Jin Xi looked absent-minded while making coffee. She didn't know who Tiantian was going on a date with. The more she thought about it, the more worried she became, and she called Linda specifically to ask Tiantian to come over to deliver the documents. The beauty was thinking in the room with her hat on. Is it possible to open the computer and open another form for her parents? After thinking about it, I still have to ask Tiantian, so I called her and told her mother that she seemed to have found out about it. Sweet meal analyzes her that this is a love drama transformed into a family drama, the style of painting has changed too fast, and the audience does not like to watch it. However, there are advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is naturally the parent-child crisis, and her integrity rating at home may have to be lowered; the advantage is that she can take this opportunity to push the boat, and Professor Zhuang promised to cooperate with her before, which naturally weighed on his reputation. He should also value his reputation very much, and then the two can take this opportunity to show off their love for the show, and he must cooperate. The beauty thinks that too, maybe she cooperates with her parents and believes it, Tiantian really deserves to be a military teacher. As soon as I hung up the phone, Tiantian started chasing the drama, but Linda called.

After Tiantian delivered the documents to Jin Xi, she suggested to him that if she had any work needs after get off work next time, she could tell her in advance so that she could make arrangements in advance. Jin Xi apologized to her, this time it was indeed his fault. , and also prepared a little something to compensate her. Originally, Tiantian was going to refuse, but when she saw a table of milk tea, she couldn't help it.

Zhuang Yu had already started packing up and preparing to go up the mountain. Lu Jian went to him with his sleeping bag. Zhuang Yu advised him not to stay overnight. In fact, Lu Jian just wanted to go up the mountain with him, so he was too embarrassed to say so. Tiantian had already drank the milk tea and was about to leave, but Jin Xi heard that she had a date in the second half and started to find something to do for her. She experienced unparalleled joy.

The beauty analyzed that she should not act rashly. After she went down, she heard her parents talking, and then went over as if nothing happened, and asked if she had something to hide from her. The two didn't say anything in secret, and Yu's mother went to Zhuang Yu and said, Then I went upstairs to find him, but after entering, Lu Jian was in the room. Only then did I know that Zhuang Yu was transferred to the mountains and the beauty had to pretend that she knew but forgot. I couldn't fall asleep even after tossing and turning at night, so I quickly sent a message to Tiantian, but Tiantian was having a good time playing a boxing game. Then send a message to Zhuang Yu, telling him not to act rashly.

In the morning, Zhuang Yu woke up outside the mountain, and all the beautiful family came. It turned out that Mother Yu specially called her up in the morning and asked the family to go up the mountain to find Zhuang Yu for camping. Beauty and Zhuang Yu discussed that instead of covering up, it is better to behave well, maybe it will be able to dispel doubts. During breakfast, I asked my mother to take a group photo and asked Zhuang Yu to post it on the Moments. As a result, Zhuang Yu posted the photo after he received it, but it was the original image, not the one edited by the beauty, which annoyed the beauty. Now, she originally thought it was a group of friends, but he didn't even know what a group was.

After the meal, the two of them went to see Artemisia annua blooming together. While looking at the flowers, they looked at each other at the same time. The unstoppable love in their eyes was interrupted by Lu Jian, and the beauty ran away in a hurry. Construction should be calm and not tense.


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