Jin Xi and Tiantian were sitting by the lake, and they also sent Linda a message to let her start in five minutes, but Tiantian didn't pay much attention to him. It just so happened that the scene of fireworks being broadcast in the play, Jin Xi originally thought it was very romantic, but Tiantian felt that this kind of bridge is a bit outdated now. Then he sent a message to Linda to cancel it with an embarrassed look on his face, but the fireworks had already been put on, but Jin Xi kept talking about the vulgarity and didn't see that Tiantian actually liked it very much. After going back, Jin Xi started running and exercising, and then prepared a gift box to ensure that Tiantian will be used for all ages.

Tiantian called Meiren and said that she wanted to send her lipstick. The company delivered it to her yesterday, but she didn't need it very much. It was still a box, a dozen of them, and she couldn't tell the color. Beauty thinks it shouldn't be cheap, and she wonders if her boss is interested in her, but Tiantian doesn't believe it, not to mention that the essence of capitalists is exploitation. The soap that I gave her last time also wrote a thousand-word trial report, this time Sending lipstick is obviously to remind her to remember to wear makeup at work. Beauty asked her to see what brand it was, so that it would be easier to judge what the other party meant, but when Tiantian described Beauty, she thought it was a small brand.

In fact, Meiren still has something to say, that is, she thinks that Zhuang Yuren is okay, and even the past things are gone. However, the beauty still remembers the thing he released pigeons back then, can't deceive him now? After all, there is a coming and going. After the beauty went downstairs, she happened to see someone posted a video of her vlog to Ma Yu, so she quickly turned off her phone and told her not to watch it. She was just idle and bored recording life a few days ago, and explained that it was a video introduction for Tiantian. Take a look at the grapes in Qingshui Village, give them to colleagues in the school, and let everyone forward it. Then explain to my mother that blogging is a very serious profession, and secondly, being a blogger is also very hard. Then I took the opportunity to ask about the specific source of this video, and asked my mother to help find clues. The beauty also accidentally saw Zhuang Yu's constellation in the guest information registered on the computer. It really didn't take much effort.

The beauty went to Zhuang Yu with the supplies, but there was no response when she knocked on the door, and she was not in the house after entering, but she didn't take the bag, so she probably didn't run too far. After going out, I found that Zhuang Yu didn't know what he was looking at. He was very fascinated. He was instantly attracted by his serious look. He also tasted the feeling of liking someone. Maybe whether they are together or not, as long as he thinks of him, he will be very happy and not miss him. If you are good to others, you can only be good to yourself. If you want to do something for him, do more.

Tiantian didn't want to eat a western restaurant with Jin Xi, so she wanted to eat snail lion powder, but Jin Xi also chased out and pretended to like it very much, but his evaluation was quite expert. Tiantian never expected him to be so approachable, and talking about his entrepreneurial experience, Tiantian instantly felt that he was really a sincere and down-to-earth person.

Zhuang Yu was painting some plants when Lu Jian happened to come over. He took a sip of the water next to him and thought it was from Lu Jian, but it was not. When I saw the seal on the bottle cap, I knew it was a beauty, and the corners of my mouth began to rise unconsciously. When the beauty went back, she sent a private message to Zhuang Yu on her previous Weibo, reminding him not to forget sunscreen, but in the tone of Xiongtai.


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