ark for only two years. Before, he was in the Marine Corps. After this rescue Phil and Willy, after so many things, Ye Nan thought that the ordinary people would never remember that each of them was called. What, but they must remember that they are the Chinese navy, and they must also remember the white ship of the Peace Ark.

Unconsciously, Wang Ming drank too much, and drunkly told Lu Yang that he could not be Lu Yang's spare tire, and he had been in love with him and knew how it was. Wang Ming praised Lu Yang for being very good, and Gu Yufeng was a fool, and a bad talent would choose to leave.

The Peace Ark started again. Dr. He Zhao was very seasick when he boarded the ship for the first time. He was intercepted while wearing slippers to enter the restaurant. Both Lu Yang and Jiang Junbo explained that this was the Ark’s rules. He Zhao got angry and left, and Wu Zhihua arranged for someone to send him off. Going back to rest was also refused.

During the meal, everyone was talking about the sweet love between Gu Yufeng and Lu Yang, and Lu Yang bluntly said that the two had broken up. The scene was embarrassed for a while, and no one said a word anymore, and Lu Yang left after eating two bites of three. After that, Lu Yang went to visit He Zhao and took the medicine for seasickness. He Zhao could not cook anything without eating, dizzy and nauseated, and lying down, Lu Yang couldn't help but smile when he looked at He Zhao.

The boat was about to dock on the island, but the big boat couldn't get to the shore, so I had to take a kayak to land first. From the big boat to the kayak, I needed to get off the ladder. Sun Chenghai was worried about the seasickness of He Zhaodeng’s ladder and asked Xu Bai to take care of it. point. After boarding the island, Xiao Yan was responsible for receiving the clinic on the island. Because the place is too small and the medical conditions are very limited, the hospital in the city takes two hours to get here. If the weather is bad, he can’t leave for a few days. past.

Because it is inconvenient to go to the big hospital on the small island, some people go from a small illness to a serious illness. Aunt Song suffers from severe pain, but can't go to the big hospital, and the treatment on the island for a week is not effective. After inspection, Lu Yang found that it was an intestinal obstruction, and asked to go to the Ark for an examination. If necessary, surgery may be required.

Since Silence has nothing to do every day, he always laments that time is too slow. Zhang Duhang is afraid that he will be sick in a hurry, so he asks Tongtong to let him make up lessons. Silence is very happy about it. Zhang Duhang is also very grateful to Tongtong, Tong Instead, Tong said that he needed knowledge and thanked Zhang Duhang for this opportunity. A word of silence and Tongtong also remembered Zhang Duhang's heart. Silence has always had regrets for not being able to take wedding photos. Zhang Duhang has been preparing to compensate for the silence on weekends.

Aunt Song was lying on the hospital bed, always feeling worried and scared. Lu Yang and the nurse comforted and took care of Aunt Song like coaxing a child. Aunt Song couldn't help but praise Lu Yang as a good person. Lu Yang suggested that Aunt Song treat her like her own child, and Aunt Song was moved to tears. Seeing Aunt Song crying all the time, Lu Yang took a chair and sat on the side of the bed. He gave a detailed account of how Aunt Song’s intestinal obstruction was caused, and eased the operation. Aunt Song slowly relaxed. , Unexpectedly fell asleep, Lu Yang covered the quilt intimately and looked at Aunt Song tenderly.

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