Yu Meiren put the grapes on the ground, fluttered her hair from time to time, and pretended to leave, but she was actually counting down. Also reflect on whether it is because he does not like to eat grapes. In the evening, Yu Meiren thought of another idea, and she felt that Zhuang Yu was a person who pretended to be garlic.

Early the next morning, she waited at Zhuang Yu's door with grapes in her arms. The aunt and neighbor next door also came to assist. She told Zhuang Yu that Yu Meiren had been waiting for a long time, and advised him not to have a cold war between lovers. Just put it on the table and say it, why are you avoiding her? Hearing this, Yu Meiren also acted on this side, and said it was okay with a crying voice, knowing that he must not be angry on purpose, Zhuang Yu looked at Yu Meiren impatiently, and then seriously asked her what she meant , Yu Meiren just didn't give up easily, and asked him if he wanted to see her a few more times if he didn't accept the grapes. Of course, Zhuang Yu didn't think so. This time he actually accepted it and told her that he With her neither common nor future, and then left without looking back.

Early in the morning, Yu Meiren left her mobile phone at home, and then went outside to take pictures of birds. She also saw rare immortals and collected their voices. However, she ran into Zhuang Yu who was out for a run. Just as she was about to say hello, she found herself Su Yan, she didn't dare to go. Just as she was about to leave, she dropped something. Zhuang Yu picked it up for her. She pretended to be a foreigner to speak, and then ran away quickly. Zhuang Yu didn't find it strange.

After returning home, Yu Meiren started a major makeup project. Sure enough, she became a lot more beautiful after one operation. Yu Meiren herself praised herself in the mirror. Then I received a call from Jin Xi and asked her to watch Weibo, only to find out that she was secretly filming a malicious clip and posted it online. Sha was also afraid that it would have a negative impact on the brand, so Jin Xi asked her to stay at home to avoid the limelight. , he has pulled out the list of staff, and I believe that he will find out who is doing it soon. He also specially notified her early in the morning, but Yu Meiren didn't receive the call at that time, and he insisted that he was lazy and didn't start at all. ready. After hanging up the phone, Yu Meiren also comforted herself that she couldn't have a party alone, but after a while, she started to feel uncomfortable.

Zhuang Yu is still working at home, playing with puzzles when he is tired, and then seeing everyone's praise on Weibo, he is very happy. Yu Meiren is eating snacks at home, eating a bunch of mess, and eating his own body. Not feeling well, and went to buy medicine at night. Just after drinking the medicine, he felt dizzy walking, and even went to the wrong room. Zhuang Yu went back after taking out the garbage and found Yu Meiren lying on his bed. She even took off her shoes and covered her with a blanket. I went out to work and didn't rest when the time came.

But Yu Meiren didn't sleep well, she stood up and pretended to be hunting, teasing that Zhuang Yu was his prey, and after a while she felt very nauseous, Zhuang Yu quickly covered her mouth and let her vomit into the toilet.

Zhuang Yu worked the puzzle all night, and it was dawn in the morning that Yu Meiren was still awake when she heard her cell phone ringing, and hung up the phone for her. But the phone was still ringing and the beauty was still too noisy, so Zhuang Yu answered the phone, but it was the beauty's mother who called. At this time, Yu Meiren also woke up. The phone was snatched away, and he could only pretend that he was his boyfriend.


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