Wang Ming never went home and looked forward to going to sea again. Wang Ming told Wu Zhihua that he had always wanted to be a soldier, but he had never been able to become a soldier. Wu Zhihua comforts Wang Ming's maintenance worker's clothes are also good-looking, and no matter which industry they are in, they can shine. Wang Ming also talked to Wu Zhihua about his love, he also talked about the person, but later he disappeared. Wu Zhihua praised Wang Ming for being very good, and also offered to help introduce a person, Wang Ming hurriedly stopped. Wu Zhihua heard that Wang Ming was from Sichuan, but there was no chili on the boat. Wu Zhihua offered to ask Wang Ming to eat Sichuan food after getting off the boat.

On the day of the public class, Zhang Duhang sat in the classroom early in the morning and waited for the silent class, but the silence did not come. He heard that the silence was a bit uncomfortable, so Zhang Duhang hurried to the office. At this time, Lu Yang is also having a romantic meal with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend has arranged a day’s itinerary. He has brought cakes in advance and is well prepared. Lu Yang hopes to celebrate his boyfriend’s birthday every year, and promises to give it to her boyfriend for one day. , The two spent an unforgettable day together.

Lu Yang also specially gave her boyfriend a watch as a birthday gift. The boyfriend liked it very much. Lu Yang hoped that every time her boyfriend saw the time, he would think of her. The boyfriend said that he could think of her even without looking at the time. The boyfriend gave Lu Yang the first medal he won abroad, and his face solemnly said that he had something important to tell Lu Yang. But before her boyfriend could say something, Lu Yang received a call from Sun Chenghai to perform a silent operation. Lu Yang hurriedly left, and his boyfriend urged Lu Yang to leave quickly.

Sun Chenghai accompanied Zhang Duhang, who was anxious, in the corridor. Doctor Xu and Lu Yang helped Silent perform the operation. The operation was successful and Jiang Junbo personally took care of it. Lu Yang fell asleep because he was too exhausted. When he woke up, he remembered her boyfriend who was waiting for her in the restaurant.

Lu Yang went back to watch the romance movie with her boyfriend. Lu Yang regretted that the protagonist and heroine were not together at the end of the film. He regretted that he should not have watched the film, but his boyfriend told Lu Yang that although the two were not together, they fell in love. For a lifetime. The boyfriend was telling the plot in the movie, and when he lowered his head, he found that Lu Yang was actually asleep.

While Lu Yang was asleep, her boyfriend cleaned the room thoroughly and left quietly. The next day, Lu Yang was woken up by the alarm clock, but he did not see her boyfriend. Lu Yang looked at the tidy room, smiled and sent a text message to her boyfriend, praising her boyfriend as Mr. Tianluo.

Zhang Duhang personally fed the Silence, with love in his eyes. Silent worried that his shaved head would not look good, but Zhang Duhang praised the silence for being very beautiful, and promised that he would still have long hair in shawl after two months. Zhang Duhang shook his silent hand and kept praising the silence and beauty. Silent slowly closed his eyes and rested. Zhang Duhang looked at the silence in his eyes full of love.

Sun Chenghai learned from Lu Yang that although the silent operation was successful, he must be prepared for long-term treatment for fear of intracranial infection. For Zhang Duhang’s consideration, Sun Chenghai arranged to be transferred back to the land quota in advance, hoping that Zhang Duhang would have a chance. Come back to accompany silence.

Since Jiang Junbo came back, he has been calling to see his son, but his husband refused. His son Xiaoyu was sent to the hospital for treatment because of gastroenteritis. Jiang Junbo only saw his son. As soon as he met Jiang Junbo, he called her husband out and accused him of giving Xiaoyu bad food to cause the child's gastroenteritis. The husband believed that it was normal for the child to be sick, and said that he had taken the child for many years, and that the child's illness was also normal. The husband accused Jiang Junbo of never taking the child, never taking care of the child, and not qualified to educate him at all. Jiang Junbo complained about her husband for not allowing her to see the child, but the husband said that Jiang Junbo was not there every time he sent it to Jiang Junbo. When Jiang Junbo was there, the child could not blame him for going to school. The quarrel between the couple was heard by Lu Yang, who was passing by, and Lu Yang felt sorry for Jiang Junbo's helplessness and pain.

Lu Yang’s boyfriend intimately brought Lu Yang food, as well as daily supplements for his body, and told Lu Yang to clean the refrigerator in time to avoid some things from breaking. Lu Yang didn't notice the reluctance and love in her eyes when her boyfriend exhorted him.

Wu Zhihua brought Wang Ming to eat Sichuan food. Seeing Wang Ming’s spicy sweat and painful appearance, Wu Zhihua persuaded Wang Ming not to eat it. Wang Ming stuttered the fish in order to prove that he was not forced to eat. I got stuck in my throat by a fishbone. Wu Zhihua had to send Wang Ming to the hospital. Wu Zhihua in the hospital met Ye Nan and learned of the silent hospitalization. Ye Nan specially brought gifts in order to take care of face and handed Wu Zhihua a box of gifts for him to take with him.

Ye Nan and Shen Mo were endless when they mentioned Tongtong, and they even wanted to sit down and talk about the education of adolescent children. Zhang Duhang was anxious but couldn’t issue an eviction order. It was Sun Chenghai and Wu Zhihua who saw that the patient could not delay too much. Pulling Ye Nan away for a long time. The silence saw that Sun Chenghai, Wu Zhihua and others value Zhang Duhang and were very pleased, but fell asleep again without saying a word. Zhang Duhang held the silent hand and looked at her sleeping face quietly.

Lu Yang took out the fishbone for Wang Ming, and Wang Ming hurriedly left. He forgot to take his ID card. When Lu Yang chased it out, he found that Wang Ming had already left.

Silence was soon discharged from the hospital and went home, but knew that classes would not be available for the time being. The community was worried that there would be no one to take care of Silence at home. Zhang Duhang said that he would take a vacation with his wife to take care of them. The color seems to have noticed something.

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