The fleet could not find a suitable person to replace Zhang Duhang, nor did he agree to Zhang Duhang’s transfer back. This made Sun Chenghai very anxious, because he knew Zhang Duhang, if he could not be transferred back, he could only change jobs, he would definitely choose to take care of his wife. Zhang Duhang's departure was a loss to the military and medical circles, so Sun Chenghai was very angry and anxious.

Zhang Duhang calmly talked with Shen Mo, half-joking and half-seriously telling the silent students that they all wanted to visit Silence. Because there were too many people, they needed to visit in five minutes, otherwise the time was not enough. He also praised the silence for being too good, and the open class was not completed. The school stated that it must wait for silence to return to the lecture, and no teacher could replace it. Silent but unhappy, he saw that Zhang Duhang still had something to say.

Zhang Duhang was worried that Silence was bored at home every day. Knowing that she was worried about the children in school, she deliberately told Silence that she hoped that the furniture at home was cleaned up, and he organized a free cram school at home. He fully provided logistical support for everyone. Silently asked Zhang Duhang not to go out to sea? Zhang Duhang was relaxed on the surface, he did not like to wear military uniforms and didn't want to go out anymore, but Zhang Duhang couldn't hide his inner pain when he was hot, and all of this was deeply understood by silence.

Lu Yang’s boyfriend Gu Yufeng bought a lot of sweets, and Lu Yang took them to share with his colleagues. Speaking of his boyfriend Lu Yang, he also feels that she has been abnormal recently. Gu Yufeng treats her very well. Although it was good before, he didn’t. Now so all things are taken care of. Chang Sheng thinks that it is absolutely abnormal that a man is kind to a woman suddenly, because he is a man, so he understands a man, and some people think that there must be something wrong with him, so he suddenly feels better. Chang Sheng suggested that Lu Yang think about the abnormalities, Lu Yang fell into contemplation.

Lu Yang was still a little worried, so he simply went to Gu Yufeng’s company to find him. Gu Yufeng finally said he was going to Africa to assist in construction. He has already signed up, and it will take five years to leave, but it is definitely not a minor derailment. matter. Although it took a long time and made Lu Yang a little surprised, Lu Yang still expressed her support. After all, she often went to sea with her boyfriend. Every time she supported her boyfriend unconditionally, but the departure of her boyfriend still made Lu Yang very sad.

Gu Yufeng kept calling Lu Yang, but Lu Yang did not answer. She didn't expect her boyfriend to go to Africa for so long without discussing with her. Gu Yufeng came to the door and anxiously explained that he didn't want to drag Lu Yang, and worried that it would happen if he discussed it. Let Lu Yang bear the pressure. Lu Yang knew that this was Lu Yang's consideration for her. Gu Yufeng's decision alone would save Lu Yang from having to wait for him, and the two could end the relationship. Because of this, Lu Yang felt even more uncomfortable. He planned to take a period of time off to accompany Gu Yufeng. In the past, Gu Yufeng was waiting for her to come back. This time she was waiting for five years.

Zhang Duhang asked the leader to resign and wanted to go home to take care of his wife. He was surprised to learn that Sun Chenghai had helped him coordinate and adjust the work of the 712 hospital so that he did not have to leave the industry he loved.

Lu Yang, Jiang Junbo and others also heard about Zhang Duhang's going to work in their hospital, and they were a little surprised, and some felt a sense of crisis. Sun Chenghai came to visit Silence, and said that Zhang Duhang was at home this time as the longest time. Sun Chenghai also told Silence about Zhang Duhang's proposal to change business. Sun Chenghai told Silence about Zhang Duhang's fall into 712 Hospital, so that he could take care of Silence. The silence was very happy. She had always hoped that Zhang Duhang could accompany her at home, but she was worried that Zhang Duhang would be unhappy, so she was worried about it.

Zhang Duhang came back and pretended not to know about the transfer of the hospital. In his heart, he was grateful to Sun Chenghai for his various considerations. When he sent Sun Chenghai away, Zhang Duhang said what was in his heart. It takes a long time to make a call every time I go to sea, but I miss the call with my wife every time. After three months, I was silent and worried that I would miss it again. Zhang Duhang heard the silent car accident from the phone, but he was helpless at sea. Zhang Duhang felt fear for the first time. When Zhang Duhang came back, Silence had already finished the operation. Looking at the silence lying in the intensive care unit, Zhang Duhang's heart was twisted. The seven-foot man shed two lines of tears unconsciously. Sun Chenghai deeply understood Zhang Duhang's heart.

When eating at night, the silence was still unhappy, because she knew that Zhang Duhang liked the sea, but Zhang Duhang said that she did not like the feeling of being silent when going out to sea. Why did he feel worried that he didn’t want it? He just hoped to pick him up like a normal person. She left work silently, watched a movie with Shen Mo, wept in silence, and couldn't eat at all. She didn't want Zhang Duhang to sacrifice too much for her.

Wang Ming disassembled and assembled the engine in the cabin and the navy competition, and Wang Ming won. This made Wu Zhihua, who came to tell Wang Ming to go to Lu Yang to get his ID card, feel no face. While Wang Ming was leaving, Wu Zhihua warned the navy of the game not to lose in the next game, otherwise he would not be allowed to say that it was the pawn he brought out.

When Wang Ming came to get his ID card, he happened to meet Gu Yufeng who was hovering outside the door. Gu Yufeng didn't know how to face Lu Yang, so he asked Wang Ming to send a letter to Lu Yang. Gu Yufeng said that he had also struggled for a long time. He also wanted to tell Lu Yang to wait for him countless times, but he couldn't bear to delay such an excellent girl. Gu Yufeng lost her good lover and comrade-in-arms, but got the youth she deserves. Gu Yufeng hopes that Lu Yang will reap happiness in the future, and she will also wish Lu Yang happiness in Africa. Lu Yang had already burst into tears when he looked at Xin, Wang Ming quietly looked at Lu Yang inside through the doors and windows, his eyes were also red, and when Lu Yang opened the door, Wang Ming turned around and slipped away in fright.

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