On the blue sea, the naval medical ship "Peace Ark" was undergoing military exercises and suddenly received an emergency call for help. A serious epidemic situation occurred on the fishing boat Mansouda Country Phil in the nearby waterway. The situation is unknown. The captain asked the captain for instructions. Immediately arrange for Wu Yang to take the people to search and rescue by helicopter. At the same time, they also arrange the temporary isolation area on the ship. After everything is ready, considering that the medical staff on board lack experience in similar diseases, Zhang Duhang (played by Chen Kun), an infectious disease expert, is temporarily seconded to rush. Come to support.

Dean Sun Chenghai personally greeted the seconded Zhang Duhang, which made Chang Sheng a little unconvinced by the ophthalmologist. Almost everyone on the Eiffel ship died of the epidemic. Among the people rescued was a severely ill Kazakh patient. As soon as he woke up, the patient urgently told everyone that there was a child on the ship.

Hearing this, Zhang Duhang offered to take a helicopter to search and rescue the child. Dean Sun arranged for the helicopter to go with him, and stipulated that the search and rescue failed to return in time. At the same time, Chen Tao also checked the results. The epidemic was bubonic plague, and the formation gave a 15-minute search and rescue order.

Since all the people on board were wearing protective clothing, the children with strong hearts were hiding in hiding, which caused certain difficulties in the search and rescue. Seeing that there was insufficient fuel, the formation issued an order to return immediately, but because Zhang Duhang, who had similar experiences since he was a child, understands his children He couldn't bear to give up the child, and decisively took off the protective cover and exposed his sincere face to the child. It was this behavior that made the child put his guard down and handed it to Zhang Duhang, in order to catch the helicopter and make peace. The Ark can only temporarily adjust its course to respond to the helicopter.

After returning, Zhang Duhang underwent quarantine inspection like the children. Lu Yang (Zhang Tianai) in protective clothing was very dissatisfied with Zhang Duhang’s behavior. Zhang Duhang has always admitted his mistakes and listened to the reprimand with an open mind. The captain and the captain thought that Zhang Duhang was an expert in infectious diseases, and they naturally knew how to protect and isolate them. They also expressed their absolute trust in Zhang Duhang.

All the staff of Peace Ark conducted isolation treatment on the rescued people, and soon contacted Ark and Mansouda. Both parties also conducted handovers in nearby waters. The children who were rescued before leaving did not forget to turn their heads to Zhang Duhang. The police force and the lovely children attracted everyone to salute, and everyone had a smile of satisfaction and comfort on their faces.

Dean Sun wanted to temporarily leave Zhang Duhang on the Peace Ark on the grounds that he had not recovered. Dean Sun and the captain expressed their thoughts. The captain saw Dean Sun’s mind and did not object to it and claimed Dean Sun has the absolute right to dispose of patients, and he will not interfere.

Zhang Duhang was standing on the deck full of thoughts. After seeing this, Dean Sun Chenghai informed Zhang Duhang that he had applied for the things he had left behind, but the application submitted to the superior was not approved for a long time. Zhang Duhang seemed to be filled with this place. Reluctance and affection.

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