On the way up the mountain, Zhuang Yu met Lu Jian again. He had been entangled and wanted to ask Professor Zhuang to sign his certificate. Professor Zhuang didn't want to ignore him. If he wanted to follow him, he would do it. The shooting progress of Yu Meiren's side has also been completed. The assistant has been complaining about the small workshop team for doing some thankless things. Meiren comforted her that since she chose this career, she must be mentally prepared to face various situations. , we will do our job well, be diligent in our profession, and we will naturally gain the respect of others over time. When the work was about to end, the old grandmother in the village came to the director, and the beauty asked the assistant to send the tea to Grandma Zhang, only to find out that the director had deducted the grandmother's money. , but the director reversed black and white and said that grandma sat on the ground and raised the price.

The beauty couldn't stand it anymore, and asked the director to pay her the remuneration that her grandma should have, but the director looked like a villain, and the beauty was a green tea warrior. Since the director likes to follow the contract so much, let’s take a look at the working hours in the beauty contract. Not only did he deliberately re-record for no reason, but he also extended the shooting time stipulated in the contract by six hours. Pay the fee to the grandma. Besides, they have filming footage on their mobile phones. When they upload it to the Internet, it will be obvious at a glance whether it is intentional or not. The director gave the money to the grandma. The grandma is very grateful to Yu Meiren.

Here, Zhuang Yu found Uncle Zhang's house and told him that Uncle Yu introduced him to the B&B. He wanted to invite him to be a guide, and then settle the guide fee on a daily basis. Originally, Uncle Zhang was very happy, but Lu Jian quickly said the two. The nature of their work, Uncle Zhang directly rejected the request to go up the mountain after knowing that they were doing research. There was no way Zhuang Yu left first, and Lu Jian asked someone to order a drone to explore the mountain road.

On the way back, the beauty happened to see Zhuang Yu. I didn't expect that this small village in Qingshui would have small benefits. Then, she called him over with the excuse that her hair was stuck. Wrong, Yu Meiren can only comfort herself to be professional, you can!

As soon as Yu's mother came home, her husband and son quickly put down what they were doing and went to pour water and fan the fan. As soon as mother sat down, she began to complain about choosing props, and the two quickly responded. After analyzing and analyzing, my mother still thinks that the beautiful boyfriend is Zhuang Yu in all likelihood.

Zhuang Yu was walking in the woods alone, and from time to time he saw rare plants and would explore, even the soil. After a while, Lu Jian ran over and told him that drones couldn't fly here. He also asked him if he had met a stunning beauty, who was astonishing, like a dragon, and also asked about Yu Meiren's body. The smell of perfume, but Zhuang Yu didn't want to pay attention to him for a moment.

In the evening, Tiantian asked Yu Meiren to take the initiative of the protagonist, and she wanted to be the heroine of her own life. She also used "Dear Beloved" as a metaphor. Tong Nian was rejected by Han Shangyan so many times, but she was still persevering, beauty I think that's because Tong Nian has a lot of assists. As soon as the two recalled this, they immediately had an idea, and immediately opened a new chapter of contract couples.

Professor Zhuang went out, and Yu Meiren was still resting on the reclining chair. Her mother sent her a text message to let her go home for the summer vacation. She just wanted to discuss with Tiantian, but she had already gone to the grape shed, so she decided to take the initiative.

The beauty carried a wooden bucket to the creek to remove her makeup, played with water and washed her hair. As soon as she turned around, she saw Zhuang Yu and quickly tried to hide. It was raining on the way back, so I hid in a small pavilion with Zhuang Yu. I thought that Zhuang Yu could not recognize her without makeup, and she couldn't laugh at Zhuang Yu. She didn't expect Zhuang Yu to have long been Saw her.

That day, when Yu Meiren came home, she was startled by Zhuang Yu, and she offered to be his guide. As soon as her parents came in, she saw the beauty fell on top of him. There was no way for the beauty to continue to say that Zhuang Yu was her man. friends.


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