The beauty mocked and asked Jin Xi if he needed to applaud his seriousness. If it was really serious, he should treat this feeling more sincerely. Jin Xi also argued that he was not insincere. Is it true love to be together every day with sweet words? Every word of the beauty leaves Jin Xi speechless. In the end, I only say the words I am just afraid of, and the beauty doesn't understand it anymore. Losing the pleasure of controlling everything brought about by this information asymmetry, Jin Xi was speechless, and the beauty couldn't help him. Jin Xi asked Meiren to help tell her that he was sorry for Tiantian and messed up everything, and said that he would leave first when Tiantian came back a little better.

Zhuang Yu didn't feel anything after hearing what Xia Zhi said, but Xia Zhi actually confessed to Zhuang Yu that she liked him, and even belittled the beauty that she got everything by luck. Zhuang Yu told her that the teacher set up the bursary only based on grades, not luck. Moreover, he said that he had never spoken to Xia Zhi before, so he could say that he liked it, and that she had misunderstood these feelings, so he let her go back, but Xia Zhi said that she had not misunderstood, and the pain after separation was the best measure of love. . This sentence awakened Zhuang Yu, and he found that he felt the same way, but this feeling was for beautiful women. At this moment, he seemed to understand his deepest feelings.

Zhuang Yu tossed and turned and couldn't sleep. He carefully recalled what Xia Zhi said, saw the flowers in the house, and remembered what the beauty said before, "It's like entering a room of chili orchid, and you won't smell its fragrance for a long time." He also thought of Hemeiren. Bits and pieces together. The beauty was also sullen at this time, and even the drinks from the vending machine were delayed. Lying on the cradle on a summer night, when she received a phone call from Tian Tian, ​​the beauty immediately heard that she was crying, but she still insisted that she would not cry for this kind of love and love, and she would take it if Jin Xi came or not. This person has never appeared in her world, and now she wants to understand that as long as grandma is healthy, these are all trivial matters. The beauty was afraid that Tiantian would no longer believe in love, so she told her a particularly loyal love story, and the beauty automatically substituted the hero and heroine in the love story into her and Zhuang Yu. At this time, Professor Zhuang finally completed his experiment, successfully extracted Artemisia annua, and finished his speech. Everyone applauded him. The beauty herself went to the university to become a professor, and she no longer likes to play and play like she used to, as if she has changed a person. Lu Jian was worried about the beauty and had been secretly taking care of her near her.

Beauty's class is very popular, and she told everyone that although not everyone is as lucky as Malena, it doesn't prevent us from being a better version of ourselves. Zhuang Yu ate at his wife's place and smoked a fortune cookie. The wife moved Zhuang Yu with her story and her words. Young people should dare to dare to love. Zhuang Yu would secretly read Meiren's Weibo every night. While watching the surveillance video, he also saw Meiren pull out his canopy when it was raining. He immediately called his wife and told her that the answer had been determined. His mother wished him luck.

In the morning, Meiren was working, and Tiantian called her to ask if she had received the grapes. She opened the courier and tasted the grapes without washing them. It was too sweet. She accidentally mentioned Jin Xi, but Tiantian has already relieved.

At night, the beauty ran out to eat dessert, but accidentally heard the scumbag behavior of the couple next door. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I wrote the man's cheating on a tissue and handed it to the girl. When I went back, I was followed by the boy. At the critical moment, Zhuang Yu appeared in time to hug the beauty and kick the bad guy away. The beauty was surprised to see Zhuang Yu and thought it was a hallucination, but it turned out that it was not a hallucination and pushed him away.

In the evening, Zhuang Yu pretended to water the flowers and waited for the beauty to come back. Seeing that the light in the beauty's room was not on, he came out to wait. After the beauty, the beauty still ignored him and didn't even take the elevator that Zhuang Yu pressed.

After the beauty returned home, she also advised herself not to give opportunities again and again that she should not have given, and then put the packaged small cakes in the refrigerator. Zhuang Yu looked at the bits and pieces in the room and recalled the moments with the beauty.

When Lu Jian saw Zhuang Yu coming back, he couldn't help yin and yang. He didn't feel anything at first, but he was very angry when he heard that Lu Jian had breakfast with the beauty. In the morning, the beauty got in the car ahead of time, but when the door opened, Zhuang Yu was in the car.


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